Person:William Crosthwaite (1)

William Crosthwaite
d.22 September 1743 Orange County, Virginia
m. abt. 1720
  1. Timothy Crosthwaite1721 - 1756
  2. William Crosthwaite1724 - bef 1771
  • HWilliam Crosthwaite1686 - 1743
  • WHannah Chewabt 1700 - bef 1727-1729
m. 16 July 1725
  1. Abraham Crosthwaite1726 - aft 1790
  2. Isaac Crosthwaite1727 -
m. 1729
  1. Jacob Crosthwaite1730 - bef 1807
  2. Sarah Crosthwaite1731 -
  3. Elizabeth Crosthwaite1733 -
Facts and Events
Name William Crosthwaite
Gender Male
Birth? 1686 Kenswick, Crowland, County Lincoln, England
Emigration[1] 1706 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage abt. 1720 Englandto Elsa Richardson
Marriage 16 July 1725 to Hannah Chew
Marriage 1729 prob. Spotsylvania County, Virginiato Sarah Metcalf
Death? 22 September 1743 Orange County, Virginia


Early Land Acquisitions in Spotsylvania/Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Spotsylvania/Orange County, Virginia:

  • 7 August 1733, Page 429, Thomas Jackson & Margaret, his wife, to William Crosthwait.100 acres where William Crossthwaite now lives. Witnesses: John Red, Henry Downs, John Shelton. [Spotsylvania County Deeds].
  • Page 126. August 8, 1733 - Thomas Jackson and Margaret his wife of St. Mark's Par., Spts. Co, to William Crosthwait, late of the province of Pensilvania, but now of the parish, county. etc.., aforsd, 1 50 curr., 100 a. whereon sd. Crosthwait now lives etc., part of a pat. granted Colo. James Taylor in Spts. Co. July 21, 1722, and made over to sd. Jackson by sd. Taylor as by deeds July 6, 1725. John Red, Henry Downs, John X Scelton. August 7, 1733. [Spotsylvania County Deed Book B, pg. l26].
  • William Crosthwaite received a patent for 400 acres "in St. Thomas' Parish on the north side of the Rappadan River... corner to James Pyer... corner to Darby Quin by the mouth of a branch... up the several courses of the river..." on 25 May 1734, (as listed in the disposition below):
  • Page 145. April 25, 1738 - Anthony X Golston of Spts. Co. to William Crosthwait of Orange Co. Lbs. 8 curr. 115 a. in Spts. Co., Richard Pickering, James Rallings, Adam Gordon. July 5, 1738 [Spotsylvania County Deed Book C, pg. 145].

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 150-55. 23-24 March 1742 [1743]. Wm. Crosthwait of Orange County to Edwd. Franklyn of same. Lease and release; for £50 current money. 400 acres in St. Thomas' Parish on the north side of the Rappadan River... corner to James Pyer... corner to Darby Quin by the mouth of a branch... up the several courses of the river... being a patent granted to Crosthwait 25 May 1734. (aigned) Wm. Crosthwait. Wit: James Porteus. 24 March 1742 [1743]. Acknowledged by Wm. Crosthwait. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 48].

