Person:Joseph Day (19)

Ensign Joseph Day
b.ABT 1752
m. 1741
  1. John Day1742 - 1833
  2. David Day1744 - 1756
  3. Sarah Day1746 -
  4. Nathaniel Day, Jr.1748 - 1810
  5. Martha Day1750 -
  6. Ensign Joseph DayABT 1752 -
Facts and Events
Name Ensign Joseph Day
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1752

Joseph Day was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1781. - (350) Thomas Hicklin recommended Captain of the Company he formerly commanded; James Bratton in room of Capt. Kinkead, resigned; Joseph Gwin as First Lieutenant in Capt. Hicklin's Company; Joseph Day as Ensign in Capt. Poage's Company.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 203 - Thomas McCarthy vs. Massinbird--O. S. 270; N. S. 95--Bill, 1811. In 1798, Thomas McCarty, Sr., father of orator, bought of George Massinbird adjoining tracts on little Levels in Bath adjoining Chas. Kinneson, William Hughes, Jno. McNeile, Wm. Poage, Jacob Kinneson, Lazarus Bartley, Jno. McNeil, James Laird, 1,010 acres. James Crawford of Augusta claimed 270 acres. Thomas, Sr., conveyed to Thomas, Jr., 500 acres, who sold 111 acres to Edmund McGinniss. The remainder of the 1,010 acres Thomas, Sr., and Jr., sold to Wm. Poage, estimated at 899 acres. Since 25th March, 1799, Thomas, Sr., has died, leaving orator sole heir and distributee. Suit was brought in District Court by heirs of James Crawford and judgment rendered for them for 270 acres. Deputy Surveyor Thos. Arbuckle surveyed 322 acres instead of 270 acres. 970 acres conveyed by Massinbird to Thomas, Sr., was patented to Wm. and George Clendennin, assignee of Nathaniel Day, Jr.; Joseph Day and John Ellis, 11th November, 1784, by certificate of settlement right by survey 14th November, 1782. James Crawford's representatives are, viz: Widow Mary Crawford and children, viz: Sarah, James, William, John, Polly. Answer, 27th June, 1815, of Polly and Elizabeth Crawford, infants. Certificates of survey of the land in 1769 for Thos. Rafferty. James Crawford, father of Polly and Elizabeth, was eldest son and heir of George Crawford, who died, intestate, as to said land. Answer claims that John Robinson & Co., patentees of 100,000, were the Greenbrier Company. William Poage was nephew of William Poage. Deed, 5th October, 1797, by Thos. McCarthy, Sr., to Thos. McCarthy, Jr., 500 acres on Little Levels in Greenbrier. Recorded in Bath County, October, 1797. Col. Andrew Anderson deposes 29th October, 1818, in Staunton at the tavern of Dabney Cosby, he married eldest daughter of George Crawford of Augusta. She died 12th August, 1786. George died between 1780 and 1784. James was eldest son of George. Deponent knew Samuel Lewis who moved from Augusta to Greenbrier, and he was called Colonel and was son of Gen. Andrew Lewis. Archd. Stuart deposes, giving a list of the names of the members of the Greenbrier Company (which was John Robinson & Co.) in the handwriting of Edmund Pendleton, viz: "Greenbrier Company, 1745." Taken from a copy of the Order by Edmund Pendleton: John Robinson, Sr.; Thomas Nelson, Jr.; John Robinson, Jr.; Wm. Beverley, Robert Lewis, Beverley Robinson, Henry Weatherburne, John Lewis, John Craig, Wm. Lewis, John Wilson, Charles Lewis. Deed, 14th May, 1796, by George Massingbird of Bath to Thos. McCarty of Hardy County, 970 acres on Little Levels of Bath adjoining Wm. Poage, Jacob and Charles Kynoston, Lazarus Bartley, John McNeil and James Laird. Patent, 1783, to James Crawford for 270 acres by survey 26th April, 1769, part of order of Council to Greenbrier County for 100,000 acres, which order was confirmed by decree of Court of Appeals, 2d May, 1783, in Greenbrier County. Original letter 11th January, 1795, by James Crawford to George Messinbird in Greenbrier. Deed, 9th June, 1798, by George Massinbird to Thomas Macarthy, both of Bath County, 970 acres. Recorded. Deed, 1st June, 1790, by William and George Clendennin of Kanawa County to George Massingbird of Greenbrier, 970 acres by survey, 1782, on Little Levels, &c. Recorded in Greenbrier, 27th July, 1790. George Clendennin's heirs are, viz: Widow Jemima Clendennin; children, viz: Mary Cantril, wife of John Cantril; Cynthia, wife of ---- Lamb; Parthenia, wife of Andrew Bryant. Copy of Court of Appeals, 2d May, 1783, confirming surveys under Loyal and Greenbrier Companies by orders of Council. Patent, 1783, to James Crawford, 270 acres in Greenbrier. Patent, 11th November, 1804, to William and George Clendennin by certificate in right of settlement (assignees of Nathaniel Day, Jr., Joseph Day and John Ellis), 970 acres by survey, 1782.