Person:John Young (171)

John Young
b.Est. 1665-1676 County Antrim, Ireland
d.bef. 17 June, 1747 Augusta County, Virginia
m. BET 1655 AND 1665
  1. John YoungEst 1665-1676 - bef 1747
  2. James Young, of Whistle Creek, Borden Tract1670-1685 - bef 1760
  3. John Youngabt 1670 - 1747
  • HJohn YoungEst 1665-1676 - bef 1747
  • WAnne HoustonEst 1670-1677 -
m. Est. 1692-1695
  1. Hugh YoungEst 1693-1707 - AFT 1765
  2. Sarah Young1695 -
  3. John YoungAbt 1700 - ABT 1783
  4. Jane Youngest 1710-1715 - Aft 1752
  5. Robert Young, Sr.1711 - 1762
  6. James Young, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAAft 1711 - bef 1790
  7. Rebecca Youngabt 1712/13 -
  8. William YoungEst 1717-1722 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name John Young
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1665-1676 County Antrim, Ireland
Marriage Est. 1692-1695 County Antrim, Irelandto Anne Houston
Death? bef. 17 June, 1747 Augusta County, Virginia

John Young was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Administration of John Young's Estate in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 46.--17th June. 1747. James Young (I) qualifies administrator of John Young, with sureties Partt Martin, Robert Young.
  • Page 76.--17th March, 1747. John Young's appraisement.

Information on John Young

John YOUNG 1 Born: , co. Antrim, IRE Marriage: (1): Annie HOUSTON Bef 1695, , co. Antrim, IRE 1 Marriage: (2): Unknown Died: 1747, , Augusta Co., VA

  General Notes:

John is highly likely to have had siblings. Persons of the same surname and similar age in the Carmony Church Records in co. Antrim were: James, Robert, Matthew, Charles and William.

He is probably the John who was in a typo error in Chalkley with the following record: Page 219.--17th March, 1707. Robert Young and Mary to John Young, both of Forks of James River, 5 shillings, 112 acres in Forks of James. Delivered John Young, March, 1776. Both Sharon Jebavy and I suspect this was an 1747 deed though this is obviously conjecture.

There is an unexplained John in the Court records in Augusta Co., VA who dies in 1747. His administrator was his brother, James who died before he could take care of John's estate. His surities were placed by Robert Young and Partte Martin. It is probable that this is the same John as listed here, and that he moved to the colonies with some of his adult sons. If so, then James is a proven sibling from the statement of same in John's administration with Robert being John's son. (CL-541) Here are the references to it as stated in Chalkley: June 17, 1747. (216) Administration upon John Young granted to James Young (his brother.) 1745-1748 Young's appraisement. James Young and John Young, deceased. 17th March, 1741. 1747, James Young's petition to administer on estate of John Young, his brother and nearest heir, 17th June, 1747....Wills Page 46.--17th June. 1747. James Young (I) qualifies administrator of John Young, with sureties Partt Martin, Robert Young....Page 76.--17th March, 1747. John Young's appraisement.....Page 32.--25th March, 1749. John Young's estate, Dr. to James C. Young, administrator: To funeral charges, £4. To cash, by Henry Downs, Capt. Danl. McAnare. Capt. John Brown, Hugh Young, Robt. Scott, Robt. Boyd, John Davis.

A pattern that also supports this John coming to the Virginia with his sons is the fact that his son Robert inherited his 234 acres of land and then passed it down to his son John. Robert also forcibly and violently took John's property from the sheriff after his death. He was "unhappy" with how his estate was being settled.

There was a William Young living in Augusta County that was born shortly after the year 1702 according to the following entry in Chalkley who might be a brother or nephew of this John. William Anderson vs. William Young-O. S. 17; N. S. 6--Answer filed 29th November, 1802, Augusta. William Young (stated in answer) is near one hundred years old. 1 2

John married Annie HOUSTON before 1695 in , co. Antrim, IRE.1


1 Jebavy, Sharon Young, Descendants of Sir John Lamont and Mary Young Lamont at, (c2001).

2 Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia with many extracts forwarded by Sharon Jebavey, (Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966).

