Person:Robert Sawyers (5)

Robert Sawyers
  1. Robert Sawyers1752 - 1847
m. abt. 1780/85
  1. Priscilla Sayers1785 - 1849
  2. Stephen Sayers1787 - 1831
  3. William Sayers1790 - 1880
  4. Jane Sayers1792 - 1827
  5. Thurza 'Thirza' Sayers1794 - 1860
  6. Robert Sayers1796 -
  7. John Sayers1797 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name Robert Sawyers
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1752 Augusta County, Virginia[area later was Montgomery County]
Marriage abt. 1780/85 Virginiato Jane 'Jean' Crockett
Death[1] 12 June 1847 Pulaski County, Kentucky

Robert Sawyers was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 5, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Sayer, Robert - entered service 1776 in 7th Virginia Regiment; granted Pension age 71 in Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1823 when had 7 children: Priscilla abt. age 38 and unmarried, Stephen abt. age 36 and married, William abt. age 33 and unmarried, Jane abt. age 31 and married, Thurza abt. age 29, Robert abt. age 27 and married & john abt. age 26; children Priscilla, Thurza & John living with soldier then; soldier died 6/12/1847; surname also spelled Sayers. F-S35641, R2128.

Records of Robert Sawyers in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1765 (A). - Buchanan vs. Sayers.--Robert Sayers, eldest son and heir-at-law of Alexr. Sayers, deceased. May, 1765. Returned: "The boy is in Bedford at school."
  • Samuel Ewing vs. Robert Sayers, eldest son and heir of Alexander Sayers, deceased, vs. James Buchanan.--Chancery writ, 28th August, 1767. Defendant bought land in 1755 on New River, where Humberstone Lyon was then living.
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  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension application of Robert Sayer (Sayers)1 S35641 f13VA
    Transcribed by Will Graves 1/15/12

    The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Pulaski County Court Sct. September Term 1823
    On this 1st day of September A.D. 1823 personally appeared in Open Court, being a Court of Record Established by the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, having power to fine, and Imprison, and proceeding according to the course of the Common Law, Robert Sayers, aged 71 years, a resident in Pulaski County, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath declare, that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows, that in the month of February A.D. 1776, he enlisted for the term of two years, in the Regular Service of the United States in the Revolutionary War, in the Company commanded by Joseph Crockett, in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Alexander McClanahan, and in the Brigade of General Andrew Lewis, that the Brigade aforesaid was a part of the Virginia State line, upon the Continental Establishment, he states that he served nine months, and was taken sick, & obtained a permit from said General to go home, when he hired a substitute, during the War, and whom he verily believes served in his stead, he states that he never received any Discharge, And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, sale or in any manner whatever disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provision of an act of Congress entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war” passed on the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property, or securities, contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed, Viz., no property of any Description whatever or debts owing him, and that he is a daily laborer but unable to support himself by his labor, he states that he has 7 children (viz.) Priscilla, about 38 years of age unmarried and lives with him, and able to maintain herself, Stephen about 36 years of age married and lived apart from him, William about 33 years of age, unmarried and lives apart from his Father, Jane about 31 years of age married and lived apart from him, Thurza [?], about 29 years of age and lives with him and able to support herself, Robert about 27 years of age, married and lived apart from himself, John about 26 years of age, and lives with his Father, and furnishes a support.
    S/ Robert Sayers
    Sworn to and declared on the 1st day of September 1823 in Open Court, before me Presiding Judge of the County Court aforesaid. S/ John Newby
    1 The application for this veteran is erroneously filed with the documents relating to Captain Robert Sayers (BLWt 351-300) as posted on Fold3.
    [fact in file: veteran died June 12, 1847.]
    [Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $8 per month commencing September 1st, 1823, for service as a private in the Virginia Continental line for 9 months].