Person:Robert Campbell (60)

Robert Campbell
b.WFT Est 1715-1738
m. ABT 1707
  1. Florence CampbellAFT 1707 -
  2. Mary CampbellBET 1707 AND 1753 -
  3. William CampbellBET 1707 AND 1710 -
  4. David "Black David" Campbell1710 - 1753
  5. Robert Campbell1715-1738 -
  6. Alexander Campbell1740-1753 -
  7. Jane CampbellABT 1740 - AFT 1810
Facts and Events
Name Robert Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1715-1738
Other? abt 1755 Augusta County, Virginia  Speculative Wife?: Ann Unknown (893)  

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WeRelate DOBDODDOMSPouseFatherMotherNotesIssues
Person:Robert Campbell (59)16781768c1700MargaretOf CalfpastureNo evidence for vita, spouse; presence on Calfpasture is conjectural; may be the same person as Robert (55), or another Robert.
Person:Robert Campbell (55)c17121768John (205)Grace Hays
Person:Robert Campbell (60)c1715 Alexander (46)
Person:Robert Campbell (53) c17181)1755 2)c1765c17651)Ann/Nancy;
2) Margaret Kilpatrick
William (125)Mary Byers
Person:Robert Campbell (49)<1720c1775SarahLived at western Edge of Beverley Manor on Cathay's River; Acquired 350 acres from Beverley in 1740; 200 acres of the 350 is deeded to the "church Wardens and vestrymen" by "Gentleman John Campbell".The Justice. White 1902 has him as the son of John Campbell=Elizabeth Walker.
Person:Robert Campbell (57)1742Robert (55)
Person:Robert Campbell (63) c1745<1778Mary HackettHugh It is possible that Mary is a daughter, not wife. In either case, "Hackett" is presumably her married name. In the case that she was Robert's wife, she had remarried.
Person:Robert Campbell (64)c174618041766Rebecca WallaceJohn (216)Elizabeth WalkerRobert the Cutler, died 1814 in Mason County KY
>Person:Robert Campbell (71)c1748 1770 Elizabeth Donaghe
Person:Robert Campbell (87)1754 Charles (39) Mary Trotter
Person:Robert Campbell (56)175518321785Rebecca McDonaldDavid (46)Mary HamiltonEnsign at Kings Mountain
Person:Robert Campbell (74)Robert (64)Rebecca Wallace
Person:Robert Campbell (88)1788-1793none"the Hatter"; had brother George, sister Jennet.
Person:Robert Campbell (89) George (71)Agness
Person:Robert Campbell (58)>1785 Frances EwellRobert (56)Rebbeca McDonald
Records for Robert Campbell in Old Augusta