Person:Mary Brown (161)

Mary Elizabeth Brown
m. 23 Oct 1870
  1. Emily Caroline Brown1872 - 1943
  2. Mary Elizabeth Brown1874 - 1958
  3. Emanuel Franklin Brown1877 - 1962
  4. James Pleasant Brown1879 - 1879
  5. Joseph Ivy Brown1880 - 1882
  6. Martha Jane Brown1883 - 1973
  7. Sarah Delilia Brown1885 - 1963
  8. Rosella Brown1886 - 1887
  9. Lucy Irene Brown1887 - 1887
  10. Candace Jeanette Brown1888 - 1975
  11. John Henry Brown1890 - 1984
  12. Elexia Belle Brown1893 - 1980
  13. Neta Rosette Brown1895 - 1989
m. 1 Dec 1897
  1. William David Scogings1898 - 1967
Facts and Events
Name Mary Elizabeth Brown
Gender Female
Birth[1] 28 Oct 1874 Carroll County, Georgia
Marriage 1 Dec 1897 Manti, Sanpete, Utahto Philip Elam Scogings
Divorce 15 Dec 1921 Y
from Philip Elam Scogings
Divorce 15 Dec 1921 Bennett, Uintah, Utahfrom Philip Elam Scogings
Residence[2][6] 21 May 1922 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Other[3][7] 14 Mar 1927 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UtahGenealogy
Residence[4][8] Bet 1943 and 1958 Vancouver, Clark, Washington
Death? 10 Jul 1958 Vancouver, Clark, Washington
Ancestral File Number 347H-D7
Other[5][9] 11 Jul 1958 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UtahObituary
Reference Number? 5

