Person:Robert Gwinn (2)

Robert Gwin, Sr., of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
  • HRobert Gwin, Sr., of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1715-1720 - AFT 1785
  • WJane Kinkead1720 -
m. Unknown
  1. Lt. Joseph GwinABT 1740 - 1817
  2. Capt. David Gwinabt 1742 - 1822
  3. James Gwinn1744 - abt 1811
  4. Robert Guyn, Jr.ABT 1746 - 1818
  5. Nell Gwinn1747-1758 -
  6. Simon Gwinn1748 -
  7. Agnes Gwinn1750 - 1795
  8. Samuel Gwinn1752 - 1839
Facts and Events
Name Robert Gwin, Sr., of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1715-1720 estimated Probably County Donegal or Derry, Ireland
Marriage Unknown probably Virginiato Jane Kinkead
Immigration? 1738 Probably from Lough Swilly, UlsterBelieved to have come to Virginia on the Walpole with the Patton and Preston Families.
Death? AFT 17 MAY 1785 Calfpasture, Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Death? before 1791 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Gwin, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Robert Gwin, probably arrived in Virginia on the Walpoole with Capt. James Patton, John Preston, and their families. See Rootsweb

Robert Gwin was not from Wales. This is a misconception published in the later half of the 20th century by George Washington Cleek in Early Western Augusta Pioneers (1957) and copied by Jesse Blaine Gwin in his History of the Gwin Family (1961). The earliest family tradition dating back to the 19th century is that the Gwins of the Calfpasture River came from Ireland as indicated by David Graham's History of the Graham Family (1899).

An Irish origin for Robert Gwin, Sr. is also confirmed by recent Y-DNA testing of six of his descendants who tested positive for the mutation M222 which occurs most frequently in the northwest of Ireland. See Y-DNA results P11a at FTDNA


1744 Plat of Calfpasture Settlement;

Col. James Patton's 1744 Plat of the Calfpasture Settlement shows Lot 16, 544 acres, assigned to Robert Gwin. Original map is in the Lyman Draper Collection, Wisconsin Historical Society

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

NOTE: Augusta County was formed in 1738, but county records were handled in Orange County until 1745.

  • Pg. 104-106. Indenture 16 July 1745 between James Patton and John Lewis, both of Augusta County, and Robert Gwin of the Calf Pasture of the same county... witnesseth... for five shillings.. sold 544 acres in Augusta County on west side of Great River of the Calf Pasture.. beginning.. John Preston's land.. John Graham's land.. to beginning... (signed) John (s/b James) Patton (seal) John Lewis (seal). Witnesses: David Kindred, Robt. (B) Bratton, Louis Pullin. Paid --- sum of money.. Release recorded 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, pg. 40].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

NOTE: Chalkley often transcribes the name Gwin as Givens. Because of the contextual references to the 544 acres on the Great River of the Calfpasture, and references to identifiable neighbors of Robert Gwin, it is known that the following records refer to Robert Gwin, and not Robert Given(s):

  • Page 201.--18th May 1762. Robert Givin, Sr., and his wife, to their son, Robert Givin, Jr., £__, a certain piece of work done. £241 acres, part of 544 acres on Great River Calfpasture, conveyed to Robert, Sr., by James Patton and Jno. Lewis; cor. John Grame's land, John Graham's land.

Part of this land was again sold in the following transaction:

  • Page 196.--21st June, 1763. Robert ( ) Given, Jr., and Jean ( ) to his brother Joseph Given, £5, 120 acres, part of 544 acres on Great River of Calfpasture between Moses McElvain's and John Graham's. Delivered: Robert Carlile, June, 1770.
  • Page 449.—15th June, 1770. Joseph Gwin and Mary to his brother, Robert Gwin, £70, 120 acres, part of 544 acres belonging to Robert Gwin, Sr., by patent on Great Calf pasture between tract where Moses McElvain now dwells and John Graham's land, conveyed by Robert Gwin, Jr., to said Joseph Gwin, 21st June, 1763, and now conveyed back to said Robert; corner John Graham. Delivered: Joseph Reaburn, March, 1775.
  • Page 442.—19th May, 1772. Robert ( ) Gwynn (Gween) to Thomas Kinkead, blacksmith, land conveyed to Robert, 17th July, 1745, adjoining a tract now in possession of William Kinkead and said Thomas Kinkead. Delivered: Grantee, 25th November, 1815.
  • Page 83.—17th May, 1785. Robert Gwinn, of Calfpasture, to his son, Joseph Given (this name is signed Given).

