Person:Levi Habermehl (1)

Levi Habermehl
d.28 Nov 1963
m. 14 Sep 1873
  1. Albert Habermehl1874 - 1964
  2. Abraham Habermehl1876 - 1954
  3. John Habermehl1879 - 1962
  4. Catharine Elisabeth Habermehl1881 - 1963
  5. William Habermehl1883 -
  6. Levi Habermehl1885 - 1963
  7. Amanda Habermehl1888 -
  8. Barbara Habermehl1891 - 1968
  9. Catherina Habermehl1893 - 1974
m. 24 Mar 1908
  • HLevi Habermehl1885 - 1963
  • W.  Lena (add)
m. 3 Aug 1945
Facts and Events
Name Levi Habermehl
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 8 Dec 1885 Wilmot Twp, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada
Living[5] from 8 Dec 1885 to 1906 Ontario, Canada
Baptism[6] Apr 1905
Occupation[5][7][8] from 1 Apr 1906 to 1947 Guernsey area, Saskatchewan, Canadafarmer
Marriage 24 Mar 1908 Alberta, Canadato Martha Herner
Marriage 3 Aug 1945 to Lena (add)
Living[5] aft 1947 Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada
Retirement[5] 1953 Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada
Death[4] 28 Nov 1963
Burial[4] Guernsey, Saskatchewan, Canada

He moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan, accompanied by A. Ernst, and arrived at his homestead on April 1, 1906. He had filed on the quarter section SE 12-33-25-W2nd (13 miles north of Watrous) the fall before. The settlement in 1906 was known as Cressman through a store and post office operated by Mr. I. Cressman on his homestead five miles south of the present village of Guernsey.[5]

In the fall of 1947, he built a house in Watrous and moved there.[5]

  1. Levi Habermehl Bible.

    The date has been handwritten in, because the original was on a torn part of the page.

  2. Ontario, Waterloo (South), Wilmot H-5, in Canada. 1901 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), page 14.

    William Habermeld, born 7 Apr 1848 (age 52) in rural O[ntario], farmer
    wife: Barbara Habermeld, born 24 Oct 1852 (age 48) in rural O[ntario]
    son: Albert Habermeld, born 14 Sept 1874 (age 26) in rural O[ntario]
    daughter: Lizzie Habermeld, born 21 Oct 1881 (age 19) in rural O[ntario]
    son: Levi Habermeld, born 8 Dec 1885 (age 15) in rural O[ntario]
    daughter: Amanda Habermeld, 21 July 1888 (age 12) in rural O[ntario]
    daughter: Barbara Habermeld, 3 Aug 1891 (age 9) in rural O[ntario]
    daughter: Katie Habermeld, 26 Jan 1892 (age 8) in rural O[ntario]
    all Mennonite

    Levi's ethnic origin and mother tongue were given as German, and his nationality as Canadian. He could read and write and could speak English and was still attending school.

  3. Waterloo County, Wilmot Twp, 1886, registration #036954, in Ontario, Canada. Ontario Canada Births 1869-1913. (Toronto, Ontario: Archives of Ontario).

    born: December 8, 1885
    father: William Habermehl (labourer)
    mother: Barbara Habermehl born Ringler

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    Levi's baptism date is stamped in the front of the bible. Presumably, this bible was given to him on the occasion of his baptism.

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    Levi Habermall, age 22, single, born in O[ntario], residence Cressman, section SE 12, township 33, range 25, meridian W2

  8. Saskatchewan, Humboldt, 72, in Canada. 1911 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), page 7.

    Levi Habermehl, SE 12 33 24, born Dec 1886 (age 25) in Ont, ethnic origin Swede [ditto from lines above], Mennonite, farmer
    wife: Herner Habermehl, born March 1888 (age 21) in Ont, Mennonite
    son: William I Habermehl, born March 1910 (age 1 3/12) in Sask

    The transcription at Automated Genealogy includes the following note added by manderson: 'Levi Habermehl had a land grant on SE 12 33 25 W2 (#1798454). Source: Homestead Records on CD.'

    It appears that the enumerator made an error in his farm's location (range 24 instead of 25).
    Herner was the maiden name of Levi's wife (Martha Herner).
    The ethnic origin is not correct - the enumerator indicated that it was the same as above (ditto marks), possibly because no answer was given to the question.

  9.   Herner Family Bible.

    'Martha Herner Married March 24th 1908 In the Province of Alta. To Levi Habermehl of Cressman Saskatchewan.'