Person:Joseph Hannah (9)

Joseph Hannah
b.est. 1720
d.bef. 28 September 1789 Rockingham County, Virginia
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Hannah
Alt Name Joseph Hanna
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1720
Death? bef. 28 September 1789 Rockingham County, Virginia

Joseph Hannah was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • Page 63.--6th October, 1758. Hendry Downs and Francis to Joseph Hanna, £100, 300 acres on South River, Shanando, lower end of tract Joseph now lives on, and part of 400 patented to Alexander Thompson, 30th July, 1742. Teste: Andrew Leeper. Delivered: Joseph Hanna, June, 1772. [Chalkley's Vol. 3].
  • Page 284.--Patent to Joseph Hanna, 12th May. 1759. Patent to Hugh Donaho. [Chalkley's Vol. 3]. (Note: the disposition listed below in 1762 reveals that this tract was 136 acres "on a draft of Naked Creek, east side the Pennsylvania Road").
  • Page 70 - Joseph Hannah, 30 acres. Adjoining his own land, Boswill, Donoho, Turk, Early MaKall. May 11, 1787. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 121].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 12.--17th May, 1758. Joseph Hanna and Ann to Rob McCutchon, £67, 273 acres on a Sinking Branch of the south side Naked Creek.
  • Page 50.--22d July, 1762. Joseph Hanna and Anna ( ) to David Frame, £10, 68 acres, part of a moiety of 136 acres patented, 12th May, 1759, on a draft of Naked Creek, east side the Pennsylvania Road. Teste: Samuel Henderson, William Lamme, James Frame. Delivered: Hugh Donaho, 29th September, 1767.

Will of Joseph Hannah

  • Will of Joseph Hannah, 27th July, 1789, of Rockingham. Sons, Thomas, Alexr., Joseph, David; daughters, Rosana, Mary Boon, Jane Olden; wife, Anna. Recorded in Rockingham, 28th September, 1789. [Source: Chalkley's, Vol. 2, pg. 114, "Thomas Hannah's heirs vs. Henry V. Bingham"].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records (unless listed otherwise):

