Person:Thomas Hill (89)

Thomas Hill
b.bef. 1727
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Hill
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1727

Thomas Hill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Thomas Hill's land (Borden Tract NE, 50 acres patented in 1751, adjoining a 395½-acre tract acquired from William Porter in 1747) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 231.--20th May, 1747. William Porter, yeoman, to Thomas Hill, £28 current money Virginia; 395½ acres on Middle Creek; John McDowell's line; Patrick Hays' line. Teste: David Mitchell, Nathaniel Evins, Alexander Moore. Acknowledged by William, and dower released by Jane, his wife, 21st May, 1747.
  • Page 274.--15th May, 1751. Same (From Borden's executors) to Thomas Hill, 50 acres in Borden's tract, cor. to a tract which Thos. Beard purchased of Samuel Donlop; cor. said Thomas Baird and Patrick Hays; cor. said Thos. Hill's old survey. Delivered to Thos. Hill. January, 1757.
  • Page 79.-(21st March 1753)-Ditto. Same (From James Patton) to Thomas Hill, 70 acres as above (North Fork of Goose Creek). As above, corner to above (corner John Robinson, Jr.); corner Benjamin Ogle. (Note: Goose Creek is a tributary of the Roanoke River).
  • Page 284.--16th March, 1756. William Loughridge to Thos. Hill, 5 sh. 1/2 d., 6 acres in Borden's 92100, opposite said Hill's old survey, on Halfway Creek, Robert Weir's line. Teste: Robert Wiear, Wm. Buchanan, Nathaniel Steel. Livery.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 402.--4th March, 1763. Thomas Hill, of Roan County, North Carolina, to David Miller, £20, 70 acres conveyed to Thomas by Col. James Patton, 21st March, 1753, on Goose Creek, or North Branch of Roanoke; corner Elijah Isaac; corner Benj. Ogle's land, now the property of said David Miller. Teste: David Mitchell, Daniel ( ) McCormick. Delivered: Andrew Miller, son of David, 2d April, 1789.

Processioning List of 1760

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Page 276.--1760: Processioned in Capt. Moore's Company by John Stephson, Nathaniel Evins: For Nathaniel Evins, for Wm. McCreerey, for Thos. Willson, for John Stevenson, for John McClung, for Wm. McClung, for Alex. Moore, for Adam Reed, for Wm. Hays, for Wm. Paris, for Thomas Bard, for John Cunningham, for Mathew Huston, for John Mountgumery, for Wm. Moore, for Wm. Lockridge, for Thomas Boyd, for John Boyd, for Thomas Hill, for Robert Ware (Wire), for Wm. Hays, for Wm. Beard, for Wm. Wardlaw, for Andrew Steel, for James Steel, for Joseph Kennedy, for John Lowry, for Samuel Huston, for James Eakins, for John Hanly, for John Logan, for Alex. Logan, for Alex. McNutt, for James McNutt, for John Rosman, for Andrew Dunkin, for John Wardlaw, for Wm. McCanless, for James Cowdan, for John Moore.

