Person:Robert Black (16)

Robert Black
b.ABT 1815 Ireland
d.BEF 1864
  • HRobert BlackABT 1815 - BEF 1864
  • WMartha RossABT 1820 - BEF 1864
m. BEF 1840
  1. Matthew Black1842 - 1889
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Black
Gender Male
Birth[2] ABT 1815 Ireland
Marriage BEF 1840 to Martha Ross
Death[1] BEF 1864
Occupation[3] a Farmer
Occupation[1] a Laborer

ROBERT BLACK was born circa 1815 at Ireland. In the 1871 Scotland censusS2, son Matthew gives a birthplace of Ireland, so Robert was probably from there. Matthew was born in 1842 so if Robert was in his mid-twenties when he was born then Robert was probably born by 1815.

Assuming a marriage before Matthew's birth then he likely married MARTHA ROSS before 1840. They are known to have at least one son.

Although it is not known what part of Ireland the family came from, as the later family was know to be staunchly ProtestantS4 it is far more likely they were Scots-Irish or from the part of Ireland known as the Pale rather than native Gaelic catholic Irish.

Son Matthew lists Robert's occupation as a FarmerS1 and a LaborerS3. The Irish potato famine occurred from 1845 to 1852 when their children were young, so it is possible his family may have emigrated from Ireland to escape it. The famine surely hit farmers harder than others.

Robert and wife Martha are listed as dead on Matthew's 1864 marriage recordS1. It is not known whether they died after bringing Matthew to Glasgow, or whether Matthew emigrated on his own after being orphaned in Ireland.

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