Person:William Driskill (2)

William Driskill, Sr.
b.Nov 26, 1719 Somerset Co., MD
m. Feb 4, 1712/1713
  1. Rachel Toadvine1717 -
  2. William Driskill, Sr.1719 - aft 1790
  3. Ann Brice1720 -
  4. Mary Driskell1723 -
  5. Comfort Hill1726 -
  6. Moses Driskill , Jr1729 - aft 1787
  7. Elgate Driskill, Sr.1736 - 1794
m. by 1751
  1. Mary Driskill (2)
  2. Rachel Driskill
  3. John Driskillabt 1740-1750 - aft 1795
  4. Shadrack Driskillabt 1745-1750 - aft 1796
  5. Adam Driskillabt 1750-1755 -
  6. Vileter Driskillbef 1755 - aft 1808
  7. William Driskill, Jr1756 - aft 1820
  8. Nancy Driskillabt 1760-1765 -
  9. Moses Driskellabt 1770 -
Facts and Events
Name William Driskill, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? Nov 26, 1719 Somerset Co., MDStepney Parish records
Marriage by 1751 to Rosanna Christopher
Death? aft 1790 Worcester Co., MDfrom deed

--GaleB 12:09, 25 January 2008 (EST) -- Worcester Co., MD, Liber D, 14 July 1758, pg.301 - Catherine Driskill, widow and relict of Moses Driskill, in consideration of a bond by William Driskill, her son, payable to her for 50 pounds, conveys to William feather bed, 2 rugs, 2 blankets, sheet, pewter basins, and plates, bay mare, 2 cows, 4 sheep and some hogs. Before: J. Scarborough

Williams Choice Patented on Sep. 1756 by William Driskell for 50 acres. Feb 17, 1768 William Driskell with wife Rosanna Driskell (daughter of John Christopher) sold to Benjamin Johnson 50 acres. 1783 tax - Benjamin Johnson 50 acres, Wic. 100, Worc. Co. Source: Land Records of Worcester/Wicomico Co., MD by Ruth Dryden

Williams Choice, 50 acres, patented for William Driskell on Sept 17, 1756 – Cert. 2671

Bk F, Sep 6, 1765, pg. 419- Deed from John Maglamery planter of Worcester Co. to William Driskell saddler of the same place. John Magglamory him thereunto moving for the sum of thirty seven pounds ten shillings current money sells one hundred acres of land called “Addition to Exchange” to William Driskill.

Driskells Industry, 317 acres in Wicomico Forest, a resurvey of Addition to Exchange with 217 acres patented for William Driskell on Dec 6, 1765 - Cert. 822

Store Accounts of John Nelms of Salisbury 1758-1787, Compiled by John E. Jacob, Jr. 1990

DRISKELL William, Jr. (11 February, 1775 to 6 April, 1786) Balance from ledger H plus interest 2/16/8. Bought handkerchief and a shirt brouch in 1775 for a total of 3/5/1. Paid in cash in 1777. Charged 2 yds of oznabrig in 1786 for 0/3/0 which was not paid in I.

DRISKELL, William, Sr. (1765 to 1787) Balance from Ledger C 1/18/4. Bought gun lock, gave credit to Solomon Maglanary for 7/0/0. Joseph Ellis was surety for 8/10/0 of total of 9/15/4. Ellis was charged with the 8/10/0 against his account in Ledger E and the balance of 1/5/4 carried to Driskell's account in E.

DRISKELL William (Saddler ) (14 January, 1767 to 24 February, 1768) Bought piece goods, thread, and pins, ginger, a pewter basin and a Bible for a total of 2/15/4. Credits given to Authur Dix and Davis Magee. Got credits from Major Driskell, Levin Rushard, William Neims in 1768, balance of 1/6/4 carried to E.

There are several mentions of William Sr in the Worcester Co., records. The title JR was sometimes given to a nephew, even a grandson. Various deeds mention William Sr, William, saddler and William, planter so these entries in Nelms ledger may refer to different persons. Major Driskell is giving credits to William, saddler but who was Major Driskell? More research is needed to sort this out.

This is the last known deed for William SR which tells us he was still living in 1790: Somerset Co., MD Land records, BK – I, April 6, 1790, pg. 48 William Driskell of Worcester Co. to William McBryde of Somerset Co. for the sum of three pounds current money part of two tracts of land called Munsley and Averys Policy which were deeded by a certain William Elgate of Somerset Co. to his daughter Katherine Driskill who was mother of the aforementioned William Driskell…containing one hundred and fifty acres more or less. Signed: William Driskell (his mark)

These are some of the heirs of William Driskill Sr: Worcester Co., MD deeds (LDS Film#14545} Bk Z, June 6, 1808, pg. 441 - This Indenture made this Sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight (hundred) and eight between the heirs of William Driskill deceased of Worcester County in the State of Maryland and Benjamin Johnson Sen. of the same place Witnesseth that whereas the said William Driskill Sen, in his lifetime granted bargained and sold to John Nellems of Somerset County in the same State Eighty four acres of land situate and lying and being in Worcester County afsd, being a part of a tract or parcel of land called and known by the name of Safeguard, taken up by a certain Jonathan Cathell and sold and deeded from said Cathell to William Dreskill to Nellums but the said land not being conveyed in the lifetime of sd. Driskill (John?)Nellums the heirs of said Nellums having sold the said land to Benjamin Johnson Sen. above mentioned all the heirs of said William Dreskill who have herewith signed their names have made over alienated conveyed and confirmed...all the right title ? and claim to or in the said lands and premises...there unto belonging to the above named Benjmain Johnson his heirs ..... In Witness Whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals this day and date first above mentioned

