Person:John Warwick (17)

John Warwick
b.19 September 1775 Virginia
d.17 March 1848 Amherst County, Virginia
m. 1759
  1. Agatha Warwick1759 - 1784
  2. Beverly Warwick1761 - 1794
  3. Capt. James Warwick1763 - 1840
  4. Maj. William Sydney Warwick1765 - 1832
  5. Sarah 'Sally' Warwick1769 - 1844
  6. Elizabeth Warwick1770 - 1812
  7. Mary 'Polly' Warwick1773 -
  8. John Warwick1775 - 1848
  9. Daniel Warwick1778 - 1861
m. 26 May 1803
Facts and Events
Name John Warwick
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 19 September 1775 Virginia
Marriage 26 May 1803 Amherst County, Virginiato Mary 'Polly' Powell
Death[2] 17 March 1848 Amherst County, Virginia

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Norvell vs. Camm--O. S. 160; N. S. 56--Bill, 1811. Orator is Reuben Norvell of Amherst. In 1755 patent was issued to James and John Christian and William Brown for 3,926 acres in Albemarle (now Amherst). In 1774 the tract was declared forfeited on petition of John and Charles Christian, sons of said Jno. Christian, then deceased. James Christian was also dead in 1774. Jonn and Charles, however, did nothing to perfect a title. Yet in 1777 they conveyed 933 acres to James Grisham, who in 1787 conveyed 433 acres to Thomas Powell. Thomas died 1788, intestate, leaving two children, viz: Betsey, wife of John Camm, and Mary, wife of John Warwick. Patent was issued to orator in 1798 for the 3,926 acres. John and Charles Christian had resided, one in New Kent and one in Charles City. In 1774 Charles lived in Goochland. In 1779 he moved to Amherst. Col. Thomas Moore married Sally, the widow of Thomas Powell. Col. Joseph Burrus lived in Tennessee. James Loudon, aged 71, deposes in Amherst, 9th October, 1811, that the last one of the Christians moved to Charles City in 1763. William Knight deposes in Campbell County, October, 1811--he has resided near the land since 1774--that James Grissom did not remove to Amherst until 1780. James Loudon deposes further he has lived in Albemarle, near the land, since infancy; it was settled in 1752. Henry Turner, aged 53, deposes in Campbell, 12th October, 1811, has lived near the land since 1776. Previous to 1765 John and James Christian died. There was a judgment of forfeiture in General Court in 1774 for non-payment of quit rents due from William Brown. Henry Christian and William Brown Christian, children and devisees of John Christian, deceased; James, John and George Christian, children and devisees of James Christian, deceased, in whom the right is since become vested. On 30th October, 1774, John and Charles of Charles City County, conveyed to James Gresham, of Cumberland, 933 acres (copy of deed). Recorded in Amherst, 6th July, 1778. On 21st August, 1787, Gresham of Amherst conveyed to Thomas Powell. Copy of deed recorded in Amherst 3d September, 1787. Powell died 1788. Henry Turner deposes that the land on which he lives belonged to John Scott, who married Margaret Fry, and was conveyed to Turner's father by Scott.
  1. GenForum.

    There is a John Warwick b.1775 who married Polly Powell- they belong to another Warwick family who settled in and around Lynchburg and Amhurst county. This John Warwick left no legitimate descendants himself, but he had nine sisters and brothers, most of whom had children. One of this John's brothers was my ggg grandfather, William Warwick (to further confuse things), who had three wives and 18 children. My Warwicks were mostly in Banking and finance and moved to cities in the East-Richmond, Baltimore, and after 1930 to New York. I don't think they ever went much farther west than Amherst County.

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