Augusta Records

  • May 12, 1746 - Robert Gwin appointed Constable at the head of the Great Calfpasture River (Abstracts from the Records of Augusta County, Virginia, Lyman Chalkley, Vol. I, pg 18.)
  • Sept 1758 - An Act for the defence of the Frontiers of this Colony, and for other purposes therein mentioned. To the Militia of the County of Augusta, and for Provisions furnished by sundry Inhabitants of the said County, viz ... to Robert Gwin, for a horse lost on the Shawnese expedition, appraised to 10 shillings. (Hening's Virginia Statutes at Large, Vol. VII, pg 189)
  • Nov 22, 1759 - Receipt to William Preston for 8s. for eight days' work at Fort Amherst by his son, Robert. Witnessed by Archibald Alexander. Robert Gwin, Sr.; signed by "R" mark. (The Preston and Virginia Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts, Wisconsin Historical Society, page 52)
  • Oct 21, 1778 - Samuel Neal, orphan of James Neal, to be bound to Lanty Graham; James Neal to Robert Gwinn (Chalkley, Vol. I, pg 202)
  • Feb 15, 1780 - Robert Gwin allowed certificate for land for military services in Captain Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758. (Chalkley, Vol. I, pg 212)

NOTE: Again, the surname was often transcribed as Givin or Givens, but these all relate to Robert Gwin, Sr. of the Calfpasture:

  • MAY 21, 1747. - (198) Saml. Delap appd. Constable, vice Nath. McClure; John Spear, Constable, vice Jno. Trimble; James Galespy, Constable, vice Wm. Wright; Ro. Ramsey, Constable, vice Thos Black; Alexr. McCroskie, Constable, vice Charles Hays; John Erwin, Constable, vice James Hogshead; James Hogart and Wallace Ashton, Constables, vice James Maies; Thos. Cohoon and David Miller, Constables, on Roan Oke; Archd. Hamilton and David Stevenson, Constables, vice Danl. Deniston; James Slone, Constable, vice James Hony; Geo. Draper, Peter Rentfro and James Cohoon, Constables, vice Humb. Lyon; John Ramsey, Constable, vice Wm. Guy; James Beard and John Maggot, Constables, vice Adam Miller; Andrew Scot, Constable, vice John Ramsey; John Campbell, Constable, vice Ro. Givin; John Leath, Constable, vice Elisha Job; Valentine Sevear, Constable, vice Wm. Carroll; John States, Constable, vice James Robinson; Ro. Montgomerie and John McClintin, Constables, vice Wm. Scot.
  • Page 317.--21st June, 1763. John Graham to James Graham, his son, £5, 150 acres, part of 696 acres on which said Graham, Sr., now lives, on Great Calfpasture; corner Robert Givens's land. Teste: Bryce Russell, Jas. Graham.
  • Page 251.--21st June, 1763. James Lockridge and Isabella ( ) to Moses McElvain, £60, on Great River, Calf Pasture between said Lockridges and Robert Givens' lands, 260 acres. Teste: Samuel Hodge. Delivered: Moses McElvain, April, 1770.
  • Page 353.--15th June, 1770. Moses McElvain and Margaret to Thomas Kinkead, £70, on Great Calfpasture between William Kinkead and Robert Givin, 26 acres conveyed to Moses by James Loughridge, 21st June, 1763. Teste: John and William Kinkead.
  • (265b) Robert Givin to be summoned to show cause why he detains James O'Neal, orphan of James O'Neal, contrary to law. (Note: this may not be the same Robert Givens, as there were several in the Augusta County area by 1780).



m. abt 1739, Wales

Robert Gwin Sr. b. 1720, Wales d. aft 17 May 1785, Calf Pasture, Augusta, VA occ. Constable at head of great Calfpasture

Jane "Jean" Kincaid

b. 1720, Albemarle County, VA

d. 1800, Calf Pasture, Augusta, VA


ParisTimes Pioneers Robert Gwin Robert Gwin -- progenitor of this branch of the GWIN Family, came to Virginia before 1744. he was bron in Orange County, Wales. In 1746 he was appointed Constable at the head of the Great Calfpasture River in Augusta County, Virginia. (source: Abstracts from the Records of Augusta County, Virginia, Lyman Chalkley, Vol. I, pg 18.)

Robert Gwin was allowed a certificate for land as a result of military services, which show he participated in the early Colonial Wars in Captain Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758. (Ibid., Vol. I, pg 212.)

