Person:Joseph Morrow (16)

Joseph Morrow
b.abt 1769 SC
d.abt 1866 Morgan Co., GA
m. abt. 1792
  1. Margaret E. 'Peggy' Morrow1793 - 1884
  2. Anna C. Morrow1796 -
  3. Peter Gilliam Morrow, Sr.1799 - bef 1860
  4. John T. Morrowabt 1802 - bef 1880
  5. Sarah T. Morrowabt 1803 - 1860
  6. Richard W. Morrow1810 - AFT 1880
m. 20 DEC 1812
  1. Joseph E. Morrow1814 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Morrow
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1769 SC
Marriage abt. 1792 [based upon birthdate of Margaret]
to Elizabeth (Betsy) Gilliam
Marriage 20 DEC 1812 Morgan Co, GAto Ruth Black, [Brown]
Death[1] abt 1866 Morgan Co., GAor Heard County
Burial[2][3] abt. 1866. Brown Cemetery, Heard County, Georgia
Other?  Refuted parents?: David Morrow and Agnes White (1) 


It was thought that perhaps this Joseph was the son of Family:David Morrow and Agnes White (1), because it fits the timing and placement for the Joseph that ended up in Georgia. Various sources say that Peter Gilliam’s daughters married cousins (Joseph and Ewing), but that is not terribly specific.

However, DNA testing of a descendant of William Clarence Morrow DOES NOT MATCH other descendants of David and Agnes. William is fairly certainly the son of Joseph E. Morrow and Eliza Jane Walker, based on census records showing him with them in 1850, and his later proximity to his mother in 1870. Joseph E. is supposed to be Joseph's son by Ruth Black Brown, which is supported by the fact that they lived next door to each other in 1850.

DNA testing also shows a match to James Littleton Morrow, who was born in Texas in 1850, and Daniel Radnor Morrow, b. 1793 NC and married to Rachel Roberson.

Records in Georgia

1809 - Joseph was Justice of the Peace and owned a town lot in Madison. 1822 - Member of the legislature from Morgan County

Morgan Co, GA Tax lists with Joseph: 1809, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1817, 1818, 1820, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1826, 1829 [first appearance of second Joseph], only one Joseph in 1830, 1832

Daughters: Sarah m. Young Wood.

An undated newspaper clipping on the Peter Gilliam family says that two of his daughters married cousins - Sally m. Elwing Morrow, Betsy married Joseph Morrow.

1880 Census: Reputed daughter Margaret E. Morrow lists Maryland as her father's place of birth. (needs research).

1880 Census: Son Peter Gilliam Morrow lists Georgia as his father's place of birth.


  •  ?1820 Morgan Co, GA: Joseph Moor 3 m u10, 1m 45+, 2f u10, 1f 26-45 (Madison (Cook’s District), p. 78)
  • Probably : 1830 Morgan Co, GA: 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60, 1f 50-60 (Dist. 281, p. 285)
  • 1840 Heard Co, GA: Joseph Morrow 1m 60-70, 1f 60-170 (Dist. 788, p. 292)
  • 1850 Heard Co, GA: Joseph Morrow 80 SC, Ruth 80 (Dist 41, p. 152, 9/13/1850).
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    Joseph Morrow

    Birth: unknown
    Death: unknown

    father of J E Morrow

    age 96 years