Person:Preston McLellan (2)

Duplicate parents - compare
m. 12 SEP
  1. Preston Louis McLellan1925 - 1983
Duplicate parents - compare
  • F.  Harvey Hudson (add)
  • M.  Myrtie (add)
  1. Preston Louis McLellan1925 - 1983
  • HPreston Louis McLellan1925 - 1983
  • W.  Jane (add)
m. 1946
m. June 29, 1957
Facts and Events
Name Preston Louis McLellan
Alt Name[1] Preston Louis Hudson
Alt Name Louis McLellan
Gender Male
Birth? 25 Jul 1925 Grady, Oklahoma, United States
Marriage 1946 Oklahomato Jane (add)
Marriage June 29, 1957 Norwalk, Los Angeles, California, United Statesto Alona Gail Lockner
Death? 30 Sep 1983 Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, California, United States
Burial? Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United StatesOaklawn Cemetery

Common 'Nicknames': Pres (in the Navy); Mac to his co-workers; Louis to family and friends.

Calling him Lou or Preston would usually draw a curt and short response of "don't call me that, my name is Louis (or Mac, depending on location and situation)."

Preston Louis was adopted shortly after birth by Sadie and Levi McLellan.

Our family story goes like this:

Louis was the eighth child of Harvey Hearl Hudson, and the first child of his third wife Myrtie,(maiden name unknown) a Dutch Immigrant with red hair, and a former schoolteacher. [name located on adoption papers]

Hearl Hudson and family were friends and neighbors to Sadie and Levi McLellan. One afternoon, while building a barn at the Hudson homestead, Mrs. Hudson was struck in the stomach by a board. She went into labor shortly afterwards. The baby was two months early.

It is unclear whether medical attention was provided for Mrs. Hudson, but it was understood that the birth was at home. Besides the baby coming two months early, some other complications must have occured, as Mrs. Hudson knew she was dying. She asked Sadie to "take my boy! raise him up as your own". Which she did.

Louis only weighed 2 pounds and 2 ounces at birth; Sadie used a shoe box for a cradle, and sat it on the open oven door of the cookstove (one improvised incubator) to keep him warm. She always attributed Eagle brand condensed milk and powdered Malted Milk for saving his life. There was no such thing as ready made formula, and goat's milk was not to be had at that time and place.

Notes to the above: I have recently spoken to a "cousin" from one of the other Hudson children, their version of the story adds the following information: Mrs. Janie Hudson was the SECOND wife of Harvey Hearl Hudson, and Louis was her fourth child. (maiden name unknown). They have NO records or stories of a third wife ever existing.

KLMMC- daughter of PL McLellan

data located 2013- according to the adoption papers of 1926, Mrs Hudson's first name was Myrtie. A wife unknown to the Hudson family genealogist I'm in contact with. So it is proven out that Janie Hudson was NOT Lewis/Louis' birth mother.

  1. Adopted by Sadie and Levi McLellan from Harvey Hearl & Myrtie Hudson.