John (his x mark) Elzey (Seal), Mary (her x mark) Elzey (Seal), Jonathan Noble (Seal), Nancy (her x mark) Noble (Seal), Moses (his x mark) Dreskill (Seal), Mitchel Jackson (Seal), Vileter (her x mark) Jackson (Seal), Samuel Hearn (Seal), Rachel (her x mark) Hearn (Seal),

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Benjamin Johnson, Nathan Gordy

With regard to the following deeds, how and when "Driskells Industry" was conveyed to the Stanfords & Austin remains unknown. Elizabeth had to be the widow of William (sadler), she had 1/3 dower rights to the land which she, in 1791, had to sign off on to make this transaction legal. The girls, Judah, Lotty, and Sarah were most likely her daughters...all moved to Georgia. The big question is, was William Sr and William Sadler the same person?

Liber L, April 8, 1786, pg. 362-364 Between Stephen Stanford and Judah his wife, Robert Stanford and Loty his wife, Harris Austin and Sarah his wife to Jesse Fooks for 150 pounds land formerly granted to William Driskell 317 acres of "Driskells Industry” Signed: Stephen Stanford and Judah Stanford; Robert Stanford and Lotty Stanford; Harris Austin and Sarah Austin. Wit: Joseph Dashiell and Ebenezer Handy. Recorded April 17, 1786.

William Sr was still living in 1786, but the 1783 tax list shows this land was already occupied by Stephen Stanford.

Worcester Co., MD Deed Bk O, pg. 365-367, Dec 1791 Know all men by these Presents that I Elizabeth Driskell of the State of Georgia and County of Columbia for and in consideration and good cause me hereunto moving have made ordained cond and appointed and by these presents do make ordain constit appoint my trusty friend Robert Standford of the said state and county my true and lawful attorney for me in my name and to my use to sell dispose of and convey a certain parcel of land containing one hundred and five acres and two thirds more or less situate lying and being in the state of Maryland and county of Worcester formerly belonging to William Driskell Sadler of the said state and county and adjoining lands of James Thomson and Jesse Fooks the said tract being a (Wonely?) or third part of a tract containing three hundred and seventeen acres giving and by these presents granted to my said attorney my sole and full power and authority for selling disposing of conveying and making good and sufficient titles to the said tract of land as I myself might or could do were I personally present and also to make sign seal and deliver also one or more attorney or attornies under him to substitute or appoint and again at his pleasure to revoke and further to do perform and .?...for me and in my name all & singular thing or things which are or may be .....?... touching and concerning the premises as fully throughly and entirely as I the said Elizabeth Driskell in my own person ought or could do in and about the ...?... Ratifying allowing and confirming whatsoever my said attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the execution of the premises by virtue of these presents. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety one and in the sixteenth year of American Independence Elizabeth (her mark) Driskell (Seal) Signed sealed and acknowledged before us Thos. White, R. (Howard?) J.P

pg. 365&366 - GEORGIA By his excellency Edward Telfair governor and commander in chief in the state foresaid To all to whom these presents shall come GREETINGS. Know ye that Rheta Howard esquire who hath witnessed the due execution of the power of attorney hereunto annexed is one of the Justices signed to keep the peace in the County of Columbia in the said state. Therefore all due faith credit and authority are and ought to be had and given his acts and proceedings as such In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the said state house in Augusta this nineteenth day of December in the year of our Lord 1791 and in the seventeenth year of the Independence of the United States of America. Jno. (Huron/Ruron?)

pg 366 & 367 - This Indenture made the seventeenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and ninety two Between Robert Stanford of Columbia county and the state of Georgia as Attorney and Friend of Elizabeth Driskell of the same place Reference to said power hereto annexed will more plainly appear of the one part and Jesse Fooks of Worcester county and the state of Maryland of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Robert Stanford for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty pounds of current money of Maryland to him in hand paid by the aforesaid Jesse Fooks at time before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and confessed. the said Robert Stanford hath granted bargained Sold conveyed and confirmed....unto him the said Jesse Fooks his heirs and assigns forever all the right title (?arm) or demand of the above mentioned Elizabeth Driskell her heirs Executors or administrators of that certain tract of land called Driskells Industry being one (Wonely?) or third part of said tract of Land granted originally unto a certain William Driskell for three hundred and Seven acres of land more or less bearing date twenty ninth day of September Seventeen hundred and (Fifty?)seven Situate lying and being in Worcester county aforesaid reference to the said patent will more fully appear together with all rights member profits benefits, privileges and all other appurtenances of the said one third part of the said tract of land......

Robert Stanford (Seal) Signed sealed & delivered in the presense of us Phillip Quinton, John Postley