Person:Thomas Walker (20)

m. Abt 1642
  1. Elizabeth Walker1650 -
  2. John Walker1652 -
  3. Anne Walker1654 - 1655
  4. Samuel Walker1656 -
  5. Anne Walker1659 - 1659
  6. Thomas Walker1643 - 1696/97
  • HThomas Walker1643 - 1696/97
  • WMary Stone1643/44 - 1704
m. Abt 1660
  1. Mary Walker1661 -
  2. Thomas Walker1664 - 1717
  3. William Walker1666 - 1732
  4. Hannah Walker1668 - 1668
  5. Hannah Walker1669 - 1704
  6. Daniel Walker1672 - 1672
  7. Daniel Walker1674 - 1755
  8. Sarah WALKER1677 - Bef 1697
  9. Abigail Walker1679 -
  10. Elizabeth WALKER1680/81 - 1681
  11. John WALKERAbt 1682 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1643 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Abt 1660 to Mary Stone
Death? 1696/97 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Thomas the progeniture of the Walkers of Sudbury was born in Boston. Like his father he was a brickmaker/brickburner by trade. After he married he moved from Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts to Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to establish and keep a free school. The town paid his salary and built him a house on the East side of the Sudbury River, later identified as East Sudbury and still later Wayland. It was also known as "Pine Plane". He was a member of the Congregational Church, Calvinist in doctrine, which rebelled from the Church of England. Church members also were responsible for running the town government.

List of Sudbury soldiers in 1688 includes: John Goodenow (father of Sarah who married William Walker son of Thomas): Mr. Thomas Walker & Johnathan Stanhope. p 270 of History of Sudbury. Jay & Canton Maine were Grants to Descendants of these soldiers and Thomas was on this list, State Archives Vol XXXVI p 59; Vol 30 pg 92; pg 272 History of Sudbury by Hudson. Source: History of Framingham, Massachusetts by Barry and The Walker Family of Sudbury, Massachusetts, FHL film #0875416 Item #7. Town of Sudbury Records. Birth source: Church Records batch #CO23312 Dates 1547-1716 Source 374341 (film) Printout 0820607. The publication "Walkers Of The Old Plymouth Colony And Their Descendants" by J.B.R. Walker, A.M., Member of the Old Colony Historical Society, and was donated to the Utica Public Library by George Walker of 20 Cottage Place in Utica, New York... The appendix has a Memorial of the Walkers of the Old Plymouth Colony. It states "To show how abundantly the race of Walkers was early planted in the soil of New England brief notices of those of the Massachusetts Colony, and other sections of the Northeast who were here before 1700, are introduced. There were 14 of the same name in the country, even before 1650, not including those of the Old Colony, nor those related to each other." One such Walker family was listed in the book and that was Thomas of Sudbury. It states briefly that he married Mary, taught school in Sudbury 1664 and in 1672 kept an ordinary.(Inn) His will was proved in 1697...

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  2.   Thomas born 1643 s. of Thomas and Hannah Walker was their first born child.