Person:Robert Hill (83)

Robert Hill
b.abt. 1745 prob. Virginia
m. est. 1735
  1. Elizabeth Hill1736 - 1778
  2. Robert Hillabt 1745 - 1817
  • HRobert Hillabt 1745 - 1817
  • WRebecca Adamsbef 1768 - bef 1796
m. bef. 1786
Facts and Events
Name Robert Hill
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1745 prob. Virginia
Marriage bef. 1786 to Rebecca Adams
Death? 1817 Baldwin County, Georgia

Robert Hill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 265.--26th May, 1771. Mathew Thompson, Sr., and Rachel to Robert Hill, £400, 400 acres on Mill Creek of Shannando, patented to Andrew McConnal, 30th August, 1743, and by them conveyed to John Anderson and by him to Mathew, Sr., corner Robert Hook; corner William Williams. Delivered: Samuel Hill, May Court, 1778.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 110.--25th November, 1772. Robert Hill, only son and heir apparent at law to the estate of Jonson Hill, deceased, to Abraham Smith, joining a survey formerly John O'Neal's; two tracts on Dry River, patented to Jonson Hill. Teste: Henry Black, Jared Erwine, Samuel Dunn, John Reynolds.

Records of Robert Hill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • AUGUST 19, 1761. - (61) Gowin West, servant of Geo. Moffett. Robert Hill, orphan of Johnston Hill, 16 yrs old, chose Danl. Smith guardian. Danl. Harrison appd. and quald. guardian to Jane Claypole, infant orphan of Wm. Claypole.
  • Daniel Smith vs. Wm. Bowyer.--Chancery writ, 19th December, 1772. Bond of Wm. Bowyer to Wm. Gregg, to convey to him land on headsprings of Hunter's Gully (Cook's Creek), which he bought of John Johnson; dated 1767. Assigned by Gregg to Robert Hill, 1768. Assigned by Hill to Wm. Bowyer, 1772. In 1759 Arthur Johnston died, with will proved in Augusta, devising lands to his sons, John and Andrew, adjoining the late Daniel Harrison, deceased. Arthur's widow, Margaret, married Wm. Gregg.
  • Page 604.--1773: Parish to Val. Cloninger: To burying Robert, the Barber. Parish to Robert Hill: To Cloathing and burying Thomas Wallace. To expences in ye house ye time ye Corps lay and bringing ye Coroner.
  • Pindall vs. Pindall--O. S. 43; N. S. 15--Bill filed 1st December, 1803. James, Elizabeth, Jemima and Rachel Pindell, all children and heirs of Thomas Pindall, deceased, who died 19th May, 1795, intestate, owning lands in Monongalia joining lands of James Scott, Isaac Lemasters, Charles Dawson, patented to Thos. 7th August, 1787; also a tract in Monongalia adjoining John Ferguson, Weaver, part of 200 acres patented to Thos. 10th October, 1786; also 194 acres in Monongalia adjoining James Cochran and Zaquil Morgan, part of 200 acres patented to Thomas 2d December, 1791; 261 acres in Monongalia between Thomas and Jacob Pindell, part of 400 acres patented to Thomas 26th October, 1786. 400 acres in Randolph on Glady Creek, including the Turkey Lick and adjoining lands claimed by Lewis and McClenachan, patented to Thomas 23d June, 1786. 500 acres formerly in Harrison but now in Kenaway, part of 1,000 acres patented to Thomas _____ November, 1792. 2 lots in Morgantown, 1 conveyed by George Holenback and wife, 1786, and 2d by Zaquil Morgan, proprietor of the town, and Druzella, his wife, 10th May, 1784. Also lot 5 in Morgantown, from Morgan and wife, 10th May, 1784. Also lot 12 in Morgantown, from Morgan and wife, 10th May, 1784. Also lot 13 in Morgantown, from Morgan and wife, 13th December, 1784. Also lot in Morgantown, from Morgan and wife, 13th February, 1786. Also lot in Morgantown, from Morgan and wife, 13th December, 1784. 400 acres in Randolph County on Glady Creek, granted to Thomas Harrison upon a settlement right. 400 acres in Monongalia between White Day Creek and Morgan's Mill, adjoining Robinson Lucas, Morgan Morgan and Reuben Bonel, surveyed 15th December, 1783, 400 acres in Monongalia, surveyed 16th January, 1786, adjoining Jacob Pindel, Hugh Evans, and Isaac Lemasters. 400 acres located 12th October, 1785, in Monongalia adjoining Philip Pindell, and Robert Ferrell. 200 acres located 2d October 1783, on Robinson's Run, adjoining George Wilson and James Scott. 177 acres located in Monongalia, 9th July, 1792, below Dunker Mill Run place. 1,000 acres located in Monongalia by Thomas Pindell and James Robison, 26th July, 1795. 1,000 acres located in Monongalia adjoining Charles Overton, David Morgan and William Robison, the widow Scott and Robert Hill. 323 acres in Monongalia granted _____ Weaver and by Weaver to Thomas Pindell, adjoining lands of James Scott, Jacob Scott, the Rich Wood tract and John Hamilton. 383 acres in Monongalia patented to David Scott and by him conveyed to Thomas. 800 acres in Randolph patented to Thomas. 17 acres in Monongalia. Philip Pindell died intestate, __ April, 1801, owning 134 acres in Monongalia adjoining Barker & Cox on Indian Creek. Philip had three sons, viz: Jacob, Thomas, and Edward, and one daughter, Rachel. Thomas and Edward died in Philip's life time; Edward left two children, viz: Levi and Elizabeth. Levi in life time of Philip, the grandfather, and after death of Edward the father, received an advancement from Philip; Elizabeth, Jemima and Rachel are children and heirs of Thomas Pindell, son of Philip; Elizabeth, Jemima and Rachel are infants. Division of the lands. (Note: the above reference appears to identify Robert Hill's wife ("the widow Scott")).