Person:Roger de Montalt (2)

Roger de Montalt
m. est 1140
  1. Ralph de MontaltEst 1145 - Est 1195
  2. Robert de MontaltEst 1150 -
  3. William de MontaltEst 1155 -
  4. Ranulph de MontaltEst 1158 -
  5. Roger de MontaltEst 1160 - Bef 1227
  • HRoger de MontaltEst 1160 - Bef 1227
  1. Leuca de MontaltEst 1195 - Bef 1227
Facts and Events
Name Roger de Montalt
Alt Name[1] Roger de Mohaut
Gender Male
Birth[3] est 1160 probably Cheshire, England
Death[2] bef Jun 1227 probably Cheshire, England
  1. Line 150 #27, in Weis, Frederick Lewis; William R. Beall; Kaleen E. Beall; and Walter Lee Sheppard. Ancestral roots of certain American colonists who came to America before 1700: lineages from Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong, and other historical individuals. (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Pub. Co., c2004)
    page 145.

    'ROGER DE MOHAUT, of Elford, co. Stafford, dead 1230/1 (when his h. was Agnes de Orreby), yr. son of Robert de Mohaut, of Howarden, succ. abt. 1141, d. abt. 1162, hereditary seneschal of the co. of Chester, and Leucha, living 1162, perh. dau. of William Fitz Neel of Halton, Constable of Cheshire (CP IX: 10-11, X: 168-170; Wm Salt Soc. III: 89, IV: 24, 46). This Roger de Mohaut was misidentified in the early editions and in von Redlich. He did not marry Cecily d'Aubigny. That Roger de Mohaut was his nephew.'

    If the entry in the Annales Cestrienses, or Chronicle of St. Werburgh, "1232. Obiit Rogerus de Montealto, Senescallus, de Hawarthin" (cited by Ormerod in Parentalia) is accurate, there were actually 3 Roger de Montalt/Mohaut's that were confused, and the Roger who married Cecily d'Aubigny was likely this Roger's great-nephew.

  2. msg 1112461407, 2005-04, posted 2 Apr 2005 by mardicar, in GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives (at RootsWeb), online.

    This message cites a court case recorded 13 June 1227, of which the following is part:
    '... Ralph gave the manor to Roger de Monhaut his brother, who held the manor all his life; and after his death the manor descended to Leuca, his daughter, and from Leuca to Agnes, daughter of Leuca, ...'

  3. Birth year estimated based on estimated birth and death years of his father, and estimated birth years of his brothers, and his own approx death year.