Person:John Vance (27)

Col. John Primrose Vance
d.bef. 21 May, 1782 Augusta County, Virginia
m. WFT Est 1720-1724
  1. Col. John Primrose VanceABT 1725 - BET 1780
  2. Benjamin Vance1725-1740 -
  3. James Vance1725-1740 -
  4. Col. Samuel Vance, of Bath County, VA1734 - 1807
  5. Mary Vance1743 - 1823
m. bef. 1750
  1. James Vance1750-1767 -
  2. Benjamin Vance1750-1767 -
  3. Andrew Vance1750-1767 -
  4. Margaret Vance1750-1767 -
  5. Samuel Vance1750-1767 -
  6. William Vance1755 -
Facts and Events
Name Col. John Primrose Vance
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1725 Prob. Antrim, Ireland
Marriage bef. 1750 to Mary Martha Worth
Alt Death? BET 3 OCT 1780 AND 18 JUN 1782 Augusta County, Virginia
Death? bef. 21 May, 1782 Augusta County, Virginia

John Vance was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

John Vance apparently acquired land and lived on Reed Creek before 1755 (see 192 acre tract sold to Robert Allison in 1755). He also acquired land in other areas of early Augusta County, as listed below:

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 348.--26th February, 1760. Same (Hugh Carothers, of Orange County, North Carolina, to Jno. Buchanan, power attorney to convey by deed) to James Lawderdale, power attorney to convey to John Vaunce, 300 acres on a branch of Loonie's Creek, joining Wm. Harbinson.
  • Page 119.--19th November, 1766. Robert Gay and Sarah ( ) to John Vance, £50, 133 acres, part of 664 acres conveyed to Robert by Robert. Abercrombie, 23d October, 1760, on Back Creek, a branch of Jackson's River; corner Samuel Vance's part. Delivered: Samuel Vance, devisee, 7th November, 1797.

This transaction immediately followed the above transaction:

Page 121.--19th November, 1766. Same (From Robert Gay and Sarah) to Samuel Vance, £50 to the said Henry and Gay paid, 180 acres, part of 664 acres above, mouth of Naps Creek.
  • Page 271 - John Vance, 54 acres, Jackson River. April 7, 1774. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 93].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 79.--19th May, 1755. John Vance, of Bedford County, to Robert Alleson, £20, 192 acres on North Fork Reed Creek patented to said John Vance. Teste: Wm. Scott, Geo. Wilson, Peter Scott.

Will of John P. Vance

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 243.--3d October, 1780. John P. Vance's will (yeoman)--To wife, Martha; to daughter, Margaret; to son, Benjamin; to eldest son, Samuel, plantation on Back Creek; to sons, James and William, tract near Staunton. Executors, John Moffett, Jacob Warrick, John Bailer, of Boutetourt County. Teste: Samuel Vance, Wm. Hutchison, Michael Dougherty. Proved, 21st May, 1782, by Hutchison, and on 18th June, 1782, by Dougherty. Executors have refused to execute. Administration granted widow Martha.
  • MAY 21, 1782. (377) John Vance's will partly proved.
  • JUNE 18, 1782. (412) Martha, widow of John Vance, qualifies admx. c. t. a.
  • Page 259.--15th July, 1782. John Vance's estate appraised by John Davis, Alex. Hamilton, Richard Eliot.
  • JUNE 19, 1793. (295) On motion of Charles Cameron, guardian to James Vance, orphan of John Vance, deceased, John McCarty and Martha, late Martha Vance, widow of John, to be required to settle accounts.

