Person:John Wardwell (18)

John Webster Wardwell
m. 21 MAY 1815
  1. Elizabeth WardwellABT 1815 - 1817
  2. Jennet Wardwell1818 - 1838
  3. Harriet Wardwell1819 - 1841
  4. Charlotte Wardwell1821 - 1831
  5. George Webster Wardwell1824 - 1883
  6. Abiel Wardwell1827 - 1852
  7. Mary E. Wardwell1828 - 1837
  8. Ruth Wardwell1830 - 1832
  9. John Webster Wardwell1832 - 1900
m. 3 OCT 1852
  1. George B. WardwellABT 1853 - 1873
  2. Charles W. Wardwell1859 - 1945
  3. Mary Florence Martin Wardwell1874 - BEF 1910
Facts and Events
Name John Webster Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1 JUN 1832 Salisbury, Merrimack, NH
Marriage 3 OCT 1852 Gilmanton, Belknap, NHto Mary J. Fifield
Death[2] 22 AUG 1900 Cleveland, Cayuhoga, OH
Occupation? Clerk in 1850, Railroad Paymaster in 1860, Ticket Agent in 1880, Railroad Manager in 1900

Living with the Ordway Family in Concord, NH at 1850. His future wife, Mary Fifield, lives there as well. In Plymouth, NH at 1860 census with personal estate valued at $1500. Living in Concord at 1880 census. Listed in 1886 Old Orchard Beach, Maine Directory, with a home on Union Avenue. In Cleveland at 1900 census, living as a lodger at 107 Huron Street. He is listed as married, but his wife is not with him.

Listed in 1876,1878, 1880 & 1881 Concord, NH Directories as a Ticket Agent for the Concord Railroad.

"The Canton Repository interviewed Superintendent Wardwell, of the Cleveland & Canton (Connotton Valley) and we glean therefrom that it has been a good thing for Canton." -Coshocton, Ohio Semi-Weekly Age 23 November 1887

"Canton May 15. - In a petition filed in court this morning, John W. Wardwell, receiver of the C.,C. & S Railway, prays for an injunction restraining the Pennsylvania company from taking possession of certain right of way alleged to belong to C., C. & S. Company. The defendant company has already commenced to build a sidetrack from the Blake switch at Navarre Street to the Wrought Iron Bridge Company's plant, and, according to Mr. Wardwell's statement, appropriate right of way belonging to the plaintiff corporation. Mr. Wardwell desires the injunction made perpetual upon a final hearing of the case, and that the Pennsylvania company be ordered to remove the track already laid." -Massillon Ohio Independent 16 May 1895

"J.W. Wardwell, receiver and general manager of the Cleveland, Canton & Southern railroad, was the guest of his son, C. W. Wardwell, in Canton, on Saturday." -Massillon Ohio Independent 17 August 1899

John W. Wardwell Dead He was Many Years Receiver of the Cleveland, Canton & Southern John W. Wardwell who was personally known to a number of Coshocton people and who will be remembered by others as receiver of the Cleveland, Canton & Southern, died at the Tavistock hotel in Cleveland early Wednesday morning after weeks of suffering from uremic poisoning. Mr. Wardwell was a New Hampshire man, and began his railroad career as a passenger conductor. In 1889 he became general superintendent of the Cleveland, Canton & Southern, and when the road passed into the courts he was made receiver. Then commenced one of the longest and in some respects the most remarkable receivership the country has ever known. With a road that did not make too much money in prosperous times, he carried the property along, separating all of its branches and keeping it in splendid shape, and all, of the getting it into a position, where it could free itself from debt, and stand once more upon firm footing. After its sale to the Wheeling Mr. Wardwell remained to settle all its affairs. Mr. Wardwell was for his railroad first and last and while known as a man of kindly disposition never yielded an inch if it endangered the property in its charge. He held an enviable place among railroad men. -Coshocton Ohio Age 24 August 1900

"John W. Wardwell died at Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday from uremic poisoning. He was sixty-eight years of age and widely known as a railroad manager. When twenty-six years old, he was a passenger conductor of the Boston, Concord and Montreal Railway, and from November 1865 to January 1871, he was freight agent of the Rutland and Burlington Railway. For ten years from 1871, he served as general ticket agent of the Concord Railway and in 1881 was made freight agent of the Boston and Lowell Railway. He later became acquainted with H.A. Blood, President of the Cleveland and Canton Railway, and when the change of administration was made in January 1886, Mr. Wardwell was appointed General Superintendent of the Cleveland, Canton and Southern Railroad. On September 15, 1893, he was appointed receiver of the road, and from May 1894, was the General Manager. He was also General Superintendent of the Cleveland, Belt and Terminal Road" -New York Times 23 August 1900

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