Title: Mary Elizabeth Scogings History (Brown) Arthor: Unknown Publication: UnkownIn January 1927, she took out a life membership in the Genealogical Association and commenced to do research work for her kindred dead. She was able to get many hundreds of names. In April 1927, was chosen as genealogist of the Hyatt-Hiatt surname organization at Payson19 June 1950 I and sister Martha Hunt left Utah by train for Alabama. Spent a month visiting among our mothers people (Hyatt's). We had a wonderful trip and met many wonderful relatives. Mary Brown Scogings, Letter to Martha Brown Hunt, 29 Dec 1954Dear Sister - your most welcome letter arrived yesterday - glad all were O.K. Many thanks for the nice card & letter - yes I also received lettercards form each of the family. I am felling just so - so able to get around & do for my self, but , but Dr. & others think it's wonderful I am able to do that - its not easy sometimes, but all in the line of our earthly life. As long as one can get around & don't complain all the time, its easy for others to think you're O.K. I don't want their pity, nor help - as long as I possibly can avoid it. We have had a lovely warm fall season, some rain, a little frost & a few flakes of snow on Xmas A.M. that melted as fast as it hit the ground, a little snow night before last, but it only lasted an hour after the sun came out. Myrtles sister Nellie & husband from Arkansaw came for Xmas, will be here two weeks Sunday, Russell took us all up the Columbia gorge to Bonneville Damn & the Vista House, it was nice an warm. Such a lovely trip. From the Damn we crossed "the bridge of the Gods". came home on the Oregon side of the River. (2) Last night Nellie & Dr. Benson took all the family to the Holland Cafe had turkey dinner. It was sure decorated - a big crowd there. Russell & children brought a nice tree & trimed it. I got so many gifts. The tree does make the house more cheerful. Regarding the Temple work - you give me a hard nut to crack. I know father put some time in working on the Manti Temple, but how much & what kind of work he did - I just don't know. Father & Mother were sealed in the Old endowment House, a portion of the S.L. Temple used for work before the Temple was finished.  ??? were rules & regulations there, much different than they have in the Temple now, that is the reason some work was omited, that seems strange to us, that wasn't done. I am enclosing all the record I have of mothers Temple work. When I was trying to find fathers ancestors. I had a friend Bro Mercer (a temple worker) that took me to the Basement of the S.L. Temple, the archives - (3) & went to the record that give the work done by g. mother Brown & Uncle Sam Feb 1874 & 75. G fathers work was not done & no mention of his name was there. I was so green in the work I didn't copy the work done, there wasn't very much. Any way the work can be obtained at the Census Bureau. I commenced my real research work in Feb 1927, was elected genealogist of the Sir name Org. of the Hiatt-Hyatt group at Payson Utah, held that position until 1947. I couldn't do much after I came up here in Wash. At that time, 1927, Sir Name Org. was advised by the Church, of course that took in all names, where ever they could be found of the same spelling. Sec Summerhays advised that there were several spellings of the name Hyatt, Hiatt, but they were form the same family, so I took borth spellings. There were 2 brothers came from Eng in 1620. I signed his name Thomas Hyatt, the others signed his name John Hiatt. The Payson group decended from John Hiatt, I'm sure our ancestors are from Thomas Hyatt & They kept the name Hyatt in Eng. the name is spelled in 13 different ways, but from the same source. (4) I was not required to show relationship. I have a life membership card in the Genea Bureau. I spent every hour I possibly could in research & Temple work for 17 years. Am still interested & working through corespondence, found our gg father, Allin Alsa Hyatt & many of his decendents in Georgia during the last 2 years by corespondence. Altho I have not got them in direct decent, I have, thro research, found recorded - 298 Kennemer names, 1773 Turner names, 3279 Brown names, 3973 Hyatt-Hiatt names, Total 9323. The Turner, Brown & Hyatt-Hiatt were recorded & put on temple sheets & baptisms done. I did research for both the Brown & Turner Sir name Org, so I'm not sure any of the name's were on my direct line, but they were taken from the County's & Districts where my people lived. The baptisms are done & endowments for a good part of them, so if they are not of my family, their work is done, so if they desire to pertake of the gospel plan, the door is open for them thro my efforts. Russell was bapt for 903, Ella for 239, Arden for 761. Total 1903. Hope this will help you Love Write soon May Mary Brown Scogings, Letter to Martha Brown Hunt, 11 Aug 1955Dear Sister your most welcome letter at hand & enjoyed very much. Glad all are O.K. & that Vee is having a nice vacation. Albert & Nettie with son Albert traveled along the Pacific Coast from Calif to St. Angela Wash, took ship from there & went to Canada for a few days sight seeing. They arrived here 4 Aug (on their way back) they left here (for Calif) the A.M. A lovely weeks visit. but it seems very quiet & lonesome now they are gone. We did some sight seeing in this area. Saw the big log cabin, went up the Columbia Gorge - thro Vista House the the nursery area - thro the Aluminum Plant & Russells place of work, Wash. zoo & the Rose gardens & Lambert Gardens in Portland besides traveling thro Portlands many sections. We went to see Emanuel. but they were off on a fishing trip, we visited Acel & Barbara, Elda & Venice were on a fishing trip. (2) I got some what tired, so am resting up & trying to catch up on my letters. Regarding Jewel Hyatt - she is the g dau of Sanders Hyatt (bro of our g father Daniel Hyatt. The Jeff Hyatt she speaks of is her brother, who is ill & in the hospital at Atlanta Ga. Josie or Joe is Jeff's wife. Sallie is her sister, & Bill her bro in law. Webb & Warren - whose deaths you have were her brothers they died in July a year ago - in the hospital at Atlanta Ga, but their home was at Oxford Ga. Jeff D Hyatt is the only son of Please Hyatt (bor to Dan Hyatt) he is 98 yrs & the father of Lem, Please Lydia & ??. they live at Bowden Ga. Leon is a disabled Vet of World War 1 & lives at Soldiers Home in Wash D.C. he has 5 living children all married his wife died some years ago. Jeff D cannot read or write, but he gets some one to write for him. Jewel is the one that gave me our g.g. f. name Alsa Allen Hyatt. Rueben & Scott Hyatt are son's of Please Hyatt. Cleburne Co is in Ala - not Ga. I don't know any thing about Bee Hyatt. Our g. g. m. Irene Woodard Hyatt & family lived in Ga & Ala. I never heard of Arbor coache before. I think you have as much data as I have. Write soon Love to all from Sister May

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  6. Moved from Bennett to Salt Lake City on 21 May 1922
  7. She filled out a information sheet on herself that included information on her ancestors, children and participation in the church.
  8. Deceased membership records note that on March 7, 1943 Mary moved to Vancouver and lived there until her death in 1958
  9. Vancouver, WASH. -- Mary Elizabeth Brown Scogings, 83, Vancouver, died Thursday in Vancouver