Person:Joseph Morrow (3)

m. 1760s
  1. John Morrow1770 - 1834
  2. William Morrowabt 1771 - 1848
  3. Allen Morrowabt 1784 - 1854
  4. Arthur Morrow1789 - 1862
  5. Joseph Morrowabt 1790 - 1816
  6. Thomas Morrow1790 - bef 1848
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Morrow
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1790 Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Death? April/May 1816 Rowan, North Carolina, United States


Will of Joseph Morrow. Dated April 5, 1816. Filed May Term 1815

In the name of god amen I JOSEPH Morrow of Rowan County of the State of North Carolina being weak and low in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to god for his mercies calling to mind the mortality of my body and-knowing that it is appointed for all men to die -I do make & ordain this my last will&testament That is to say principally & first of all I give and Reccomend my soul to god that gave it & my Body to the Earth to be buried in a Decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the --enerel Resurerection I Shall Recieve the same again by The mity power of god and as Touching such worldly Estate whearwith it has plesed God to bless me with in this life I give and Dispose of the same in the following Manner & form

First I give& bequeath unto to my mother ELIZABETH MORROW my Corn that is in the Crib and all the small Grain That is on the plantation and all my farming Tools and Gear and Two Horse Cretures namely Dick and a greay mare for Her to Dispose of as she thinks proper by her maintaining my sister NANCY MORROW as long as She ELIZABETH MORROW lives allso I give to Her what Meal I have mased in the still House for her own use by her paying The Duty when it is stild -------.

Secondly I give to my brother ALLEN MORROW all The Whiskey I have now on hand by his paying The Duety of the same- - - - - -.

Thirdly, To my siser JANE DAVIS I leave four Hogs.

Forthly To My sister ELIZABETH DAVIS I leave four hogs.

Fithly I leave to my Brothers THOMAS & ARTHUR MORROW my new wagon by thear paying for the Ironin of her - - Allso I leave to my brother ARTHUR My saddle and bridle- - - - - - - - -

Sixthly I leave to my sister REBECCAH MORROW my young sorrel horse and one Hundred acres of Land to be layd off to her after my Mothers Deth- - Adjoining my brothers WILLIAM MORROWs Tract of Land

And further I leave to my Brothers THOMAS and ARTHUR all the Remainder of my land after My Mothers Deth to be Equaly Devided between Them and them I alow to pay all ebts my just debts and take care of my sister NANCY after my Mothers Deth and further I leave what Moneys are owing to Me To be Devided betwean----

And further I leave to my Brother ALLEN MORROW all my wareing Clothes and my Gun I leave ARTHUR

allso I make & ordain THOMAS & ARTHUR MORROW my sole Executors of This my last will and Testament in witness whearof I have set my hand and seal This 5th Day of Aprile 1816 & signed seald & confirmnd by The sd JOSEPH MORROW to be his last will & Testament. In presents of who in his presents & in the presents of each other have subscribed our names

BENJN BEAN (signature) NANCY MENSHAUS (mark) JOSEPH MORROW (seal and signature)

Filed May Term 1816.

  1. There are three boys under 10 in the parents' 1800 census, and 3 young men ages 16-26 in 1810. As his brothers are documented as being older, and Joseph is not found by himself in 1810, he's likely one of those sons born in the early 1790s.