Person:Philemon Dalton (2)

Philemon Dalton
  1. Rev. Timothy DaltonEst 1577 - 1661
  2. Philemon DaltonAbt 1590 - 1662
  3. Sarah DaltonEst 1595 - Est 1630
  • HPhilemon DaltonAbt 1590 - 1662
  • WAnne COLE
m. 11 Oct 1625
  1. Samuel Dalton1629 - 1681
m. Bef 1656
Facts and Events
Name Philemon Dalton
Gender Male
Birth[2] Abt 1590 Dennington, Suffolk, England(probably)
Marriage 11 Oct 1625 Dennington, Suffolk, Englandto Anne COLE
Marriage Bef 1656 when named in husband's will
to Dorothy Unknown
Death[2] 4 Jun 1662 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire

On 15 April 1635, "Philemon Dalton," linenweaver, aged 45, "uxor Hanna Dalton," aged 35, "Samuel Dalton," aged 5Ѕ, and "W[illia]m White," aged 14, apparently a servant, were enrolled at London for passage to New England on the Increase [4]

Philemon Dalton was granted twelve acres of land by the town of Dedham on 18 August 1636 [5] and was among those who petitioned the general court in November 1636 to expand the land grant at Dedham.[2] Philemon Dalton was a signer of the Dedham town covenant, attended all eight of the Dedham town meetings held in Watertown in late 1636 and early 1637, and was also present at the first town meeting actually held in Dedham on 23 March 1636/7 [6].


The will of Philemon Dalton of Hampton, 1656 [1]

The last will & testiment . . . . The County of northfolke, being sick & . . . .bequeath my soule unto God who gave itt & Jesus . . . .

It I do give unto Dorety Dalton my loving wife my . . . .a two yeerling heffer Called Chery : It one Swine & two she . . . .beed in the beed Chamber wth the furniture thear of as itt stands . . Chests & the trunke wth the apparrill thearin with the bras & . . & yron potes ; wth the morter pessell with the speete & bastin . . Peuter viz Six platters & a Salt seller & Skillet & for bookes : viz one of mr Burrows Called Gospell worship During terme of her life & the third of all my lands and one of the Dwelling housen as my sonn & shee shall agree During the tearme of her life & the apples of the fouer trees next the Common in the orchard

Itt I doe give unto my Sonn Samuell Dalton all the rest of . . and housenrom ; with my fouer oxen with the Cart & furniture . . . With all my books wch are not otherwise Dispose of : . . . Give unto my Daughter mehetabell Dalton one . . . -owes Concerning Earthly mindedness . . . .

Ittum I give unto Hannah Dalton . . . . . Heffer Called hart : & I Doe give unto my wife . . . . Of the last Crop both Indian & English : and barne . . .& hay and rome to sett her Cattell in the leantow During term . Her life and the Hake : and for the Confermation of this my last will & testiment I have hereunto sett my hand & seale having apointed my sonn Sameuell & my wife as my lawfull Excequetors to this my last will, whearunt I have sett my hand the leaventh of November one thousand Six hundred & fifty Six

his Philemon Dalton X mark [Seal] & Seele

Signed and Sealed in the Presents of us Abraham Perkins Timothie Dalton

Proved Oct. 14, 1662. [7]

Inventory of the estate of Philemon Dalton of Hampton, taken by Robert Page, William Godfrey, and Thomas Marston July 1, 1662; amount, £261.16.4.[7]

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    ORIGIN: Dennington, Suffolk. MIGRATION: 1635 on the Increase.
    FIRST RESIDENCE: Watertown. REMOVES: Dedham 1637, Hampton 1639.
    BIRTH: About 1590 (aged 45 in 1635 [Hotten 65]), son of George Dalton of Dennington, Suffolk [NEHGR 154:281].
    DEATH: Hampton 4 June 1662, "brother to the said Teacher Mr. [Timothy] Dalton" [HampVR 1:114, 558]. On 7 May 1662, "Mr. Sam[uel] Dalton, deputy for Hampton, having an aged father, since his coming to this court, dangerously, if not mortally, wounded, by the fall of a tree, desiring the favor of this court, is dismissed his attendance at this session" [MBCR 4:2:44]. (It has been said that Philemon Dalton died at Ipswich [GDMNH 180; Pope 129; Savage 2:3], but his death is not recorded there. The injury which led to his death occurred a full month before his death, and, even if the injury did happen elsewhere, he probably returned home to die at Hampton.)

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    DALTON, or DOLTON, PHILEMON, Watertown, linen-weaver, came in the Increase, 1635, aged 45; with w. Hannah, .35; and Samuel, 5 and 1/2; rem. to Dedham, prob. in 1637, thence to Hampton 1640, and perhaps to Ipswich, at least there he d. 4 June 1662 by injury from fall of a tree shortly bef. He was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, had sec. w. Dorothy, left only three ch. of wh. prob. one was Philemon of H. 1685. His wid. m. 25 Nov. 1662, Godfrey Dearborn.

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The Increase (1635)
The Increase sailed in the spring of 1635.
Sailed: April? 1635 from London, England under Master Robert Leah
Arrived: June? 1635 at New England

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Founders of Dedham, Massachusetts
Winthrop's Journal states that a town was formed on the banks of the Charles on September 1, 1635--a town that must have been Dedham. Twelve men attended the first town meeting held on that day. In November 1636, those 12 and 7 others petitioned the General Court for an enlargement of their grant for a township. In July 1637, twelve more men arrived, bringing the total to 31, at which time the town admitted freeman and established a church. [2] [3]
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