Person:Mary Young (11)

Mary Young
m. 1850
  1. Sarah Young1851 - 1851
  2. Thomas Young1853 - 1858
  3. James Young1855 -
  4. Elizabeth Young1856 - 1943
  5. Brackston "Breck" Young1861 -
  6. Jane Young1862 -
  7. Elisha Young1863 -
  8. Mary Young1867 -
  9. Benjamin Young1871 - 1950
  10. Horace Greely Young1874 - 1942
  11. Lucinda "Cindy" Young1877 - 1917
  1. Elias Smith1884 -
  2. Archie Smith1889 -
  3. Greely Smith1892 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Young
Gender Female
Birth? 1867

Mary and her sister Betty married brothers - Henry Smith and John D. Smith - according to Aunt Josie Young Taulbee.

Mary Young Lawson Louise and James Conway 5055 County Road 23 513-932-7421 Cardington, OH 43315 419-864-7263

Spoke to Mary the first time on January 15 and then again on January 27.

1st conversation - did not seem to want to talk - a little suprised I guess. Remembered Clifton's brothers Monroe and Tommy. Remembers going to Cliftons funeral - thought it was a military funeral because they fired guns over the grave. Was Clifton ever in the military?

2nd conversation - much friendlier today and willing to talk. Remembers that Clifton was a foreman on a road crew. He had chest pains and they gave him an alka seltzer but he was dead before he drank it. I ask her again about the military funeral and if it could have been someone else - she restated that it was a military funeral. Clifton being on a road crew gave him the opportunity for a double life - a family in Hazard and a family in the Jackson area. Mary knows a great deal about his family and evidently visited them with him. She was only seven when he died.

Mary has a brother and a sister - I think both go by her mother's maiden name - King. Could not ask if her mother ever married or not - need to ask Shirley that question.

Mary was brought up by Ellen Maloney Fletcher (husband is Mineffee Fletcher - relatives of JC Fletcher?) a cousin to Rosalind Maloney Taulbee (Granny Taulbee). She says that Rosalind's father and Ellen's father were brothers - George and Green Maloney - a possible lead for finding the Maloney family. She remembers going to Rosalind's funeral and seeing my dad and me there. She said that Ted "bawled me out because a group us us wanted to get in a car and go for a drive" she said he was standing in the door and said "you ain't gonna get in no car and kill yourself." Obviously my father knew that she was his sister - why couldn't he and why can't Jr. now remember that?

Mary has a picture of Clifton and his brother Tommy and a cousin named Gillum (I think that is what she said). She said we could see it and copy it.

Since I talked to her the first time she said she had gotten a phone book from Jackson to see if any of the people she remembered might still be there. She said she did not find any or many. She looked for Bobby Smith a son of Vinnie Young (Clifton's sister). The other sister Malvery married a Hensley - she didn't know where any of them are now. She said the Gillums - lived at Morgue - off old Route 15.

She also said she thinks that Clifton's parents are buried on Route 205 - we need to hunt for this.

She and her husband own a farm around Jackson and during the summer they spend about one week out of each month there. She said that next summer we could go there with her and she would show us what she knows. I told her I would send her the information that we have and asked her to look it over and make corrections. Also, to please send back information on herself and her family.

This was a very informative phone call and a very good contact to have made. She sounds very pleasant on the phone and I look forward to meeting her.

Mary and her sister Betty married brothers - Henry Smith and John D. Smith - according to Aunt Josie Young Taulbee.

Mary and her sister Betty married brothers - Henry Smith and John D. Smith - according to Aunt Josie Young Taulbee.