Person:Thomas Dickinson (26)

Thomas Dickinson 9 Apr 1723 and 27 Jan 1723/24
m. 7 Mar 1667/68
  1. Elizabeth Dickinson1668 -
  2. Hannah Dickinson1670 -
  3. Thomas Dickinson1671/72 - Bet 1723 & 1723/24
  4. Esther Dickinson1673/74 -
  5. Mehitable Dickinson1675 -
  6. Nathaniel Dickinson1677 - 1678
  7. Elihu DickinsonEst 1679 -
  8. Ebenezer Dickinson1680 - 1752
  • HThomas Dickinson1671/72 - Bet 1723 & 1723/24
  • WMehitable Meekins1675 - Aft 1742
m. bef 1695
  1. Elizabeth Dickinson1695 - 1758
  2. Mehitable Dickinson1700 - 1741
  3. Jemima Dickinson1717 - 1746
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Dickinson
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 15 Feb 1671/72 Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage bef 1695 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child (Elizabeth).
to Mehitable Meekins
Will[3] 9 Apr 1723
Death[3] bet 9 Apr 1723 and 27 Jan 1723/24 Between date of will and date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[3] 27 Jan 1723/24 £492-18-08. Taken by John Sheldon and Thomas Seymour.
Probate[3] 27 Mar 1724 Will proved.
  1. Dickinson, Addie M. (Addie Maria). Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson. (Dickinson Family Association (Typescript), 1955)

    "Thomas (Dickinson) (Thomas, Nathaniel) born Feb. 15, 1672. Died 1723/24, Hartford, Conn. Inventory of his estate taken Jan. 27, 1723, gave all of his land in Hartford to Thomas and Moses."

  2. 7. Thomas Dickinson (2), in Boltwood, Lucius M. (Lucius Manlius). Genealogies of Hadley Families: Embracing the Early Settlers of the Towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby. (Northampton, Massachusetts: Metcalf & Company, Printers, 1862)

    'Thomas [son of Thomas and Hannah (Crow) Dickinson], b. Feb. 15, 1672;'

  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Dickinson, Thomas, Hartford, in Manwaring, Charles W. A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records. (Hartford, Conn.: R. S. Peck & Co., 1904-06)

    "Probate Records. Vol. X, 1723 to 1729. Page 220-1. Invt. in Vol. XI, Page 151.

    Dickinson, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £492-18-08. Taken 27 January, 1723, by John Sheldon and Thomas Seymour.

    Will dated 9th April, 1723: I, Thomas Dickinson, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my two sons, Thomas and Moses, all my houseing and lands in Hartford, to be equally divided between them. I give to my two sons, Thomas and Moses, all my wearing aparell and all my team tackling, my cart and wheels and plow and chain and plow iron, and whatsoever belonging to them; and all ye rest of my moveable estate I give to my wife and daughters, that is to say, 1-3 part of ye whole I give to my wife, and all ye rest to be equally divided amongst my daughters. It is to be understood that my will is that Elizabeth, my eldest daughter, shall have but an equall share with the rest of my daughters with what she hath already received, which is £14. Also, my daughter Esther hath received £4 towards her equall share with ye rest. I give also to my wife the use of half my lands in Hartford so long as she shall remain my widow or unmarried. I also give her the use of ye whole till my two sons come to lawfull age, and then half of it to return to them. Further, my will is that my two sons shall pay to my daughters £16, that is to say, my son Thomas £8, and my son Moses £8, which shall equally be divided amongst them all. I also give to my daughters that outland that is at Hadley, which I bought of my brother Elihu Dickinson, to be equally divided among them all.

    THOMAS D<small<ICKINSON, LS</small.

    Witness: Nathaniel Marsh, Samuel Welles, John Church, Jr.

    Court Record, Page 44—27 March, 1724: The last will of Thomas Dickinson, late of Hartford, decd., was now exhibited by Mehetabell Dickinson, the widow of said deceased. The will was proved, approved, and allowed, and by this Court ordered to be recorded and kept on file.

    Vol. XI, Page 57—14 December, 1731: An inventory was now exhibited by Mehetabell Dickinson, widow, Adms. with the will annexed. Likewise exhibited an account of administration, which account this Court accepts, and order a distribution of the estate according to the will. And appoint Capt. Thomas Seymour, Capt. John Sheldon and Sergt. John Cook, distributors.

    Page 58—4 January, 1731-2: Jemima Dickinson, age 14 years, a daughter of Thomas Dickinson, chose William Wadsworth to be her guardian. Recog., £50.

    Dist. File: 6 March, 1732: To the widow Mehetabell Dickinson, to Mehetabell, to Lois, to Sarah, to Susannah, to Hannah, and to Jemima Dickinson. By John Sheldon, Thomas Seamore and John Cooke.

    Page 6 (Vol. XIV) 4 May, 1742: Widow Mehetabel Dickinson, relict of Thomas Dickinson, moved to this Court that the lands given her for her improvement during life by the will of the sd. deceased may be set out to her by freeholders. Whereupon this Court appoint Lt. John Cooke, Caleb Church and Caleb Spencer, of Hartford, to set out the sd. real estate by bounds according to sd. will, and make return thereof to this Court."