Person:William Darland (1)

William L. Darland
m. 01 DEC 1818
  1. James B. Darland1820 - 1908
  2. Martha Jane Darland1822 - 1901
  3. John Darland1824 -
  4. Samuel DarlandABT 1825 -
  5. Mary Jane DarlandABT 1828 -
  6. William L. DarlandABT 1828 -
  7. George W. DarlandABT 1828 -
  8. Martin Darland1832 -
m. 06 SEP 1850
  1. James T. Darland1851 - 1927
m. 01 JAN 1865
Facts and Events
Name William L. Darland
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1828 Indiana, United States
Probate[1] 13 May 1842 Parke, Indiana, United StatesGuardian appointed
Property[2] 11 Mar 1847 Parke, Indiana, United StatesProperty sold
Marriage 06 SEP 1850 , , McDonough Co., Illinois,to Nancy Jane McClure
Marriage 01 JAN 1865 , , Poweshiek County, Iowa,to Lucinda McClure
  1. Isaac Darland, in Parke County, Indiana, Probate, 13 May 1842.

    On application of James B. Darland, and the Court being satisfied that John Darland, Samuel Darland, George Darland, Mary Darland, William L. Darland, & Martin Darland, heirs of Isaac Darland deceased are minors & residents of said County, and the said James B. Darland having filed his bond in the sum of five hundred dollars, conditioned according to law with John Abbit his security therein approved by the court Therefore ordered that the said James B. Darland be and he is hereby appointed Guardian for the persons and property of the said minor heirs -- Whereupon the said James B. Darland was duly sworn in open court truly and faithfully to perform the trusts devolving on him as such Guardian.

  2. Isaac Darland, in Parke County, Indiana Probates, 11 Mar 1847.

    Petition of James B. Darland of the persons and estate of George Darland, William S. Darland and Martin Darland, heirs of Isaac Darland deceased sheweth that their desends to the said heirs from their said father the following tract of land, to wit: The east half of the southeast quarter of section 11 in township 16 N of range 7 W, containing eighty acres: that John Darland and Samuel Darland who were his wards are now of age and have sold their interest in said land; and that Mary Darland another heir for whom he was guardian had married one Jordan Dodge; that there were in all eight heirs who have each an equal interest and a widow who has dower, in said tract of land, and consequently that the interest of his wards being so small, is almost valueless. The widow and most of the other heirs having sold their interest, the greatest portion of said land is now in the hands of strangers. In view of these facts the guardian is of opinion as are also the other relatives of his wards that it is their decided interest that their interest in said land should be sold and the proceeds vested in wild lands in the state if Illinois where himself as well and his wards reside. He has found a purchaser to whom he is of opinion he can sell the interest of said heirs in the said tract of land for its full appraised value of $210. He therefore prays the court to order him to sell said lands at private sale, at the appraised value, and on such terms as may be deemed best in order that the proceeds may be vested in wild lands in the state of Illinois.
    [signed] James B. Darland, guardian

    Court ordered sale and appointed Abraham Darland and Harvey N. Adams to appraise.
    Appraisal returned as $70 each, total $210.
    Guardian files $400 bond with Abraham Darland as surety.
    Property sold to Samuel A McCampbell for the sum of $225 and promissory notes received: one for $50 due in ten days, one for $75 due in ten days and one for $100 due in 12 months with Harvey N. Adams as security.
    17 March 1848 Deed issued by Addison L. Roache, commissioner to Samuel McCampbell

  3.   Poweshiek County, Iowa Deeds, 22 Feb 1860.

    E½ SE¼ + E½W½ SE¼ Sec 33 T78 R14 Poweshiek County,Iowa
    Alsey Darland Warranty Deed 120 acres to William L. Darland. (Recorded 25 Feb 1861)

  4.   Poweshiek County, Iowa Deeds, 22 Feb 1860.

    N½ SW¼ & NW¼SE¼ S13 T77 R15 Poweshiek County, Iowa
    Deed from William L. Darland & wife to Alsey Darland. (Recorded 18 May 1862)

  5.   John Dudley Taylor and Gulaelma Elliott, in Mahaska County, Iowa Marriages, 10 Jul 1864.

    Ceremony performed by William S[L?] Darland, Minister

  6.   Poweshiek County, Iowa Deeds, 26 Aug 1867.

    W½ SW¼ S34 T78 R14 Poweshiek County, Iowa
    William Henry Taylor Warranty Deed to William L Darland, 80 acres. (recorded 3 Nov 1868)

  7.   Mahaska County, Iowa Deeds, 29 Jun 1868.

    N½ SW¼ & NW¼ SE¼ S13 T77 R15 Mahaska County, Iowa
    Alsey Darland Deed to William L Darland of Poweshiek. 120 acres for $2000 (Recorded 15 Dec 1868)