Person:Samuel Vance (5)

Samuel Vance
b.WFT Est 1750-1767
m. bef. 1750
  1. James Vance1750-1767 -
  2. Benjamin Vance1750-1767 -
  3. Andrew Vance1750-1767 -
  4. Margaret Vance1750-1767 -
  5. Samuel Vance1750-1767 -
  6. William Vance1755 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Vance
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1750-1767

Land Records

This Indenture made the twelfth day of October in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and one between Samuel Vance (Junior) of Bath County and Son and Heir and Devisee of John Vance Deceased of Back Creek of the one part and Charles Cameron of the other part witnessseth that the said Samuel Vance Junior for and in consideration of the sum of twenty five pounds current and lawful money of Virginia to him in hand paid the receipt where he doth hereby acknowledge hath bargained and sold unto the said Charles Cameron and his heirs one certain tract or parcel of land containing fifty four acres be the same more or less and dying and being in the said county of Bath on Back Creek A Branch of Jackson River and below the other lands of the said Samuel Vance (Junior) which said lands were devised to the said Samuel Vance by his father John Vance deceased as will more fully appear by the last will and testament of the said John Vance deceased which stands of Record in the County of Augusta. The said land having being granted to the said John in consequence of a survey made the seventeenth day of April in the year 1774 and bounded as followeth towit: Beginning at a white Oak Dogwood and Hickory by the creek and crossing a branch of the same south twenty five east forty six poles to two Black Oaks by the side of the Creek thence north sixty degrees east forty two poles crossing the creek to a poplar elm and sugar tree thence north ten west forty poles to two pines and a white oak thence north eighty two degrees west two hundred and thirty two poles to a white oak and Spanish oak on a hillside thence north fifty west sixty six poles to two while oaks and two Spanish oaks by the creek side thence south ten east twenty poles thence south forty east eight poles and thence/ south eighty six degrees east one hundred and seventy two poles down the creek to the beginning together with all its appurtenances to have and to hold the said fifty four acres of land with all its appurtenances to the said Charles Cameron his heir and (assign) to the sole use and (behoof) of him the said Charles Cameron his heir and assign forever and the said Samuel Vance Junior for himself and his heir doth covenant with the said Charles Cameron and his heirs that he the said Samuel Vance and his heirs the said parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Charles Cameron and his heir against all person whatever will forever warrant and defend in writing where of the said Samuel Vance Junior hath hereundo subscribe his name and affixed his seal the day and year above written.
Signed by Samuel Vance, Jr.
Signed sealed and
Acknowledged in presence of
Bath County October Court 1801
This Indenture of bargain and sale from Samuel Vance Jr to Charles Cameron was acknowledged in court and ordered to the records
Charles Cameron Clerk