Person:Margaret McIlvane (2)

Facts and Events
Name Margaret MCILVANE
Gender Female
  1.   Jordan, John W. (John Woolf). Colonial families of Philadelphia. (New York, New York: Lewis Pub., 1911)
    Vol. 2, Page 1336.

    John McIlvane, son of Patrick, seems to have predeceased his father, as the latter seems to have been succeeded by John McKelvaine, son of the former. From a charter granted to “Joanni M’Ilvane de Grimmet” by James VII., in 1597, it appears that his wife was a Kennedy, their son “Johnne McKelvane, of Grimmet” was alive in 1632, as shown by the will of his wife Anne Corrie, who died in February, of that year. This will shows that she had children, Margaret, Agnes, Helein, and Mareonne M”Ilvane, “bairnes lawful to ye defunct.” These may have been only the minor children, as it appears through this marriage the McIlvanes acquired Thomastoun, the seat of the family for many generations thereafter, of which Anne Corrie, first wife of John McIlvane, was the heiress, the heir apparent thereof, as shown by the will of Captain James Corrie, having died prior to 1645. Inasmuch as the property descended to the McIlvanes, Anne must have had male issue. John McIlvane married (second) Juliane Schaw, who died in December, 1641, leaving issue: Anna and Juliane.