Person:Tony Luetgert (1)

Tony Luetgert
b.Jan 1880 Cook, Illinois
m. 9 Mar 1879
  1. Tony Luetgert1880 -
  2. Luise Luetgert1880 - 1881
  3. Adele Luetgert1882 -
  4. Charlotte Luetgert1886 -
  5. Sophie Luetgert1887 -
  6. Elsa Luetgert1888 - 1889
  7. Arnold Luetgert1890 - 1940
  8. Lillie Luetgert1892 -
  9. Grover Luetgert1894 -
Facts and Events
Name Tony Luetgert
Gender Male
Birth[1] Jan 1880 Cook, IllinoisHanover Township
Census[1] 1880
Census[2] 1910 Chicago, Cook, IllinoisWard 29

TONY LUETGERT was born in Jan 1880 at Hanover Township, Cook County, Illinois. He appeared on the census of 1880 at Hanover Township, Cook County, Illinois.

Everything came apart in 1897 when their uncle Adolph was charged with murder following the disappearance of his wife, Louise. Police charged him with killing her and dissolving her body in a vat inside his sausage factory. The case was a national sensation and he became know as The Sausage King Murderer.

Things fell apart after that. Their father fell on hard times in his business dealings and committed suicide in grisly public fashionS3.

The family must have coped by sticking together. 2 years later the 1910 Census showed them all living together in their house at 5124 Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

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