Person:Margaret Unknown (1499)

Margaret Unknown
b.est 1615
  • HEdward Sale1609 - bef 1693
  • WMargaret Unknownest 1615 -
m. bef Jun 1637
  1. Ephraim Sale1638 - 1690
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Unknown
Gender Female
Birth[3] est 1615
Marriage bef Jun 1637 to Edward Sale

In 1637, Margaret was convicted of adultery with two men, and all 3 were sentenced to be whipped and banished in 1637/38.[1]

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    'Edward Sale's first wife, Margaret ______, was in 1637 convicted of adultery with two men (MBCR 1:198, 202-3; GM 6:142-43, 145). In 1637/8 all three were sentenced to be whipped and banished, "never to return again, on pain of death" (MBCR 1:225; GM 6: 143).'

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    'Sale, Seale, or Saile, Edward, Salem, was prob. that passeng. 1635, aged 24, in the Elizabeth and Ann from London, freem. 2 Nov. 1637, but he must have belong. to ano. ch. than S. In June preced. his w. Margaret was charg. for adultery with more than one, and banish. next yr. See Col. Rec. I. 198, and Winth. II. 349.'

  3. Birth year estimated based on christening date of husband (1609) and birth of only known child (1638), assuming that she was somewhat younger than her husband (given her infidelity).