Person:Mary Hill (232)

Mary Hill
m. Bef. 1715
  1. Mary Hill1712 - 1780
  2. William Hill1715 - 1774
m. 1730
  1. Clement Read, Esq.1736 - 1779
  2. Margaret Read1739 - 1776
Facts and Events
Name Mary Hill
Married Name Mary Read
Gender Female
Birth? 1712
Marriage 1730 to Clement Read, of Bushby Forest
Death? 11 Nov 1780 Charlotte, Virginia, United States

Mary Reade, wife of Clement Read 1st. died in 1786; her will although plainly written, obscures exact relationships within this family. Mary named her granddaughter, Mary Jameson, and daughter of Ann Jameson; great/grand daughter, Mary Reade Cameron, daughter of Ann Owen Cameron: sons, Johnathan, Thomas and Edmund. Mary states in the will that her son Thomas is to pay 5 pounds a year to his aunt, Ann Reade, the widow of James Reade. Clement and Mary are said to have had eight children.

Additional information about Mary Hill Read, she was a wealthy and most accomplished lady. She lived at "White Bank," one of the old Robinson homesteads in King and Queen County, and it was there that Clement Read, the adopted son of John, or "President" Robinson, first saw her.

"Madam Read", as she was called, was one of the most imposing characters in the beginning of Charlotte. The county seat was named in her honor, Marysville, and many anecdotes of this spirited old dame, her stately bearing, her strong family pride, her zealous support of the church of her forefathers, etc., are still preserved. She is said to have been "the only daughter of William Hill, an officer of the British Navy of the same family as the Marquis of Downshire, by his wife Priscilla Jenings, daughter of Governor Edmund Jenings of Virginia."
The records of King and Queen County having been destroyed, I have not been able to verify the parentage of Col. Clement Read, or of his wife."  The Cabells and Their Kin, Alexander Brown. 


  1.   Note discrepancy in death dates.