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Thomas Wadsworth
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Name Thomas Wadsworth
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Hi Tom!

I saw your response to a query about Esther Wadsworth.

Esther was married to Daniel McBurnett, my 5th great-grandfather (Daniel>James>Nicholas>Harrison>Dovie>Victor Earl Hall>My Dad>Me).

I would love to see Thomas' will, if you would be so kind!

Thank you!

Ruth, I have attached Thomas' will and also the estate property inventory of his son Thomas who preceded him in death by 15 years. The elder Thomas is my great-grandfather's great-grandfather. Tom

Hi Tom!

Your text files came through just fine and thank you so much for sending them. The estate inventory is very interesting, all the way down to the tea pot and feather bed. I can't imagine trying to inventory my belongings, too much stuff! We modern folks are really spoiled, I'm afraid... :)

I have a lot of McBurnett data, if there is something you need, please let me know. I would be most happy to share anything I have!

Again, thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

Last Will & Testament of Thomas Wadsworth, 1816 Lincoln co. GA USA

Located in the Lincoln County, Georgia Courthouse

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Wadsworth of Lincoln County and State of Georgia, being sick of body but of sound mind and memory, thank the Lord for the same, but knowing it is appointed for all men to die do constitute make and ordain this my last Will and testament. In the first place I recommend my soul into the hand of almighty God who gave it and my body to be buried in a decent christian manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. In regard to the worldly goods which it has pleased God to bestow on me I dispose of in the manner following. First I lend to my loving wife Nancy the land with all the appertenance thereunto belonging where I now live ontaining one hundred acres be the same more or less also two negroes named George and Sam also two feather beds and furniture, also three cows and calves & one three year old steer all her choice of said stock also one horse or mare her choice of my horses, also ten hogs her choice of my hogs, also all the fowls of every kind on the plantation, also all the sheep also two pots and one skillet also one pail and one piggin also one rac one hoe one plough and gears, also one third of the crop on the plantation whether growing or gathered in at my deceased, also one third of the pork either in the house or in the pen at my deceased also one table, three chairs also six pewter plaits one pewter dish and one bason of Pewter, also four tumblers, also one coffee mill, also one cotten wheel and pair cotten cards after the death of my wife I then give to my son James Wadsworth to him and his heirs forever the said land as above lent to my wife and at the death of my said wife

I then give to my grandson William Wadsworth son to William Wadsworth decÂ’d the negro George as above lent to my said wife Nancy.

Also at the death of my said wife Nancy I give to my grandson Thomas Wadsworth son of William Wadsworth decÂ’d the negro woman named Jane as above lent to my wife; the remainder of the property as above lent I desire may be equally divided between John Wadsworth and Elizabeth Wadsworth my Grandchildren and children of William Wadsworth decÂ’d.

I also enjoin it on my wife to remain on the place I lend her and nothing of said property lent as above to be removed off of said plantation at the peril of her loss of the same.

I give to Hogan Wadsworth my Grandson son to William Wadsworth decÂ’d one negro man named Rafe.

I give to my son James Wadsworth three negroes that is to say Hannah and two of her children named Ben and Jinney.

I give to my granddaughter Elizabeth Wadsworth daughter to James Wadsworth two negroes named Joe and Milley.

I give to my grand daughter Mary Wadsworth daughter to James Wadsworth one negro named Nat also one girl named Eliza to them and their heirs of their body.

I give to my daughter Rutha Williamson in addition to what I have already given two dollars to her and the heirs of her body.

I give to my son in law John Williamson who married my daughter Sarah I say I give to him in addition to what I have given two dollars to him and the heirs of his wife Sarah as above mentioned

I give to the heirs of my son Thomas Wadsworth decÂ’d in addition to what has been given one dollar to his wife or widow one dollar also to each of his said children I give one dollar.

After my decease my disire is that my just debts may be paid them my will and desire is that my negro man Nat and all the remaining property not dispersed of as above may be sold at six months and the money arising from such sale I desire may be equally divided between my four children that is to say Sealah Smith Elizabeth Smith Amy Jordan and Esther McBurnett deducting one hundred dollars from Amy JordanÂ’s part as a gift has been formally made her.

I appoint my son James Wadsworth and my friend William Covington Executors to this my last Will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this 12th day of July 1816.

his Thomas X Wadsworth mark

Wm. Downing, Sr.Jms. LittleWilliam P. Solman

Estate settlement-- Inventory of the Estate of THOMAS WADSWORTH, dec'd.

Appraising appointed by court. Book A, p. 235- Film #4259, SLC Library, Ordinary Court.

1 Sorrel mare and coult 100. 1 bay Mare 70. Grey Mare & Coult 100. 270

1 Grey horse 70. Bay Mare 3 Yrs. old-box ditto 2 yrs.old 50 180

1 Sorrel ditto 1 yr. old 50. I Stud horse sick 50. 100

60 barrels Corn 90. 5 Cows 4 Calves 50. 140

2 heiffers- yr. old 28. 12 hogs 30. 25 shoats 25--- 83

4 Sows and 30 hogs 20. 4 barrows 20-88. Geese and four ducks 11.50. 51.50

8 Bee hives 12 3 mallicks 400. 2 hoes 100.5 700.3 300 29

1 broad spade & drawing knife 5.00 1 ladies saddle & many 3.00 28

11 sheep 18.00 2 gun barrels 1 box trumpery 5.50 23.50

1 broken set blacksmith tools 20. 7 steel licks & iron wedge 5. 25

I drawing knife augr & sash. 75. 1 box locks 1.00. 1.75

2 dutch ovens 2 pots 1 laddle 2.00 Cotton wheel & sheck wl 3.00 28

2 Wahsing tubs .50 1 cotton wheel flax ditto 3.00. 3.50

1 meal sifter, bread tray, meal tub & powdering dotto 2

1 shovel plos, 1 coulter, clivy & tree 2

2 parts --ggen 1 Eann, 1 Kelsugh, 1 Churn 3

1 rifle gun, 1 musket 22

1 set flat irons 1 trippel 1.50 - 9 table chairs&looking glass 3.75 5.25

2 chests 5.00 Walnut table 3.00 lots of towels & do of crockery 11

1 teapot, 1 teabox, 1 Mahogony spice box 2.32

1 box tin ware, 1 Jug & crewit 2.75, Knives, forks,&- snuffers .55 3.25

4 pairs Cards , 1 Colbooks 3.50 2 Vials, 1 Slay .50 4

1 Feather bed & bed stead with furniture 15. Do 20 4-bed burn. . 54

I side honed leather 3.00 1 negro boy- in 450.

All the appraisers do certify this to be a true appraisement of the goods and Chattels of THOMAS WADSWORTH, dec'd as has been shown to us within our knowledge as witness our hands this -th July 1806.

Moses Short

James Clements

George Hall