Records of Thomas Hill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH AND PART OF MAY, 1753., 1751.--Thomas Hughes, debtor by H. Hardine's and T. Hill's recommendation to William Cunningham. October 4, 3 1/2 pewter dishes, 5/10; one leghorn hat, 6/; three yards kersey, at 3/6; ten ells oznabrs., at 1/2.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754 (Part 1). - Inhabitants of North Branch of Roanoke petition that they be relieved of road work on the road down Cottage Creek. James Garrell, Thomas Ingles, William Ingles, Tobias Bright, George Pearis, William Pepper. Adam Loyday, Elija Isaac, Earick Bright, Thomas Hill, Benjamin Ogle, Jacob Brown, John Robinson.
  • Page 65.--8th May, 1755. Borden's executors to William Loughridge (Lockridge), £4.2.4, 250 acres, part of 92,100 on Halfway Creek corner Thomas Hill; said Wm. Loughridge's corner; Moore's corner David Moore's corner, east side of the Great Road in the patent line corner Robt Weir.
  • Page 494.--27th September, 1757. David ( ) Dunlap to Hugh Beard, £29, 170 acres in Borden's tract; Jno. Cunningham's line; cor. Wm. Lockridge. Teste: Wm. Lockridge, Jno. Lowry, Thos. Hill, Wm. Beard. Delivered: Hugh Beard, February, 1779.
  • Page 276.--6th May, 1758. John McCroskry's (signed Coskry) will, planter--To wife Elizabeth, Thomas Hill's bond; to daughter Elizabeth; to son James, 10 shillings; to son William, 10 shillings; to son John, 10 shillings; to son-in-law, William Caruthers; to son-in-law Saml. Huston; to son Alex. McCroskry, 10 shillings; to son Samuel, 10 shillings; to son David, 10 shillings; to son-in-law James Hope, 10 shillings; to granddaughter Margaret Hope and her two brothers; Saml. and David to pay the bonds assigned to James and William in case they lose not their lands by the enemy; Robert and Alexander Tedford's bonds to pay Margaret Hope; James and Isaac Anderson's bond to be divided between sons and daughters. Executors, son Samuel. Andrew Hays, Alex. Miller. Teste: James Moore, Jno. Maskamell, Alex. McCroskry. Proved, 15th November, 1758, by Moore and McCroskry. McCroskry and Miller qualified (the other not appearing), with Samuel Huston, John Cunningham.
  • Page 203.--17th February, 1758. Colonel James Patton's estate; appraised by Thomas Stewart, John Ramsey, Edward Hall. List of bonds, bills, &c., due the estate: Thomas Hill, 18th February, 1753. (listed among many others)
  • Page 116.--11th December, 1762. William Lockridge and Agness ( ) to David Steel, £100, 244 acres on Halfway Creek in Borden's tract; cor. Thomas Hill; Moore's cor.; David Moore's cor. Teste: Samuel and Robert Steel, Patt. Campbell. Delivered: Samuel Steel, June, 1766.
  • Page 893.--3d March, 1763. Elijah ( ) Isaac, of Roan County, North Carolina, to Robert Magee, £60, 200 acres, part of 378 acres conveyed by Col. James Patton to Elijah, 21st March, 1753, on North Branch Roanoke; corner land of Errick Bright; corner Thomas Hill. Teste: Wm. Preston, Francis Smith, Bryand McDonald, David Frame. Delivered: Robert Magee, August, 1773.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 21, 1763. - (39) Following deeds partially proved and ordered certified: William Moore to Francis Smith, Thomas Hill to David Miller, Elijah Isaacs to Robt. McGee, Paul Garrison to John Donally.
  • Page 385.--17th September, 1763. William Hays and Frances to Hugh Hayes, £98, 255 acres on line of Beverley Manor and Borden's tract; corner Patrick Hayes; corner Dunlap. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767. Teste: John McMahon, Thomas Hill, James ( ) Telford.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 17, 1767. - (338) Hemp certificates: David Wallace, Thos. Hill, James Gilmore, Wm. Henderson, Robt. Hamilton.
  • Page 276.--28th November, 1769. Thomas Beard's estate appraised (by John Montgomery, Wm. Moore, Thomas Wilson). James Mitchell and Thomas Hill, executors.
  • Page 253.--14th November, 1771. James Wardlaw and Martha to James Logan. Samuel Buchanan, Alexander Walker, Sr., Andrew Hays, James Henry, James McCampbell, Thomas Hill, John Huston, Alexander Walker, Jr., elders of the Congregation of Presbyterian Dissenters of New Providence, £50, 81-1/2 acres whereon New Providence Meeting House now stands; Andrew Duncan's line; trust for purpose of a meeting house for public worship, and a grave yard. Teste: Alexander Sinclair, Samuel Bell, George Weir. Delivered: Joseph Moore, 1st April, 1796.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1773. - (7) Constable: Thomas Hill, vice Joseph Weer.
  • Page 196.--1st November, 1773. Archibald Reach, Jr.'s, will--To wife, Margaret; to children. Executors, wife and Uncle Archibald Reah. Teste: Michael Coulter, William Reah, James dark. Proved, 15th March, 1774, by Coulter and Reah. Executors qualify (Margaret her mark) with Thomas Hill. William Reagh.
  • Page 135.--15th March, 1774. Robert Steel and Mary to Robert's son, David Steel. Teste: William Moore, Thomas Hill, Hugh Torbet.
  • Page 505.--23d June, 1777. Thomas Wilson's estate appraised by Thomas Hill, William and Andrew Moore, Mathew Wilson.
  • Page 506.--16th August, 1777. David Williams' estate appraised by Robert Wear, Thomas Hill, James Henry.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1787 (A to D). - William Bell and Samuel Bell vs. Daniel O'Friel and Jas. Cunningham.-- Spa. Ch., 12th June, 1780. In November, 1779, Orator William Bell was employed by James Sayers to purchase beef and pork for the barracks in Albemarle. Plaintiffs and defendants were partners and bill is for accounting and settlement. The winter of 1779 was the worst ever known. William Bell and Cunningham were relatives. James C. had a son, Johnny. William Bell was brother of James Bell. Depositions of Thomas Hill and Elizabeth Hill, his wife, 26th August, 1780. James Sawyers was Commissary for Albemarle Barracks. His wife was Hannah. Her deposition, 19th October, 1784.