Person:William Covington (13)

William Covington
b.aft 1777
m. est 1776
  1. Elizabeth Covington1777 - 1861
  2. William Covingtonaft 1777 - 1850
  3. Edward CovingtonAbt 1788 -
  4. Thomas Covingtonabt 1789 - bef 1815
  5. Alley Covingtonabt 1790/1 - abt 1871
  6. Milly Covington - aft 1816
  7. David Covingtonabt 1796 - aft 1850
  8. Newball Covingtonest 1798 -
  9. Marshall Covington1800 - 1879
  10. Fanny Covingtonest 1802 -
  • HWilliam Covingtonaft 1777 - 1850
  • W.  Nancy Selman (add)
m. 1799
Facts and Events
Name[7] William Covington
Gender Male
Birth[2] aft 1777
Marriage 1799 to Nancy Selman (add)
Other[1] 6 Feb 1816 Lincoln, Georgia, United Statesnamed in father's will
Other[5] 1 Sep 1817 Lincoln, Georgia, United Statesstood Surety for Administration of the estate of Samuel C. Scott
Other[3] 1818 Lincoln, Georgia, United Statespaid taxes for self, father's and brother's estates
Census[4] 1820 Lincoln, Georgia, United States
Death[2][6] 1850
  1. Will of William Covington, Kines-Miles Family Tree (owner Paul Kines); accessed 21 Nov 2012.

    William Covington, of Lincoln County, Georgia
    To my beloved wife Molly Covington, two negro women Hannah and Dorcas during her life time, then Dorcas to my son Newbell Covington and Hannah to my son Marshall Covington
    To my son David Covington, 2 negro children named Betty and Jack
    To Milly Walton one negro girl named Peg
    to Alley Miles my daughter one negro girl named Mary her life time and then to Polly Miles Alley Miles daughter
    To my daughter Fanny Miles one negro girl named Chaney
    To my grandson Thomas Covington one negro boy named Isaac, that is if he is not sold to pay my son Thomas Covingtons debts
    To my two grandchildren Tild Covington and Selwin one negro girl named Jinny to be divided between them equally
    To Fanny Dennis one sixty Dollar Horse
    My Stock of all kinds to be sold to pay my debts or if not sold to be divided among my children equally
    Signed 6 February 1816, William x his mark Covington
    Witnesses Wm Covington Jr. Executor
    William P. Selman [Solomon?] Executor
    Newbell Covington
    To my daughter Betsey Selman [Solomon] one negro girl named Sal
    To my son John Covinton one negro boy named Joe
    To my son William Covington Jr one negro boy named Jacob
    To my son Edward Covington one negro boy named Isom
    Witness Wm B[uder], Edward Covington
    My land to my two youngest sons Newball Covington and Marshall Covington to be equally divided between them after the death of my wife Molly Covington
    Witnesses Pleasant Walton, Thos B[eeder], Abram Ayres
    1 July 1816 - Pleasant Walters, William Reeder and Abram Ayres proved will in court

  2. 2.0 2.1 Descendants of William Covington, Service in South Carolina, b. Maryland, d. Georgia, in Daughters of the American Revolution. Genealogical Research System, Ancestor #: A026822; Nat'l Nos. 461353 and 461354, Secondary quality.

    William Covington born on after 1777 at SC
    died at Lincoln Co GA before 7 - Jan - 1850/after 2 Jul 1850 and his ( 1st ) wife
    Nancy Selman born 1778 at Bennettsville SC
    died at Clark Co MS on 1856 married on 1799

  3. Lincoln, 1818, in Georgia, United States. Georgia, Property Tax Digests, 1793-1893. (Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011), Primary quality.

    Captain Graves District
    Covington, William, 3 slaves, no land
    ditto Ex for Covinton, William, 4 slaves, 223 acres of 2nd quality land, adjacent to Eubanks [neighbor], Little River water course
    ditto Admin for Covington, Thomas, 4 slaves, no land
    Covington, David, 2 slaves, no land

  4. Lincoln, Georgia, in Lincoln, Georgia, United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Wm Covington, 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-15, 2 males 18-25 [Newball and Marshall], 1 male 26-44 [William], 2 females under 10, 1 female under 10, 2 females 45 and over [Nancy, (Molly?)]
    [Note: HH may include child(ren) of brother Thomas]

  5. Lincoln County, Administration Bonds 1830-1845, Volumes 23-34, in Georgia, United States. Georgia, Probate Records, 1742-1975, Vol 23, p. 234 (Image 140), Primary quality.

    1 September 1817
    John Griffin Peyton Haws and William Covington of Lincoln County, Georgia are bound in the some of $20,000. The condition being that John Griffin Administrator of the Goods Chattels and Credits of Samuel C. Scott decd do make a true and perfect inventory of all Goods Chattels and Credits and Exhibit [it] into the Court [and any balance remaining after the Administration] shall deliver and pay to any person Entitled to the same by law
    Recorded 25 September 1839

  6. Death date and place need further documentation
  7. There is another William Covington born about the same date, (son of William Covington and Mary Wall), who also married a woman named Nancy, and who lived in South Carolina. They are two different people, not the same person.