Person:Joseph Brown (21)

Joseph Arthur Brown
b.25 Dec 1821 Lee County, Virginia
m. 24 Aug 1818
  1. Mary Brown1820 -
  2. Joseph Arthur Brown1821 - 1899
  3. William Brown1826 -
  4. Thomas J. Brown1827 -
  5. Andrew C Brown1831 -
  6. Lucy Brown1833 -
  7. Matilda Brown1838 -
  • HJoseph Arthur Brown1821 - 1899
  • WAnn J. Hobbs1824 - 1862
m. 1841
  1. Samantha Jane Brown1842 -
  2. James Paul Brown1845 -
  3. Nancy E. Brown1847 -
  4. Winaford Catherine Brown1849 -
  5. Sarah Agnes Brown1854 -
  6. Ruth Brown, V.1857 -
  7. Henry Nicholas Brown1860 - 1927
  1. Solomon King Brown1863 -
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Arthur Brown
Gender Male
Birth? 25 Dec 1821 Lee County, Virginia
Marriage 1841 to Ann J. Hobbs
Marriage Grant Co., Kentuckyto Martha Hays
Death? 22 Aug 1899 Grant, Kentucky, United States

James Paul Brown, son of Joseph Arthur and Anna J. Hobbs Brown, was born in Lee County, Virginia, October 28, 1845. This was the same year James Polk was inaugurated as 11th President, Florida and Texas were admitted to the Union, and the Southern Baptist Convention and Methodist Episcopal church South were established.

James Paul served as a Confederate soldier before marrying Celia Pursival April 27, 1865 in Bell County, Ky. They resided in Lee County, VA. for a time where they had their two oldest children. They migrated to northern Kentucky with the Grubbs, Milton, Marcum and Snodgrass Families, arriving in Boone Couny, Ky. before 1870 where their third child and their sixth child were born.

Joseph, his children, and their families were among the people on this wagon train through the Cumberland Gap.

                                           Williamstown Courier
                                              Volume XXI No. 3
                                       Thursday, September 21, 1899
                     of Joseph Brown, Filed September 11, 1899
    Knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, and being of sound mind and memory, and desirous of disposing of my property after my death, I hereby make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by me.
    First, I hereby give and bequeath to by beloved wife, Martha Brown, and my son, Solomon Brown, all of my real estate, consisting of by homestead, where I now live, situated in Grant County, Ky., to have and to hold the same jointly until her death or until she marry again, and in that event, then to my son, Solomon Brown, with the payment of fifty dollars to each of said children, namely, upon death of wife, Martha Brown, or her marriage;  James Brown, fifty dollars; Betty Grubbs, fifty dollars;  Sarah Agnes Brown, fifty dollars; Ruth Brown, fifty dollars, which I consider to be equal share in said land.  I hereby direct the sale of all my personal property which I owned  at the time of by death, and that all proceeds from the sale thereof, that all my just debts be paid and the remainder be divided equally between all my said children, share and share alike, this the 22nd day of April, 1899.
                                                             Joseph Brown

Attest: C. H. Harrison

                                    Williamstown Courier
                                 Volume XX No. 51, Page 4
                                  Thursday, August 24, 1899

Joe Brown, the aged father of James P. Brown, of Dry Ridge, and Sol and William Brown, of Stewartsville, died at his son's residence in Stewartsville, Monday. He as a native of Virginia, and came to Kentucky to live almost twenty years ago. He was a good, honest, upright citizen. His remains were laid to rest in Williamstown Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, surrounded by a large concourse of relatives and friends.


    Three of the oldest men of Grant County have paid the debt of nature during the past week and have gone to their reward:  Judge Henry Childers, George W Beasly, and Joe Brown.