Records of John Vance in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Inquisition, 19th May, 1750, at the house of James Greenlee, on James River, before John Mathews, on body of Edward Hogan, late of this County. Found that he was drowned accidentally by the oversetting of a cannow as he was crossing over James River, near the house of James Greenlee, on 13th May, 1750. James Mountgomery, Michael Dougherty, John Hitchins, John Ramsey, Josiah F. Hendon, John Vance, John Poage, Samuel Walker, Joseph Walker, John Mathews, Jr., Joshua Mathews, Mathew Vance.
  • MAY 23, 1750. - (371) Road ordered from Ezekiel Calhoun's to Wood's River thence to Top of Ridge between Wood's River and the South Fork of Roanoke. John McFarland and Joseph Crockett to be surveyors of former, and Wm. Crisp and Wm. Pellam, of latter part, with tithables, and the following: Henry Batton, Mordecai Early, John McFarland, Jacob Goldman, John Downing, John Goldman, Charles Sinclair, Nathaniel Wilshire, Wm. Sayers, Jacob Goldman, Wm. Hamilton, Humbertson Lyon, Frederick Carlock, Robert Norris, James Miller, James Cave, Saml. Montgomerie, Steven Lyon, John Conley, Andrew Linam, James Willbey, Saml. Stanlick, James Maies, Robert McFarlin, James Harris, John Vance, John Stride, Robert Miller, Alexr. Sayers, John Miller, Jacob Castle, Robert Alcorn, John Forman, Wm. Miller.
  • MARCH 21, 1753. (414) John Buchanan, James Clark, Jacob Lockhart, Thomas Kirkpatrick, John Berry, John Bartley, Wm. Martin, Josias Richards, William McFeeters, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young, William McClintock, Wm. Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Maurice O'Frield, Samuel Wallace, Robert Davis, Robert McClenon, James Moody, James Philips, Wm. Akry, Cornelius Donaho, George Peary, Adam Thompson, Thomas Peary, John Campbell, James Peary, Wm. McNab, Robert Scot, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Thomas Dunn, Francis Dunn, Major Scot, John Bigham, John Black, Samuel Downing, Alexr. McFeeters, Andrew Cowan, James McCorkle, John Vance, James Gilmore and Patrick Martin--to keep road formerly laid off from James Young's Mill to said Buchanan's Mill.
  • 1753-1754, Pt. 1. - Petitioners ask that the following be assigned to work the road from James Young's mill to John Buchanan's mill: John Buchanan, James Clark's tithables, Jacob Lockhart's tithables, Thomas Kirkpatrick's tithables, John Bertly, George Bertly, William Martin, Josias Richards, William McFetters' tithables, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young's tithables, William McClintog, William Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Moses A'Friel's tithables, Samuel Wallis, Robert Davis, Robert McClenan's tithables, James Moody's tithables, James Philips, William Eckrey, Corneles Donahow, Alexander Ritchey, to be overseer; Adam Thomson, to be overseer; George Peevy, Adam Thomson's tithables, Thomas Peevy, William McNabe, Robert Scoat, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Francis Dune, Mager Scoat, John Bingham's tithables, John Black's tithables, Samuel Downey, Alexander McFetters, Andrew Cowen, James McCorkell, John Vance, James Gilmor, Alexander Ritchie's tithables, Patrick Martin's tithables.
  • AUGUST 20, 1757. (32) John Vance--his death abates suit. (Perhaps the father of this John Vance?)
  • Page 12.--__ October, 1760. John Guy's estate settlement (the name is Gay in the order), by Henry Gay, administrator--Sold to Francis Donnally, Martha Guy, Henry Guy, Arthur Greer. widow Savers, Wm. Bunting, Agnes Guy, Jean Moffet, Mary Guy, James Borling, Thos. Brown, Timothy Sullivan. Sundries to Elizabeth Gay, Ann Gay. Paid to John Vance, Nathaniel Lyon, John Neall, John Jamison, James McCoy, Arthur Hamilton, Maj. Brown, Commadore Brown.
  • Page 182.--20th August, 1765. James Patton's executors to Patrick Calhoon, late of Augusta, but now of Province of South Carolina, yeoman, £14.10, on Reed Creek whereon Patrick formerly lived, 322 acres by a survey made by said John Buchanan, 9th April, 1752, John Vance's line.
  • Page 68.--23d November, 1767. Saml. Wallace's estate settled--Paid to, viz: Elizabeth Wallace, Robert Phillips, Francis Gardner, Saml. Bell, Robt. Wallace. Trustees of Ye Meeting House, Mary Ann Bell, John Vance (for a coffin), Jane Hamilton, Charles Phillips.
  • Page 133.--18th August, 1768. James Frame and Martha ( ) to Thomas Frame, their son, £100, 220 acres in Beverley Manor, corner Christian's lands, in a line of land once belonging to Lusk; McCorkale's corner; John Glasse's corner. Teste: John Stuart, John ( ) Vance. Delivered: Thomas Frame, 14th June, 1770.
  • Page 44.--21st November, 1772. Recorded. James Gregory's appraisement by William Hutcheson, Archibald Smithers, John Vance.
  • AUGUST, 1780 (A). Bohannon vs. Martin.--Copy of Proceedings. Writ, dated 21st December, in 31st year of reign. By John Buchanan, gent., vs. Patrick Martain.-- Account of what militia was under command of Capt. Patrick Martain since the 2d of May:
                        When       Days       When
 Name.                  Entered.   on duty.   Discharged.      Pay per die
Capt. Patrick Martain Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 10/
Adam Thompson Aug. 4th 28 1 Sept. 1/
Samuel Black Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/
David Stuart, Serg. Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/4
John Perrie Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/
Patrick English Aug. 4th 34 7 Sept. 1/
John Vance Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/
William Hodge Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/
Charles Erwin Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/
Edward Hinds Aug. 4th 36 9 Sept. 1/
John Trimble Aug. 4th 12 16 Aug. 1/
John Beard Aug. 16th 24 9 Sept. 1/
Gabriel Guile Aug. 23rd 15 7 Sept. 1/
Archibald Gilkeson Aug. 16th 24 9 Sept. 1/
Jacob Guile Aug. 23rd 15 7 Sept. 1/
George Guile Aug. 23rd 15 7 Sept. 1/
John Jameson Aug. 26th 8 3 Sept. 1/
William Martain Aug. 26th 8 3 Sept. 1/
Sworn to 16th December, 1756, by Capt. Pat. Martin. Receipt, 16th