  • Vol. 2 - List of Musters, 1742: Capt. James Cathey's List: James Cathey, Captain; John Given, John Case, Andr. Case, Will Brown, David Logan, John Case, Sam Case, Thos. Stephenson, David Stephenson, John McClewer, Joseph Hanna, John Frame, Hugh Camble, Michel Dickey, Nichel Leeper, Sam Hues, Rob. Craig, Wm. Monson, William Johston, James Givens, David Nelson, Rob. Koney, James Fowler, Edw. Givens, James Case, George Anderson, Nathan Underwood, George Anderson, James Scott, Andr. Cathey, Francis Raley, John McCown, John King, Robert Joweter, Rob Brown, Rob. McDowell, Wm. Hains, James Allan, Jams. Chambers, Sam Givens, Thos. Lander (Lauder), Archabel Hamilton.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754, Pt. 1. - To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting:
We, the inhabitants of this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money isdrained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh supply to pick our pockets.
We, your petitioners, humbly pray your worship to put a stop to the said liquors, which would encourage us to pursue our laborious designs, which is to raise sufficient quantities of grain which would suffciently supply us with liquors and the money circulate in this County to the advantage of us, the same. We hope that your worships will discover to us that you have a real regard for the good of the County, and lay us under an obligation to pray for your prosperity.
Robert Stevenson, James Hamilton, Alexander Walker, James Robertson, James Stevenson, John Christian, Alexander Blair, Thomas Shiels, Robert Christian, Thomas Stewart, James Allen, Joseph Hanna, Francis Beaty, Mathew Lyle, Archibald Reah, John Walker (?), Samuel Downey, Daniel McAnair (McEvear), Robert Spears (Syers), Daniel Danison, Robert Moffet, Alexander Henderson, Andrew Hamilton, John Finley, Thomas Beard, Archibald Armstrong, William Mackan, James Campbell, John Vance, John Archer, James Reburn, Alexander Gibson, William Lewis, George Scott, Joseph Bell, James Coyl, William Logen, Samuel McCune, John Caruth, Patrick Hays, Robert Sayers, Andrew McCombe, James Montgomery, James Scott, George Crawford, John Allen, Edward Spear, James Brown, John King, John Anderson, William Logan, Patrick Campbell, Jacob Lockhart, Sam Wallace, James Knox, John Carlile, Charles Campbell, Mathew Harper, John Jackson, James Miller, John Hutcheson, William Palmer, Samuel Love, James Miller, John Henderson, Zachariah Bell (Belche), Andrew Ewin, John Thompson, Loftus Pullin, James Gay, Alexander Craig, Thomas Teat, William Wallace, John Wilson, Alexander Ritchey, James McGee. John Thompson, Samuel Calhoon, John Trimble, Alexander Thompson, William Snodon, Newman McGonigle, John Trimble, Archibald Allison, John Brown, William Thomson.
  • Lot 139.--21st May, 1755. John Campbell and Elizabeth (her mark) Campbell to Joseph Coulton, Gent, £130, 400 acres on Cathey's River on the Sinking Spring Branch at the head of Little's Run (?), patented to said John, 12th January, 1742. Teste: Joseph Hanna.
  • Page 378.--30th May, 1760. William Downs to James Laird, £40, 400 acres, glade of Smith's Creek above (?). Teste: Joseph Hannah, James Craig, Samuel Henderson, James Laird. Delivered: James Laird, 27th June, 1761.
  • Page 1 - John Lewis, 104 acres between Shenandoah River and the mountain. Adjacent to Joseph Hanna. April 23, 1761. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 1].
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 23, 1762. - (172) David Frames vs. Joseph Hannah--Set for hearing on bill and answer, and parties allowed to examine witnesses on the trial.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1762 (B). - Frame vs. Hannah.--David Frame, eldest son and heir of John Frame, deceased, vs. Joseph Hanna. Bill filed November, 1760. In 1748 John and Joseph bought land jointly on Naked Creek, and there was great intimacy between the families. John's wife was Margaret. The land was bought of Jennet Stark, alias McDonald.
  • Page 20 - Robert Frazer, 125 acres, South River of the Shenandoah. Adjoining Joseph Hanna, his own land. Dec. 20, 1762. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 8].
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 22, 1763. - (115) Viewers appointed for a road from South River above Joseph Hanah's over Coles's Ford to Mathew Thompson's.
  • Vol. 1 - 1763-4, Pt. 1. - Petitioners to open a road that usually led from a ford of the South River above Joseph Hannah's over Cole's ford on the middle and from thence to Mathew Thompson's, which has been lately stopped by Henry Reaburn, notwithstanding it has been a bridle way for nearly twenty years. Robert Scott, Patrick Frazer, James Bruster, Robert Hook, Robert Hook, John Denniston, William Hook, J. Madison, John Stephenson, Archibald Huston, John Craig, John Davison, John Davison, Jr., Patrick Willson, Robert Shanklin.
  • Page 163.--2d November, 1768. Thomas ( ) Burk and Clearey ( ) to Conrad Peterfish, £14, 177 acres on Dry River, branch of Shanandore, patented to said Burk, line of land patented for John and Lewis Neall. Teste: Joseph Hannah, Robert ( ) Frazor. David Frazor.