Children of John Young (Andrew Lamont Young, John Lamont, Gilbert Lamont) and Annie Houston Young:

4. Robert Young b. 1711 County Antrim, m. Agnes Crockett, b. 1715 County Antrim, Northern Ireland, by @@ 1730 in County Antrim, and migrated to America with wife and three sons, James, Samuel and John, in 1740, entering at Philadelphia and migrating down into Augusta Co., VA, settling on Back Creek on the north fork of the James River, a few miles west of Staunton. Robert died in Augusta Co., VA in 1762 and Agnes bought land in what would become Laurens Co., SC in 1766. the last reference for Agnes in Chalkley is for 1770. At some point after 1770, Agnes and five or six of her sons migrated to Laurens Co., SC.

5. Hugh Young b. County Antrim, m. his cousin Agnes Sitlington in County Antrim and migrated to America in 1741. Settling next to his brother Robert in Augusta Co., VA. Hugh and Agnes lived and died in Augusta and are presumed burried in the Glebe Cemetery next to Hebron Presbyterian Church at Staunton where their son John and both of his wives are buried. Hugh and Agnes Sitlington Young had three children:

5.1. John b. County Antrim, Northern Ireland March 25, 1737, d. Augusta Co., VA December 5, 1824 became Capt. John Young, aid to Gen. George Washington and ancestor to Senator John McCain. John was married 1) Mary White, daughter of Isaac White, his cousin, and they had six children: Jane who m. a Cunningham, Isaac who never married and had no issue, Hugh, David who m. Mary Ann Hart and became ancestor of Senator John McCain, Thomas who m. Mary Caldwell and had one daughter who m. a Sterrett and John W.; and Capt John m. 2) Mary Sitlington and had ten children: William Sitlington Young, Mary who m. a Kich, Andrew who never married, Agnes, Robert, Elisha I who d. in infancy, Margaret called Peggy who m. William A. Young and had a son John E. Young, Elisha II who m. Strudwick and daughter was Agnes Black Young, Jenny and Alexander St. Clair Young.

5.2. Thomas, killed by Indians and scalped in the battle of Kerr's Creek when he was a young man in 1763, unmarried and left no issue.

5.3. Mary m. John Cartmill, Augusta Co., VA, nothing further is known about Mary or her descendants.

6. Jane Young b. County Antrim and migrated to America, to Augusta Co., VA. Married 1) Patrick Cook and had children Mary (who married William Deane) and John who was killed at North Mountain when young. Patrick died and Jane married 2) to Andrew Steel, having one known child, Andrew Steel Jr.

7. William Young b. County Antrim and migrated to America at an early but unknown date, did not stay long in Augusta Co., VA, but migrated to Albemarle Co. and lived for many years before living in NC for a time before migrating to KY before 1777, when KY was still dangerous Indian territory and everyone lived in a fort or station. William died in 1818 in KY and was reportedly married three times. Only the first name of his third wife, Mary, is known at this time. William was a Revolutionary War soldier who may have served only in the forts/stations of the KY frontier or may have served in NC. He is listed as a member of Capt. Boyle's Company, out of Logan's Fort, and stationed at forts along Dick's River in Lincoln Co. A Col. Young is later identified in a Draper interview with Mrs. Arnold as being at Craig's Station. In the Fall of 1783, all the inhabitants of Craig's Station went to Gilbert's Creek Station, including the William Young family. All remained at Gilbert's Creek Station except Capt. John Craig. William claimed two 400 acre land grants on Gilbert's Creek, one was denied, probably having had a valid claim by someone else. To get the grant he received, he had to have been in KY after January 1778 and before October 1779. There is a Chalkley court reference dated 1779, listing, among many others, both William Young and William Hughes, who would become William Young's son Thomas' father-in-law, as delinquent on their taxes because they have "gone to Kentucky." This delinquent tax list was for 1777 or 1778, making their trip to KY fall into the time frame in which son Thomas was born. He was probably born shortly after their arrival in KY, most likely at Logan's Fort.

8. John Young b. County Antrim, m. Elizabeth (Unknown), migrated to America in 1737 and settled in Augusta Co., VA. For further detail on this family see John Young Family.

9. James Young b. County Antrim, son William.

10. Sarah/Sally Young b. 1695 County Antrim, m. William Curry in Ireland. (I have more info not posted yet on this family.) (Possibly others.)