December, 1756, by Capt. Pat. Martin for above.

  • CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED--OLD STYLE. - No. 18. - Buchanan vs. Dorsey.--From Ohio County, November, 1796. John Vance made a settlement of the same land on which John Black had settled on Middle Wheeling Creek and transferred his right to Walter Buchanan. Deed by John Black, of Washington County, Pennsylvania, to Jos. Dorsey, of Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1796. Test: Henry and John Perviance.
  • CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED. - Peter Brinkley of Wythe vs. John Vance--O. S. 5; N. S. 2--3rd June 1752, John Vance sold to Ro. Miller a tract of land now in Wythe, formerly Augusta, on Wm. Calhoun's Meadow Run, a branch of Reed Creek. Robert died intestate leaving Robert his heir at law. Robert Jr. on 9th March, 1784 sold to Walter Beaty, who on 2nd of December, 1785, sold to orator. John Vance is dead & a certain Jacob Vance, who lives out of the State is heir at law. Walter Beaty also resides out of the State. Bill filed 29th December, 1794. Answer of Robert Miller 1st April, 1796. Walter Beatey married his sister. Jacob Vance lives in forks of Saluda River, So. Carolina.
  • EXECUTIONS. - SEPTEMBER, 1796 (H to T). - John McCarty and Martha, late Martha Vance, administratrix of John Vance, vs. Samuel Vance.

The following are probably relating to John Vance, Jr.:

  • Christopher Acklin vs. Francis Walker--O. S. 17; N. S. 6--Bill filed 1802--Settlement of Wolf Hill tract in Washington County belonging to Thomas Walker, deceased, father of Francis. Other settlers were Saml. Biggs, James Craig, Saml. Evans, David Getgood, John Vance. John Vance deposes, 19th August, 1803, at house of John McCormick in Abingdon, that between 1773 and 1775 he and Christopher Acklin settled on the Wolf Hill tract, deponent having purchased a settlement of John Huston; Daniel Smith was Dr. Walker's agent. James Crow settled on the Wolf Hill tract in 1778; James Piper was also a settler. Francis Walker went to school to Daniel Smith, the agent. Josiah Gamble deposes in Blount County, Tennessee, 10th March, 1803, that he and Daniel Smith were the agents of Walker, and Acklin was the first settler on the land in dispute. Daniel Smith deposes at his own house in Sumner County, Tennessee, 12th March, 1804. Robert Doaek was Walker's agent before Smith, in years 1770-72. Alexander Brackenridge deposes in Bourbon County, 10th June, 1803: In 1769? 1776 a certain Robert Doak said he was agent for Dr. Thos. Walker and induced Alexr. to take a part of the lands, and he, in November of same year, went there and built a cabin, and in September, 1770, he moved there. In 1772 Doak came and laid off the lands to the settlers. In 1773 settlers were advertised to meet at the house of Samuel Briggs.
  • John Vance vs. Walker--O. S. 16; N. S. 6--Similar to above. John Campbell deposes at house of John McCormick in Abingdon, 25th June, 1803, that in fall of 1768 he came for the first time to western part of Virginia, and on his way overtook a number of persons, who informed him they were coming to settle on a tract owned by Dr. Thos. Walker, known as Wolf Hill tract. Andrew Vance, in 1802, was son of John. Alexander Brackenridge testifies as before (but the transaction took place in 1769, instead of 1776, as above). Josiah Gamble deposes as John Campbell above; in 1769, he was going to Holstein and overtook the party to Wolf Hill tract. Deposition of Wm. Y. Conn (?): That about 1785 he came to Abingdon. Joseph Acklin, son of Christopher, deposes. Joseph Black deposes.