Person:Thomas Smith (270)

Thomas Smith, of Ipswich
b.Abt 1606 England
  • HThomas Smith, of IpswichAbt 1606 - 1681/82
  • WJoanna _____1608 - 1680
m. 1636
  1. Sarah SmithBef 1633 -
  2. Mary SmithAbt 1634 - 1688
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Smith, of Ipswich
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] Abt 1606 England
Marriage 1636 (city), Essex, Massachusettsto Joanna _____
Other[3] 1638 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USADate of Arrival
Death[1][2] Winter 1681/2 Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Last Years and Estate of Thomas Smith

"In the Quarterly Court files of May 1680 and of November 1680 respectively are found (7:739; 8:44-45):

Thomas Smith, sr., and his wife being aged and impotent and unable to help and provide for themselves, said Smith came into court and gave up to the selectmen of Ipswich the following estate: three cows and one yearling, three acres of land at Muddy river, a bill of three pounds, six shillings of Pulsifer's and fifteen pounds due from Thomas Dow, about eleven pounds due him from Aron Pengry, sr., and all his household goods … provided the town maintain them as long as they live.
Capt. Shuball Walker, one of the selectmen of Bradford, presented a writing to the court in behalf of the town under the hands of the selectmen of Ipswich, informing the court that Mr. Thomas Smith and his wife of Ipswich had come into their town contrary to order, and having warned the persons who entertained them not to do it, likewise to said Smith to depart, yet they abide in the town still and liable to be a charge to the said town, court ordered that the caution be entered.

This was a routine legal procedure to keep the financial responsibilities with the town of Ipswich and off the taxpayers of Bradford. The following bargain was made with the selectmen of Ipswich:

November 18, 1680 Richard and Benjamin Kimball of Bradford did covenant to and with the selectmen of Ipswich that they would take Thomas Smith and his wife to Bradford to the house of Mary Kimball the widow of Thomas Kimball and provide their meate, drink, washing, lodging, clothes and attendance with all things necessary for persons in such a condition for the space of one year beginning at the date hereof, the price for a year to be £25.
December 8, 1681 agreed with Richard Kimball of Bradford to allow unto him further keeping and providing for his grandfather Thomas Smith for the year ensuing £13.

Thomas Smith evidently died at Bradford in the winter of 1681/2, his wife having died earlier.The inventory of his meager estate [£9-10-00 after inclusion of debts owing and debts due to the estate follows] (Essex County Probate file 25781).

Richard Kemball presenting an Inventory of ye Estate of Thomas Smith diceased: whereunto he hath given oath to the truth thereof & If more be found, he will add the same. Pour of Administration to sd Estate Is granted unto the sd Mary & Richard Kemball In court held at Ipswich 28 of March 1682."[1]

John Brooks Threlfall, in this same article, identifies Mary (Smith) Kimball as the second wife of Deacon Thomas Knowlton of Ipswich (proof not stated). In the Kimball family genealogy, the above court records are quoted with the important difference that the November 18, 1680 date is give as November 18, 1686 and the December 8, 1691 date is given as December 8, 1687. Since "Mary Kimball" married Thomas Knowlton 17 May 1682, the later dates would eliminate her as a possible wife for Knowlton. The earlier dates allow her to be one of the two women named "Mary Kimball" available to be his wife. Since the other, born 1658, daughter of John and Mary (Bradstreet) Kimball, of whom there is no other record after her birth, was so much younger than Mary (Smith) Kimball, she is less likely to have become wife of the deacon.

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