Person:Margaret McMahon (15)

Margaret McMahon
m. abt. 1720
  1. Lt. John McMahon1721 - 1789
  2. Richard McMahon1723 -
  3. William McMahon1725 - bef 1753
  4. Margaret McMahon1726 - 1796
  5. Agnes McMachan1729 -
  6. Jane McMahon1731 -
  • HJames Bruce1720 - 1795
  • WMargaret McMahon1726 - 1796
m. 10 JUN 1744
  1. William A. Bruce1745 - Abt 1830
  2. Elizabeth BruceABT 1746 -
  3. Margaret BruceABT 1750 - BEF 1808
  4. Jane BruceABT 1752 -
  5. Nancy BruceABT 1754 -
  6. Anne BruceABT 1758 -
  7. George Bruce1760 -
  8. James Bruce, II1760 - 1835
  9. Sarah 'Sally' Bruce1764 - 1839
Facts and Events
Name[1] Margaret McMahon
Gender Female
Birth? 1726
Marriage 10 JUN 1744 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginiato James Bruce
Residence Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United Stateswith James Bruce
Residence 1745 North Branch of Potomac Riverwith James Bruce
Residence ABT 1780 Bardstown, Nelson, Kentucky, United Stateswith James Bruce
Death[2] 1796 or 1799 Nelson County, Kentucky, USA

Margaret was either the daughter or sister of Colonel William McMahan/McMahon. She was not mentioned in William’s will as an heir, but it may be because she had received her inheritance earlier. One researcher states that Margaret received household furnishings and a bond servant at the time of her marriage. A McMahon researcher provided the following: (12) “I received some info from a cousin which discloses a reason that Margaret McMahon, who m ca 1744 James Bruce, was not mentioned in her father William McMachen’s (McMahon) will. A cousin, Ruth Hurst (our family genealogist who died 31 Dec, 1996), told me that Margaret received household furnishings and a slave (actually a bond servant) at the time of her marriage to James Bruce. . . . I got a list of 4 actions by Frederick Co Court Order Book which ties in with Ruth’s statement that dau Margaret obtained her inheritance when she mar. James Bruce, c 1744. (13) This data was transcribed by E. T. Stoncipher, a Bruce desc. who knew and corresponded with Ruth and lives in San Antonio. Virginia got it from Stoneciper. Ruth said Margaret received inheritance in form [of] household articles and a slave (the slave could have been an indentured servant, Elizabeth King) at the time of her marriage to James Bruce. . . . The only thing missing is the actual transfer of her Indenture bond from Wm McM to James Bruce which had to occur between 29 Aug 1744 and 5 Aug 1746.”

(Sat 29 Aug 1744) Wm McMachen, Gent. brought into court his servant maid Eliz. King for having a Bastard Child. She agreed to serve 1&1/2 yrs additional Indenture to pay for upkeep of the child. Church Wardens bind Child to Wm McM.

(Tues 5 Aug 1746) Elizabeth King, Servant to James Bruce agreed to serve said Master 3 yrs aft her former Time of Servitude is expired. 1 yr for trouble of supporting “Base born Child. 1 yr for J B paying her fine and 1 yr for entering bond to Church Wardens for keppin child off parish support.

(Tues 13 Aug 1751) Eliz. King made oath in court that Samuel Conyer begat her bastard child and Sheriff was to summon him to appear and post bond to support child. Also Eliz. King failing to give security for payment of Fine for bearing bastard child went to Pub. Whipping post for 25 lashes. (This might be her second child?)

(Tues 4 Aug 1752) On petition of Elia. King against James Bruce complaining that she is illegally detained by him as a servant. J. B. to appear tomorrow. (Wed 5 Aug 1752) Parties heard; is opinion of Court that Eliz King is free.

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