Person:Rosanna Hill (1)

Rosanna Hill
d.ABT. 1670
Facts and Events
Name Rosanna Hill
Gender Female
Birth? 1592 of Somerset, England
Death? ABT. 1670

source: Bullock's book on Stukely Westcott and [Note: The above information is erroneous, at least insofar as its cites "Incidents in the life and times of Stukeley Westcote, with some of his descendants", by Jonathan Russell Bullock (1886) for either the identity of Stukely Westcott's wife or any Rosanna Hill.

At pages 14-15 Bullock states: "Westcote and his wife, whose christian name is not now known," See:

Also, the index lists no one named Hill. See: ]

The wikipedia article for Stukeley Westcott says his wife was Juliann Marchante and gives the date and place of marriage. It cites the following sources: Moriarity, G. Andrews (April 1944). "Additions and Corrections to Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island". The American Genealogist 20: 233. Whitman, Roscoe L. (1939). Book of Appendices to the History and Genealogy of the Ancestors and Descendants of Stukely Westcott. privately published.

At page 7 of Whitman, referenced above, he indicates that the marriage of Stukely and Juliana Marchant is recorded in the parish register of St. John the Baptist Church at Yeovil in Somerset, as follows: "Stucklie Westcott of Ilminster, and Julian Marchant of Yeovil, married 5 October, 1619."

Whitman also refutes the contention that Rosanna Hill could have married Stukeley prior to his emigration or that she could have been the mother of any of his children:

"In "The Greed Tree" it is said that "Rosanna Hill, the emigrant undoubtedly married Stukely Westcott," for "they were old friends at Great Tottignton (Devonshire), England, and nearly the same age." Neither Stukely Westcott nor Rosanna Hill were "of Great Torrington," but both were of Somersetshire.

There were eight in Westcott's family (himself, his wife, and their six children) when they came to New England with the William Arnold family in 1635 and again in Salem in the following year. Therefore, as Rosanna Hill emigrated to New England in 1635, she could not have been Westcott's wife previously. If she married him in a later year, which is doubted, none of Westcott's six children could have been by her, and thus she must be eliminated as an ancestress of the general Westcott family." -- Whitman, Vol. II, Page 9 See:

Whitman also specifically refutes several very weak claims for Rosanna Hill that had been put forth. (e.g., "Neither the name Rosanna nor Juliana seems to have been perpetuated in the family...")