Estate Records of William Crosthwaite

  • Pages 195-98. William Crosthwait. Estate account. 3 Nov. 1743-
Payments made to Tully Choice, William McDonough, William Williams, Abraham Strickler, Lewis Stevens (on account of Casper Wister), Richard Cross, William Golding, Robert Grason, Robert Bohanon, William Waller (lawyer's fee), Mr. Thomas Wright Belfield, Mr. Richard Winslow, Hugh Drohady, Matthew Stanton, Mr. George Taylor, Dr. Thomas Walker, Richard Sims, Edward Herndon, Dr. William Lynn, Peter Rucker, Charles Colson, Mr. Andrew Rosse, Mr. James Madison, Mr. Lewis (lawyer's fee), Mr. William Russell, Mr. Charles Dick, John Smith, Junr., Col. Willis' estate, Sheriff of Augusta, Isaac Smith, George Wythe (lawyer's fee), Mr. Zachary Lewis, Alexr. Thompson, John Mercer, Joseph Phillips, William Williams, Col. Taylor.
Receipts from William Barbee, James Barber, Wm. Fraser, James Cairney, Jos. McCool, Wm. McDonough, Wm. Williams, Thos. Bryant, Richard Cross, John Cleveland, Robert Grayson, Hannah Drake, Robt. Bohanon, Ambrose Bullard, Nicho. Christopher, Thos. Jackson Sr., Mr. Hartswell, David Zachary, Henry Picket, Col. Thos. Chew, John Eskew, Richard Durrett (Louisa), Ed. Franklyn, Mr. Taverner Beale, James McHoney, Duncan Bohanon, Capt. Winslow, Frans. Williams, William Ogleby, Robert Bickers, Richd. Thomas, Erasmus Taylor, Joseph Reynolds, Richd. Sims, Richd. Maulding, Capt. Rucker, Peter Rucker, Denis Doyle, Bat. Vawters, William Pearce, Thos. Rucker, Thos. Coleman, James Coleman, Mr. Madison, James Rucker, Henry Kindall, David Logan, Wm. Eddings, Ambrose Powell, James Holloway, Andrew McCord, John Quin, Mr. Richd. Thomas, John Bumgardner (Augusta), Hezh. Rhodes, Benjamin Powell, Henry Haws, Joseph Philips, Jacob Hasall, Robert Thompson, Robert Martin, Alexander McKillient, Patrick Newlin.
22 April 1754. Settled by Joseph Thomas, Taverner Beale and James Madison.
25 April 1754. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 43].

Records of William Crosthwaite in Orange County, VA

  • Wm. Croswait listed on Jury in Porteus vs. Finney. [Orange County Virginia Judgements, 1735, Dorman, pg. 67].
  • William Crossthwait vs. Edward Watts. - Account, 28 Feb. 1735/6, for £2.4.0 for linen purchased, 29 May 1735. Summons to Edward Watts, 28 Feb. [1736] returned 4 March 1735 [1736] executed by Benja. Cave, Sheriff. Judgement. [Orange County Virginia Judgements, 1736, Dorman, pg. 70].
  • Pages 277-80. 18-19 May 1736. Thos. Crafford of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, to John Howard of same. Lease and release; for £50 sterling. 100 acres given to Edward Tinsley by James Taylor Senr. of Caroline County and by Tinsley by James Taylor Senr. of Caroline County and by Tinsley sold to William Crafford, dec., and by William given by his last will to the said Thos. Crafford (recorded in Spotsylvania County Court), adjoining lands of John Rucker, John Baylor, William Crosswhate, John Davison and George Anderson. (signed) Thomas Crafford. Wit: Wm. Phillips, Benja. Porter, Robt. Bohannan. 19 May 1736. Acknowledged by Thos. Crafford. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 20].
  • Petition of Wm. Bohannan that the last Court an order for valuation of his land was issued naming Wm. Crosthwait, William Eddings and Theophilus Eddings. Crosthwait and Wm. Eddings are too far off and he asks that Wm. Thompson and Andrew Harrison be appointed in their room. [Orange County Virginia Judgements, 1735, Dorman, pg. 75].
  • William Croswate was listed as receiving payment in John Corley's Estate Account, 28 June 1744. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, 1744-1778, Dorman, pg. 1].

Records of William Crosthwaite in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 39.--27th March, 1746 (not 7, but 1745-6). Timothy Crosthwaite, of County Orange, to James Patton, _____ consideration; 400 acres in fork of James River granted by patent to William Crosthwaite, deceased, 12th February, 1742, and now in possession of Timothy, eldest son and heir of William. Witnesses, Thomas Chew, Henry Downs, Sr. and Jr. Proved by all the witnesses, 14th February, 1746, and 23d May, 1747.
  • Page 735.--23d May, 1750. James Patton, Gent., to William Logan. Delivered: Thos. Logan 10th February, 1774, 400 acres, Forks of James River, patent to Wm. Crosthwaite. 12th February. 1742, Timothy Crosthwaite to Patton, 27th March. 1746. Conveyed by Timothy, eldest son, etc.


The First Settlers Of Orange County, Virginia, by Ulysses P. Joyner, Jr., pg. 114-115.
  1. Pennsylvania genealogy magazine.

    The earliest record of the Kentucky Crosthwaite, is William, who came to Pennsylvania in 1706 and reportedly set up the Philadelphia Library with Benjamin Franklin. Pennsylvania Magazine, Vol. 23, page 107.