Person:John Young (172)

John Young
m. Est. 1692-1695
  1. Hugh YoungEst 1693-1707 - AFT 1765
  2. Sarah Young1695 -
  3. John YoungAbt 1700 - ABT 1783
  4. Jane Youngest 1710-1715 - Aft 1752
  5. Robert Young, Sr.1711 - 1762
  6. James Young, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAAft 1711 - bef 1790
  7. Rebecca Youngabt 1712/13 -
  8. William YoungEst 1717-1722 - 1818
m. ABT 1735
  1. John Young1738-1743 - bef 1783
  2. Robert YoungABT 1740 - BEF 1793
  3. James Young1741 - bef 1804
  4. William Young1743/44 - AFT 1783
  5. Elizabeth Young1745 -
  6. Isabel YoungABT 1746 -
  7. Margaret Young1748 -
  8. Rebeckah YoungABT 1750 -
  9. Sarah YoungABT 1752 -
Facts and Events
Name John Young
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1700 County Antrim, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1735 Irelandto Elizabeth Unknown
Death? ABT 1783 Augusta County, Virginia

John Young was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advistory on John Young

Some sources claim that John Young's wife was Elizabeth, others claim it was Margaret. The confusion is because there are two consecutive wills of John Young listed in Chalkleys, one is for John Young (Junior), son of this John Young, whose wife is listed as Margaret in his will. It appears that both John Youngs (Senior and Junior) died at approximately the same time, since both wills were proven on the same day in Augusta County, VA records. Based upon the will of John Young, Jr., he died in service to his country in the Revolutionary War.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 189.-- Hugh Campbell to John Young. Naked Creek, part of 400 acres patented to Hugh, 25th September, 1746. Teste: John Francis, Alexander Blair, Wm. Preston, Esther, wife of Hugh.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 122.—16th May, 1759. John Young and Elizabeth ( ) to James Young, £30, 2 tracts containing 335 acres on a branch of Naked Creek, 200 acres conveyed to John by Hugh Campbell, 18th May, 1749, and 135 acres patented to John, 12th July, 1750, near corner of James Bell and John Rutledge, Erwin's land. Teste: James Gambel.

Will Abstract

Page 289.—24th March, 1780. John Young's will — To son, John Young, part of plantation John, Jr., now lives on; to son, William; two above to pay to each of other children, £1, viz: James, Robert, Isabel, Margret, Rebeccah, Sarah. Executors, sons John and William. Teste: John Poage, Jr., James and Francis Bell. Proved, 20th May, 1783, by Francis Bell and Jno. Poage, Jr.

Information on John Young

John Young was born in 1700 in Antrim County, Ireland. He died before 1783 in Augusta County, VA. He married Margaret about 1735 in Ireland.

Margaret was born about 1714 in Ireland. She died before 1780 in Augusta County, VA. She married John Young about 1735 in Ireland.

They had the following children:

F i Rebecca Young
M ii John Young was born about 1735 in Ireland. He died before 1783 in Augusta County, VA.
M iii William Young was born about 1738 in Ireland.
M iv Robert Young was born about 1740 in Ireland. He died in Apr 1793 in Augusta County, VA.
F v Isabel Young was born about 1746 in Antrum County, Irelan
F vi Rebeckah Young was born about 1750 in Augusta County, V
F vii Sarah Young was born about 1752 in Augusta County, VA.
M viii James Young
M ix William Young was born on 19 Feb 1743/1744 in Augusta County, VA.
F x Elizabeth Young was born on 2 Jun 1745 in Augusta County, V
F xi Margaret Young was born on 10 Jul 1748 in Augusta County, V
M xii John Young was born on 19 Jul 1741 in Augusta County, VA.

John YOUNG 1 Born: Cir 1700, of Ireland Marriage: Elizabeth UNKNOWN Died: Bef 20 May 1783, , Augusta Co., VA

General Notes:

He emmigrated to America in 1737 where he settled in Augusta Co., VA. In Deed Book 2, pg 189, 1749 the following info is listed: "Hugh Campbell to John Young, Naked Creek, part of 400 ac pat 1740 to Campbell."

Excerpts from Chalkley provided by Sharon Jebavey that might apply to this John are as follows.

