Person:Robert McClanahan (11)

Robert McClanahan
  1. James McClanahanBEF 1710 - BEF 1777
  2. Elijah McClanahan, "Olde Elijah"bef 1710 -
  3. Robert McClanahanBEF 1714 - 1791
m. Bef. 1734
  1. Lt. Col. Alexander McClanahanABT 1734 - 1797
  2. Agnes McClanahanABT 1735 -
  3. Sarah McClanahan1736-1750 -
  4. Lettice 'Lettis' McClanahan1736-1750 -
  5. Jane McClanahan1736-1750 -
  6. Capt. John McClanahan, Sr.1742 - 1774
  7. Mary 'Polly' McClanahanBEF 1744 -
  8. Capt. Robert McClanahan1747 - 1774
  9. William McClanahan1748/49 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert McClanahan
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1714 County Antrim, Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1734 to Sarah Breckenridge
Death? 1791 Staunton, Augusta County, VirginiaHe died on a farm one mile south of Staunton on what is known now as the Greenville road.

Robert McClanahan was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert McClanahan's land (NE, 331 acres, 1741) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 439-42 [443 blank]. 27-28 May 1741. William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to Robert McClanahan of Orange County. Lease and release; [consideration blank]. 331 acres in Beverley Mannor in that part of Orange County called Augusta... corner to Alexander Brakenridge... (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: William Skillern, Robt. King, Andrew Russell. 28 May 1741. Acknowledged by Wm. Beverley, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 64].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 1747 - Robert McClanahan sold the 331-acre tract in Beverley Manor to David Stuart. [as listed in Randolph's administrator vs. Kenny, Chalkley's Vol. 2].
  • Page 779.--21st May, 1750. Robert McClenachan, Gent., and Sarah, to Joseph Bell, in Beverley Manor, Sarah, wife of Robert. Delivered: Zachariah Bell, November, 1753, 216 acres in Beverley Manor.

Records of Robert McClanahan in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Randolph's administrator vs. Kenny et alias--O. S. 300; N. S. 107-- Bill, 20th July, 1812, by William Randolph of Wilton. On 7th April, 1808. he sold to Chesley Kinney 331 acres in Augusta. Kinney claims deficiency. In 1747 Robert McClenachan sold said tract to David Stuart, who sold 57 acres to James Miller 20th August, 1748, yet on 14th February, 1763, sold the whole tract to John Miller. James Miller on 1st August, 1754, sold the 57 acres to Jones Henderson, who sold to John Parris 18th August, 1778. John Miller conveyed whole 331 acres to orator 18th October, 1784. David died, testate, in Augusta, leaving son John, now of Greenbrier; daughter Sebiny, alias Tibbey, alias Tabitha Stuart; daughter Elizabeth, who married Richard Woods of Albemarle, by whom she had 3 sons, William, George and Richard Woods; stepdaughter, Mary Pall. Sebiny Stuart married Samuel Williams of Greenbrier, by whom she had a son Richard and a daughter ____, who married Thomas Creigh of Greenbrier. Mary Pall left one child, a daughter, Mary, who married Cornelius Maupin and lives in Albemarle. John Miller died, intestate, leaving children, viz: Patrick, James and Sarah Miller. Sarah married Joseph Henderson of Augusta and had children, viz: John, Robert, Joseph, William, Sally, Jane, who married Alexander Buchanan, and Mary, who married Robert Morrison. Patrick and James Miller live in Bath. John and James Miller were brothers. John Stuart has a son Lewis Stuart. John Young deposes, in Augusta, 15th June, 1818, he knew John and James Miller. James was son of John. Deponent is 81 years old last March. He came to this country when 4 years old and has lived 6 miles from Staunton ever since. He was grown when he knew the Millers. Deponent is son of Hugh Young, who was security for Randal Lockhart, deputy sheriff, who defaulted in failing to return a writ of election and suit was brought. 15th June, 1818, William Robertson deposes, in Augusta, David Stuart's children and widow lived with Gen. George Mathews, who married a stepdaughter of David's; daughter of Mrs. Stuart, deponent. Captain is rising 70 years.

Information on Robert McClanahan

From "The McClanahan's" Roanoke, Virginia. The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Company. 1894.

Robert McClanahan came to Augusta County from Ireland. The time of his coming has not been certainly determined, but it was at an early day. His deed to three hundred and thirty-one acres of land by William Beverly, dated May 27, 1741, is on record in Orange Courthouse, Virginia. There was no clerk's office, in Augusta County, until 1745. His wife, Sarah Breckinridge, was daughter of Alexander Breckinridge, who came to America from the North of Ireland in 1728, and removed from Pennsylvania to a farm near the present site of Staunton, in AugustaCounty, Virginia. Robert McClanahan died in 1791, at his home, one mile south of Staunton, on what is known now as the Greenville road. He was, therefore, "the emigrant and founder." His children were Alexander, John, Robert and William (sons); with Mrs. St. Clair, Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Poage and Mrs. Keiser (daughters). It is a little doubtful whether Mrs. Poage was daughter or granddaughter of Robert, the first ; but the evidence for the former is very strong.

Robert McClanahan, "after having lived at various places in Staunton, removed to his farm, a mile south of town, now (1886) owned by Mrs. Gay and her children. This farm was conveyed to McClanahan, in 1748, by Robert Beverley, and was left by the former, at his death, in 1791, to his executors, Alexander McClanahan and Alexander St. Clair. The terms imply a secret trust. At any rate, the executors conveyed the farm to Robert McClahanan, son of Captain Robert and grandsonof Robert the first. Robert the third conveyed it to John McDowell, who built the present handsome brick dwelling on the hill, having lived, in the meanwhile, as the first Robert McClanahan had his house near the Greenville road." [Annals of Augusta County], pages 41, 42.

3. ROBERT3 MCCLENAHAN (JOHN2 MCCLANAHAN, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1716 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died 1791 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married SARAH BRECKENRIDGE Abt. 1724. She was born Abt. 1710, and died 1794 in Augusta County, Virginia.

More About SARAH BRECKENRIDGE: Fact 1: thur email (Source: Joe McClenahan.) More About ROBERT MCCLENAHAN and SARAH BRECKENRIDGE: Marriage: Abt. 1724

5. i. JOHN4 MCCLANAHAN, d. 30 Jun 1774.
vi. MARY POLLY MCCLANAHAN, b. Abt. 1730, Augusta County, Virginia; m. THOMAS POAGUE; d. 1803.
6. vii. ALEXANDER MCCLANAHAN, b. Abt. 1734, Augusta County, Virginia; d. 1797.
7. viii. AGNES MCCLANAHAN, b. Abt. 1735, Augusta County, Virginia.
8. ix. CAPT. ROBERT MCCLENAHAN, JR., b. 1747; d. 10 Oct 1774, Virginia.