Person:Thomas Wilkins (20)

Thomas Wilkins
b.bef. 1721
d.bef. 1 March 1750/51 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 1 July 1719
  1. John Wilkinsest 1720-1725 -
  2. Thomas Wilkinsbef 1721 - bef 1750/51
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Wilkins
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1721
Death? bef. 1 March 1750/51 Augusta County, Virginia

Thomas Wilkins was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Parentage of Thomas Wilkins

Thomas Wilkins is a possible son of Samuel Wilkins and possible brother of John Wilkins, who was the Administrator of Thomas Wilkins' estate. The first record of Thomas Wilkins in Augusta County was on the List of Musters in 1742 (listed below), making him born no earlier than 1721. More research necessary to prove this suspected relationship. Another possibility would be that Thomas could be a brother of Samuel Wilkins.

Estate Records of Thomas Wilkins

  • Page 322.--1st March, 1750-51. John Wilkins' ( ) bond as administrator, of Thos. Wilkins, with sureties Daniel Harrison, Robert Young.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - List of Musters, 1742: Capt. James Gill's List: James Gill, Captain; John Dobbin, Lieutenant; Wm. Sharrel, Bons Harding, Wm. Welling, John Johnson, John Wilkins, George Furbush, Barnabee McHenery, Rick Dictum, Dan Murley, Nicola Brock, Martin Shoemaker, John Howlain, And. Holman, George Legler, Joseph Dunham, Timothy Taylor, George Willes, Sam Brown, John Cumberland, Sam Beason, James Spencer, Wm. Prickett, Wm. Hall, Wm. McClain, Michael Brock, Thos. West, Wm. Sames, Cornelius Murley, Nicol Cain, Henery Brock, John Fisher, Thos. Wilkins, Joseph Harding, John Ryal, Abram Dunblederey, Riley Moor, Fraderich Brock, John McClairn, William Sharrle, Sr.; William Sharrle, Jr.