1748-49, March 10th--William Curry (his brother-in-law), 200 (acres), near John Young, Thos. Waterson, Naked Creek (c. g. e. p.).

Page 272.--1760: Processioned by John Malkem and Alex. Blair, viz: For John Young, for Robert Young.... James Young...

Page 406.--20th August, 1760. Adam Dickinson's bond (with Andrew Sitlington, James Gilespy, John Young).

Page 7.--14th February, 1761. Adam Dickinson's additional appraisement (of James Young's estate), by Andw. Sitlington, John Young.

1763; September 7, John Young; (He's in a list of names and dates but the event is not described.)

Aug 21, 1764 - (67) Elizabeth Fulton, aged 16, orphan of John Fulton, chose John Young guardian.

1765 - Page 392.--Gentlemen of the Vestry: I took in Christopher Sumlmsky last November & has never been allowed no consideration and kept him till the March Court as he has been upon the Parish before & after I hope you will allow me as men has been allowed and I put something on to keep him warm. John Young.

Page 483.--28th December, 1771. Halbert McClure's will--to wife, Mary, executrix; to 3 daughters, Mary, Isabella, Phebe. Teste: Archd. Alexander, Robert Feris, Wm. Alexander. Proved, 18th March, 1772, by Fearis and Alexander (Wm.). Mary (her mark) qualifies with Thos. Vance, John Young.

Page 268.--27th October. 1773. Robert Scott's will--To Martha McClintock, £5; to executors, all remainder of estate to pay them for their trouble. Executors, Wm. McClintock, John Young. Teste: William McClintock, Jr., Preepare McClintock. Proved. 20th September, 1774, by the witnesses. William McClintock qualifies (his mark) with Mathew Reed, John Clark.

Page 159.--16th November, 1773. William McPheeters' appraisement recorded, by John Moffett, James McCleerey, John Young--Abraham Jenkin's account, Duval Bosanques account.

Page 231.--10th August, 1775. Isaac White's will--To wife, Jane, mare bought of Lewis Baker; to sons, viz: David, Isaac, James and Gordon White, if any of them die in infancy; to daughters, Jane, Isabella, Margret, if any die infants; son, Gordon, and daughters, Isabella and Margret, be schooled; to daughters already married, viz: Mary Young, Elizabeth, and Sarah Rodgers. Executors, James Steele, John Young. Teste: Andrew Russell, David White. Proved, 17th April, 1782, by the witnesses. Executors refused to execute. Jane, the widow, relinquished her right. Administration granted David and Isaac White.

Page 406.--29th February, 1776. John Jameson's will--To wife, Jane; to grandson, John Perry; to granddaughter, Sarah McNabb; to nine children. Executors, Robert Armstrong, Daniel O'Friel. Teste: John Trimble, John Young, Robt. Wallace. Proved, 19th March, 1776, by Trimble and Wallace. Executors qualify.

Sept 1802 - McPheeters vs. Moffett--Involves land conveyed to Beverley to Crockett, 26th February, 1740. Copy of deed. Deed, Robert Crockett and Margaret to William McPheeters, 23d November, 1743. Deed Robert Crockett and wife, same. William McPheeters, demandant, is son of above William McPheeters. Deposition James McClery, taken in Fayette County, Kentucky, third Monday June, 1798: In the Spring of 1742 he settled in Augusta County within 3 miles of lands in dispute. He lived in Augusta until October, 1785. Deposition before Samuel Blair, J. P., J. Bell, Elij Poage, George Trotter. John Brownlee deposes in Augusta, 3d July, 1798, that he has lived where he now lives since 1st November, 1740; he has always been a member of that society, and is nearly related to John Moffett, the defendant. John Tate also deposes that he has lived where he now lives for 53 years in October last, and had been acquainted with the lands for two years before he came to live in the neighborhood. Captain Samuel McPheeters deposes at same time that he has lived in and near where he now lives since 1741. Mathew Wilson deposes at same time that he has lived near where he now lives 60 years. John Young lived on the plantation 55 years ago and upward

His will is transcribed here by Sharon Jebavy: "WB 6, pg 189, John Young Sr. to son John, son William, his other children James, Robert, Isabel, Margaret, Rebeckah and Sarah Executors sons John and William; Dated 24 March 1780, proved 20 May 1783. Test John Poage Jr., James Bell, Frances Bell." (E)