Person:Robert King (30)

Robert King
b.Est 1690-1700
  1. John Kingest 1717-1719 - 1795
  2. Sarah KingEst 1725-1738 -
  3. Elizabeth King1731 -
  4. Catherine Kingest 1735 - AFT 1814
Facts and Events
Name Robert King
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1690-1700
Emigration? 22 MAY 1740 Robert King made oath that he had imported himself, his wife Cathren, children John, Sarah and Elizabeth into Orange County, Virginia
Death? ABT 1749 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert King was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert King's land (Beverley Manor NE, 750 acres) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 82-86. 24 March 1741 [1742]. William Beverley, Esq., of Orange County to Robert King of Orange County. Lease and release; for ₤23 current money. 750 acres in Beverley Manor... corner to Seth Poge... to Robt. Poge's... head of a valley... corner to John Hendersone. (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: James Cathey, Robt. Ramsay, John Young. 25 March 1742. Acknowledged by William Beverley, Esq. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 5, pg. 6].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 41.--Robert King to James Wallace and Wm. Wallace, Jr. Wm. Beverley, corner Robert Poag, Daniel Deniston, Catherine, wife of Robert. Part of 750 acres granted to Robert by Beverley, 25th March, 1742. Teste: David Stuart and Robert Patterson, 18th August, 1748.
  • Page 44.--18th August, 1748. Robert King to William Wallace, part of above 750 acres. Wm. Beverley.

Second Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 168.--15th February, 1780. William Wallace and Agness to John Ritchey, tract whereon he now lives in Beverley Manor, part of 750 acres conveyed by Beverley to Robert King, 25th March, 1742.

Will of Robert King

Will of Robert King, Augusta County, VA (From Chalkley's)

Page 187 - - March, 1749. Robert King's will - - Miller; 30 shillings to the Meeting House; son, John; wife, Catherine, plantation on Falling spring; daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth and Catherine. Executors, Robert Poage and John Anderson. Teste: John Poage, John Young and John Anderson. 23rd August, 1749, proved by John Poage and John Anderson.

Records of Robert King in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List (as of 1742): No. 1 - Captain John Smith's List: John Smith, Captain; John Moffet, Lieutenant; William Anderson, Ensign; Daniel Daniston, Sergeant; Sam Hogshead, John Hogshead, Will Hogshead, Dan. McAnear, Math. Edmeston, John Finley, Walter Trimble, John Francis, Robert Ralston, John Young, Alex. Blair, Alex. Craig, Thomas Gillespy, And. Erwine, Benj. Erwine, John Erwine, Edw. Erwine, John Trimble, James Trimble, Rob. Moffett, James Wright, Rob. King, Jam. Armstrong, John Pattison, Jas. Lesley, Felix Kanady, Thomas Gordon, And. Mitchell, Jas. Robertson, Gabrl. Pickins, Rob. Leeper, Sam. Moore, John Miller, James Miller, Patr. Quine, Mat. Armstrong, John Ramsey, Dan. Daniston, Sam Northward, Rob. Renick, John Archer, Sampn. Archer, Jam.'s Sayers, Thos. McCulough, George Anderson, John Anderson, Rob. Poage, Rob. Patterson, Jas. Craford, Will Baskins.
  • Page 459.--91 acres patented to Robert King 1st August, 1745; devised by Robert's will 23d August, 1749, to 3 daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth and Catherine. Sarah died without issue; Elizabeth has married Robert Patterson, and Catherine has married James Blair (grantor here). (Note: this proves that Robert King's daughter Catherine married James Blair and his daughter Elizabeth married Robert Patterson).
  • Page 143.--19th March, 1771. John King and Mary to John Poage, £335, four tracts on south side Middle River of Shanandore and on both sides of the Falling Spring Branch: A, 44 acres, part of 90 acres patented to Robert King, 1st August, 1745 and by his will devised to his two daughters, Elizabeth and Catharine, and on division this 44 acres became the property of Katharine, wife to James Blair, who conveyed to John King, 18th September, 1763, corner Robert Patterson, now Robert Young's; also B, 30 acres adjoining above, part of 115 acres patented to William Sharp, 10th March, 1756, and coneyed to John, July, 17; also C, 95 acres adjoining, patented to John, 20th July, 1768; D, 148 acres, patented to said John, 20th July, 1768. Teste: Michael Dickey, John King, Robert Young. Delivered: John Poage, devisee of John Poage, deceased, 1st October, 1799. (Note: this record proves that Robert King's daughter Catherine married James Blair).