Person:Waldburga Weber (1)

Margaret Waldburga Weber
m. 26 JAN 1706
  1. Hans Martin Weber1707 - 1707
  2. Johann George Weaver1708 - 1708
  3. Hans George Weber1709 - 1709
  4. Hans Dieterich Weaver1710 - bef 1763
  5. Maria Sophia Weber1713 - 1717
  6. Hans George Weber1715 - 1717
  7. Margaret Waldburga Weber1717 - 1778
  • HJohan Wilhoit1713 - 1776
  • WMargaret Waldburga Weber1717 - 1778
m. Bef. 1737
  1. Mary WilhoitABT 1737 - Bef 1800
  2. Eva Wilhoit1738-1752 -
  3. Susanna WilhoitABT 1740 -
  4. Daniel Wilhoit1742-1757 -
  5. Nicholas WilhoitABT 1745 - bef 1805
  6. Margaretha WilhoitABT 1750 -
  7. Rosina Wilhoit1754 - Aft 1801
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Waldburga Weber
Alt Name Waldaburga (Margaret) Peggy Weber
Gender Female
Birth? 1717 During Voyage to America
Marriage Bef. 1737 Virginiato Johan Wilhoit
Alt Death? 1756 Culpeper, VA
Alt Death? 21 JUL 1763 Orange, VA
Death? 1778 Robinson River, Madison, VA

Some accounts claim that John Wilhoit's wife was Margaret "Peggy" Weaver, not Walburga. The following e-mail, written by John Blankenbaker, author of "Beyond Germanna" refutes this claim and proves that John Wilhoit's wife was Walburga Weaver:

The three hundred and nineteenth note is a series on the Germanna Colonies > > A recent note spoke of John Wilhoit and his wife Margaret "Peggy" Weaver. > John Wilhoit was the son of Johann Michael Willheit and his wife Anna Maria > Hengsteler. Margaret "Peggy" Weaver was said to be the daughter of Peter > Weaver and Mary B. Huffman. (The source for this may have been Germanna > Record 13, page 50.) > > Just the simplest of time lines shows that the above statement concerning > Margaret Weaver could not be true. She would be younger than some of her > children. > > The true facts were worked out in an article in Beyond Germanna, v. 6, n.3 > (May 1994). A summary is provided here. > > John Willheit and wife Burga attended the Hebron Lutheran Church in Culpeper > Co., VA on Easter Sunday in 1776. They appear in the list of communicants. > The names adjacent to John and Burga were George Utz, Sr.(son of the 1717 > immigrant), wife Mary (Kaifer) and Henry Aylor, wife Anna Margaret. Henry > Aylor was born in 1718 and the other three were thought to have been born in > the 1720's. Thus John Willheit was probably the son, born 1713, of the > immigrant Michael Willheit. Usually people sat with others of the same age. > Also, the grandsons of Michael Willheit who were named John had wives whose > names do not suggest the name Burga. > > On the first Sunday after Easter in 1778, the name Burga Wilheit was > recorded again in the church Register confirming that the name really did > exist. The name Burga is unusual at the Hebron Lutheran Church. Burga is, of > course, a nickname for Walburga or Waldburga. In the Virginia records there > is one other record of a similar name. The list of fifty imported Germans > which Spotswood used to partial payment for a patent of land includes the > family, Joseph Wever, Susannna Wever, Hans Frederick Wever, Maria Sophia > Wever, and Wabburie Wever. Except for the name Wabburie, the family is known > in Germany. This suggests that Wabburie was born in 1717, at sea or, at > least, in transit from Germany. Wabburie is another nickname for Walburga. > > So we have these facts: John Willheit married Burga (i.e., Walburga). The > only Walburga in the Second Colony is Walburga Wever (Weaver). He was born > in 1713 and she was born in 1717. > > The Hans Frederick Wever, above, was actually Hans Dietrich Wever (from the > German records). The Dietrich became Dieter, Teter, Peter. Thus Walburga > Weaver was a sister of Peter Weaver, the 1717 immigrant, and not the > granddaughter of Peter. > > Mrs. Wever was Susanna Klaar, the sister of Michael Klaar (Clore). Joseph > Wever died early on in Virginia though his arrival in Virginia is recorded. > Susanna married Jacob Crigler and, after he died, she married Nicholas Yager. > > The name Wever is often rendered as Weber or in America as Weaver. > John Blankenbaker > Beyond Germanna > PO Box 120 > Chadds Ford, PA 19317 > >

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