Person:Martha Allison (10)

Martha Allison
d.Aft. 1792
m. 09 Mar 1741/42
  1. Martha Allisonabt 1746 - Aft 1792
  2. Jennet Allisonabt 1748 -
  3. William Allisonabt 1749 -
  • HJames Logan1728 - bef 1788
  • WMartha Allisonabt 1746 - Aft 1792
m. 1759
  1. Lt. James Logan, Jr.1760 -
  2. Matthew Logan1764 -
  3. David Logan1767 -
  4. Charles Logan1768-1775 -
  5. Robert Allison Logan1768-1775 -
  6. Martha Logan1768-1775 -
  7. Hugh Logan1768-1775 -
  8. Capt. Jonathan Edward LoganABT 1774 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name Martha Allison
Gender Female
Birth[1] abt. 1746 Augusta County, Virginia
Christening[1] 10 SEP 1746 Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia[Bapt. by Rev. John Craig]
Marriage 1759 prob. Virginiato James Logan
Death? Aft. 1792

Martha Allison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Baptism at Tinkling Spring

Martha Allison is listed in the Tinkling Spring List of Baptisms of Rev. John Craig in North Mountain, Augusta County, Virginia on 10 September 1746.


Subj: Marth Allison from World Tree Ancestry.Com Date:02/22/2000 7:02:47 PM Pacific Standard Time (holly anderson)

Hello - My name is Holly Anderson. I saw your entry in the World Tree on for Martha Allison of Rockbridge County. I tried to download your file but so far have not been able to get it to work. Here is some information on "my" Martha Allison. Born 10 September 1746 Died "After 1792" Married James Logan in 1759 - lived in Rockbridge Co. Born 1728 Died 1788 in Lincoln County, KY Eight Children:

               Capt James Logan
               Matthew Logan
               David Logan
               Charles Logan
               Robert Allison Logan
               Martha Logan
               Hugh Logan
               Lt. Jonathan Logan - my ancestor- married Frances Thurmond
                       Daughter Mary Dickinson Logan married George Jamison
                               Daughter Nancy Evans Jamison married J.R.H.Scott
                                   Daughter Leonora Scott married Henry Clay Howell
                                       Son Andrew Rufus Howell married Mary Neven Scott
                                           Daughter Clara Howell married Milton M. Anderson
                                               Son Milton M. Anderson Jr. married Hallie Page
                                                   Daughter - Holly Anderson (ME) 

This information has been gathered by me from handwritten notes left by my grandmother Clara Howell Anderson. Most of her research was done in the 40s and 50s. I have not yet substantiated this information, but my grandmother used James Logan as her ancestor of record to successfully gain entrance to the Daughters of the American Colonists. I contacted them recently, but their files are sealed and they will not release her application or any submitted "proof".

Are we "cousins"? Do you have any information on Martha Allison's or James Logan's families? My grandmother's records show that Logan immigrated to the United States. Her information usually stops at the point necessary for acceptance in whatever group she was interested in - DAR, Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of 1812, etc. She had no further information on the Allisons.

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. My e-mail address is Hope to hear from you.

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