Person:Thomas Lincoln (31)

Thomas Lincoln
chr.19 Jan 1606/07 Beaminster, Dorset, England
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Thomas Lincoln
Gender Male
Christening[3] 19 Jan 1606/07 Beaminster, Dorset, England
Marriage bef 1635 Beaminster, Dorset, England (possibly)Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Avis Lane
Residence[1][2] 1636 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Will[1] 13 Jul 1688
Death[1] 28 Sep 1691 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[1] 27 Oct 1692 Will proved.
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    "1. Thomas (Lincoln), the 'cooper,' and also known as 'maltster' came from the west of England, says tradition, and settled in our Hing. ab. 1635-6. His name, however, does not appear upon our records until 1636, when there was 'granted unto Thomas Lincoln, cooper, five acres of land at the west end of the town for a house-lot, butting on the town street eastward, and upon the common westward, and with the land of Francis Smith northward, and with the land of Thomas Nichols southward.' This lot he afts. sold or exchanged for one on North, near Beal St., which was his homestead. He also had a small triangular lot of land granted him subsequent to the first distribution of lots in 1635, at what is now the corner of North and Lincoln Sts. This (the triangular lot) he afts. gave with malt-house, etc., to his youngest son, Benjamin. His w., whom he m. in Eng. ab. 1630, was Anis, or Avith Lane, a dau. of William Lane. … At the time the present meeting-house of the First Parish was erected (1680-81), Thomas Lincoln, cooper, was one of the five elderly gentlemen to whom was assigned a sitting 'in the seate under ye pulpit;' while for Mrs. Lincoln a place was allotted 'in the second seate next ye pew.' He d. at his residence on North St., West Hing., 28 Sept. 1691. In his will, dated 13 July, 1688, proved 27 Oct. 1692, he mentions three sons and one dau.; s. Joseph to have the home place. Joseph's son Nehemiah came next into possession, and having no issue he left it to his nephew Israel Lincoln. A large part of the original homestead is still in possession of this branch of the family."

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    "Thomas (Lincoln), Hingham, the cooper, s. of Thomas, in O. E. had gr. in the town 1636, more likely, in my judgment, than either of the preced. to have been the freem. of Mar. 1638, had, bef. com. from Eng. m. 1630, a d. of Andrew [William] Lane, had two ch. of wh. one d. and the other, Sarah, was brot. and d. soon aft. arr. and here had Thomas, bapt. 6 May 1638; Joseph, 22 Nov. 1640, bef. ment.; Benjamin, 7 May 1643, bef. ment.; Deborah, 3 Aug. 1645; and Sarah, 6 Oct. 1650, d. young. His w. wh. name is unkn. d. 13 Feb. 1683, and he d. 28 Sept. 1691. His will, of 13 July 1688, names the four liv. ch. Deborah m. 13 June 1678, as sec. w. Samuel Thaxter. Tradit. brings him from West of Eng. where he left br. John This may seem not improb. if we substitute E. for W. The name belong. to Co. Norf'k. or the adj. Co. Lincoln."

  3. Nicholson, Frederick J. A Clue to the English Origin of Thomas1 Lincoln (the Cooper) and William1 Lane of Hingham, Mass. American Genealogist (D.L. Jacobus). (Oct 1989)

    "… I came across the following entries in the parish register of Beaminster, co. Dorset: … bp. 19 Jan. 1606[/7], Thomas, son of Thomas Lyncole … These entries, agreeing as they do with the approximate ages of the New England individuals of these names, strongly suggest that additional research in the are should be undertaken for more concrete evidence of identity."

    The identification of Thomas Lincoln the cooper as the Thomas baptized at Beaminster, Dorsetshire 19 January 1606/07 is not proven but was characterized by the editors of The American Genealogist (65:06) as "highly probable."

  4.   Thomas1 Lincoln (the cooper) of Hingham and William1 Lane of Dorchester (not Hingham). American Genealogist (D.L. Jacobus). (Apr 1990)

    "In a shipping record dated 8 May 1635, which he discovered in the Weymouth port books, Peter Wilson Coldham, FASG, showed that William1 Lane and his wife and son [doubtless Andrew] emigrated on the Hopewell of Weymouth (NGSQ 71[1983]:174; Peter Wilson Coldham, Complete Book of Emigrants [Baltimore 1987] p. 144). This record makes it certain that William1 Lane did indeed come from the southwest of England, and if Savage is correct that Thomas Lincoln (the cooper) married Lane's daughter before emigrating, Lincoln must also have come from this region. When the evidence from Beaminster is considered with the 1635 shipping list, it seems highly probable that Mr. Nicholson has found the origin of both William1 Lane of Dorchester, Mass., and Thomas1 Lincoln (the cooper) of Hingham, Mass."