  • Page 433.--20th August, 1770. John Lewis, of Albemarle, to William Glaves, £40, on South River of Shanando, Joseph Hannah's land, Robert Frazer's survey, 164 acres patented to said Lewis, 21st September, 1762. Teste: Thomas Rodgers, James Kennerley, Jr., Thos. Turk. Delivered: Wm. Glaves, March, 1771.
  • Page 292.--3d July, 1771. Robert ( ) Frazor and Frances ( ) to Benjamin Yardly (Yearly), £125. on south branches of Shanando, known by the name of Cave Bottom, part of 400 acres patented to Alex. Thompson, 12th May, 1742, and conveyed by Alexander to Wm. Beard, 100 acres, Alex. Thompson's Ford, the Cave Hill. Teste: Joseph Hannah, Robert Scott, Wm. Hook. Delivered to Benj. Yardley, January, 1773.
  • Page 326.--20th November, 1774. Alexander Walkers will--To wife, Elizabeth; to son, Robert, negro boy, to daughter, Mary, negro girl; to son, Andrew, 90 acres bought of Joseph Lindel; to daughter Martha, to daughter, Elizabeth; to daughter, Barbara; to son, John, testator's home plantation; to daughter, Isabell. (Many negro slaves bequeathed. daughter Margaret; to son, Alexander's two children, Jane and Elizabeth Walker. Executors, wife Elizabeth and son Robert. John Campbell be guardian to children. Teste: Joseph Hannah, Robert Haslet, Thos. Connly. Proved, 21st March, 1775, by the witnesses. Executors qualify with John Hind, Arthur Connaly, John Campbell.
  • Page 1 - Hugh Donoho, 206 acres, between South River and South Mountain. Adjoining Glaves, Hannah, Boswell. April 4, 1780. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 97].
  • Page 478.--1st March, 1785. Thomas Stevenson's will--To son-in-law, George Poage, 1 shilling; to grandson, George Poage, 1 shilling; to grandson, John Poage; to Agness Reed; to Joseph Hannah; to Deborah Reed; to Isabel Reed; to Alex. Reed; what money Henry King owes to be given to the poor if got from him; 20 shillings to pale in the church yard; to Robert Reed, Jr. Executors, Alex. Reed and David Gibson. Teste: John Campbell, Thomas Willson, Jno. Dixon. Proved, 16th August, 1785, by Wilson and Dixon. Executors qualify.
  • Page 60.--12th June, 1783. Catherine Clemon's will--To son, John, all estate; to daughter, Catherine. Executors, sons John and Jacob Berryer Teste: Joseph Hannah, Frederick Stull, David Trout. Proved, June Court, 1793 by Trout (Joseph Hannah is dead), and at July Court, 1793, by Shull. John Clements qualified. (Note: Joseph Hannah, who witnessed this will, had died about 4 years prior (1789) to the probate of Catherine Clemon's estate in June, 1793).
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1793. - (290) Joseph Hanna, witness to will of Catherine Clements, deceased, is since dead. (Note: additional record of above).
  • Vol. 2 - Page 114--Thomas Hannah's heirs vs. Henry V. Bingham--John Shiflet deposes, 1815, the ford on South River was called Thompson's Ford 50 years ago. Jacob Scott deposes, at his home in Rockingham, he is 70 years old. When he was 20 years old he recalls that his half-brother lived then in a cabin on land now owned by Jno. Mohler on South River, near a cave then called Hannah's Cave, since known as Madison's Cave; present saltpeter works on the land; Mathias Amond lived near the ford; James Lamb and his son, James Lamb. The cave was also called Weyer's or Amond's Cave. Alexr. Hannah deposes, in Augusta, 1814, is 70 years of age; he was 14 years old when his father moved to the plantation where heirs of Thos. Hannah now live; Alexr. was son of Joseph; the Hannah's got Ocher out of the Cave; there was a schoolhouse near the mouth of the cave. Patent, 30th July, 1742, to Alexr. Thompson, 400 acres on South River above the Red Banks. Deed, 9th February, 1745, Thompson to Alexr. Downs of Orange, 300 acres part of above 400 acres. Deed, 18th February, 1746. Thompson to Wm. Beard, tract called Cave Bottom, 100 acres. Deed, 15th July, 1753, by Beard to Robert Frazer, conveys above. Deed, Henry Downs to Joseph Hannah, 5th October, 1758, 300 acres. Deed, 3d July, 1771, by Robert Frazier to Benj. Yearby (Yearly), 100 acres. Patent, 20th July, 1787, to Benj. Yearby (Yearly), 454 acres on South River, opposite Benjamin's other land. Deed, 21st October, 1788, by Benj Yearby to Mathias Amond, 1,180 acres on South River. Recorded in Rockingham. Will of Joseph Hannah, 27th July, 1789, of Rockingham. Sons, Thomas, Alexr., Joseph, David; daughters, Rosana, Mary Boon, Jane Olden; wife, Anna. Recorded in Rockingham, 28th September, 1789. Deed, 22d February, 1796, by Rosana Ocheltree to Mathias Amond, 10-1/4 acres in Rockingham on South River. Recorded in Rockingham, 1796. Deed, 26th September, 1808, by James Lamme and Elizabeth to Wm. Lamme, 90 acres, partly in Augusta and partly in Rockingham, at mouth of Middle River; 40 acres is part of 363 acres conveyed by Wm. Lamme, Sr., to said James and Samuel Lamme, 17th November, 1773; 50 acres were conveyed by Chas. Fox and Rosana to said James, 26th April, 1802. Wife, Magdaline; sons, William, Thomas, Joseph, John; daughters, Magdaline, Caty, Margaret, Mefford, Mary. Dated 6th December, 1808. Recorded in Rockingham. Deed, 9th December, 1809, Mathias Amond of Rockingham to Henry V. Bingham, 1,180 acres on South River. Recorded in Rockingham. Deed, 9th December, 1809, by same to same, 10-1/4 acres in Rockingham. Recorded in Rockingham.