In 1744, he bought 544 acres of land lying on both sides of the Calfpasture River from James patton and John Lewis. In 1762, for five shillings, he deeded to his son, Robert Gwin, Jr., 241 acres of land. Robert Gwin married Jean (Jane) Kincaid, daughter of David Kincaid and Winnifred (Unknown) of Albemarle County, Virginia. (Note: based upon Jane Kincaid's probable birthdate, she is too old to have been a daughter of David Kincaid and Winnifred Hobson, although it is possible that she could be a sister of David. More research is necessary to determine her parentage).

Robert Gwin had three brothers: John Gwin (wife Alice Unknown); William Gwin; Patrick Gwin (wife Janet Unknown). (source: abstracts from records of Augusta County, Virginia, Lyman Chalkley, Vol. III, pg 526 and 533.)

Children of Robt. Gwin:

  • Joseph Gwin
  • Robert Gwin, Jr. - married Sally Lockridge (dau. of Samuel Lockridge and Elizabeth Unknown). (source: Ibid., Vol. I, pg 536.) They migrated to Kentucky.
  • David Gwin - b. 1742
  • Thomas Gwin - married 8 April 1800, Elizabeth Lockridge (dau. of Samuel Lockrdige and Elizabeth). They migrated to Kentucky. (source: Ibid., Vol. I, pg 536 and Vol. II, pg 339).
  • Simon Gwin - married Elizabeth (Lockridge) Gay (dau. of Andrew Lockridge and Jean Graham), widow of Robert Gay.
  • James Gwin
  • Samuel Gwin
  • Agnes Gwin - married William Lockridge
  • Nell Gwin
  • Joseph Gwin - son of Robt. Gwin and Jean Kincaid; died 1817 in Bath County, Virginia; married May Jane Kincaid. They lived in Highland and Bath Counties, Virginia. He served as First Lieutenant in Captain Hicklin's Company in the Revolution. (source: Ibid., Vol. II, pg 496 and 497).

His will ws dated August 17, 1817 and recorded October 1817 in Will Book 2, pg 156, Bath County, Virginia. It mentions wife, Mary Gwin; sons, John, Moses, Robert, Wm. Kincaid, and Joseph Gwin; granddaughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, and Jean Stuart; daughter, Elizabeth and Anderew Kinkead. Executors - Joseph, John, and Moses Gwin. Witnesses were Charles Erwin, James Stewart, and James Stewart, Jr.

Children of Joseph Gwin:

John Gwin - married Mary (Pickens) Callahan, widow of William Callahan. Joseph Gwin Moses Gwin Mary Elizabeth Gwin William Kinkead Gwin Robert Gwin Elizabeth Gwin - married 1/7/1812, Bath County, Virginia, Andrew Kincaid, son of Thomas Kincaid and Isabell (nee) Kincaid. Jane Gwin - married 12/15/1795, John Law. (source: Ibid., Vol. II, pg 318) Virginia Gwin - married William Stuart David Gwin - son of Robert Gwin and Jean Kincaid, was born in 1742 in Orange County, Wales; died in 1822 at Clover Creek, Highland county, Virginia; married (1) in 1768 Jane Carlile, born 11/26/1746; died 1787 and was buried on Jackson River, BAth County (now Highland County, Virginia), dau. of James Carlile, Jr. and Rachel Campbell; married (2) 11/11/1790, Viola (Violet) Crawford, vuried at Clover Creek, Highland County, Virginia, dau. of William Carwford and Margaret Henderson of Dry Branch of Jackson River near Mustoe, Highland County, Virginia. (Ibid., Vol. II, pg 288 gives marrieage bond for his second marriage).

Augusta County records show that David Gwin purchsed the farm of John Peoples, Sr. from his two sons, John and Thomas Peoples in 1805. John and Thomas Peoples moved to Kentucky and Missouri respectfully. This land was originally patented by Captain Wallace Estill in 1746 and John Peoples, Sr. purchased it in 1772 fromCaptain Wallace Estill.

David Gwin served as Lieutenant and Captain in the Revolutionary War. He commanded a company at the battle of Guilford Court House. (Ibid., Vol. I, pg 199 and 204; Vol. II, pg 494 and 495; A History of Highland County, Oren F. Morton, pg 193 and 222; Annals of Bath County, Virginia, Oren F. Morton, pg 95 and 96; Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary WAr, J. T. McAllister, Sectins 33, 58, 76, 92 and 253; Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, Jos. A. Waddell, pg 281; and Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, John H. Gwathmey, pg 334).

The south branch valley chapter of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution placed a memorial marker over his grave, together with a government marker on August 14, 1936. The government marker was secured through the efforts of Geo. W. Cleek, Staunton, Virginia, a descendant of Captain David Gwin.