Person:John Tilford (6)

John Tilford
b.7/11 Jun 1775 Virginia, United States
d.26 Feb 1864
m. Bef. 1773
  1. Mary Telford1773 -
  2. John Tilford1775 - 1864
  3. Jean Telford1777 - 1846
  4. Alexander Telford1778 -
  5. Robert Telford1780 -
  6. Sarah Telford1782 -
  7. Elizabeth Telford1784 - 1862
  8. William Telford1787 -
  9. David Telford1789 -
  10. James Telford1790 -
  • HJohn Tilford1775 - 1864
  • WAnn Workman1781 - 1823
m. Bef 1802
  1. Robert Tilford1802 - 1862
  2. Sarah Tilford1805 - 1886
  3. John Sinclair TilfordAbt 1812 -
  4. Maria TilfordAbt 1814 -
m. 9 Aug 1825
  • HJohn Tilford1775 - 1864
  • W.  Mary (add)
m. 26 May 1829
Facts and Events
Name John Tilford
Alt Name John Telford
Gender Male
Birth[1] 7/11 Jun 1775 Virginia, United States
Marriage Bef 1802 Estimated date based on birth date of oldest known child
to Ann Workman
Other[4] 1812 Clark, Indiana, United Statessigned petition asking for extra time to pay for land because of disturbed times
Other[5] 1813 Clark, Indiana, United Statessigned petition in support of federal aid in the development of manufacturing
Marriage 9 Aug 1825 Clark, Indiana, United Statesby William Goodwin
to Catherine Reese
Marriage 26 May 1829 Clark, Indiana, United Statesto Mary (add)
Census[6] 1840 Clark, Indiana, United States
Census[3] 1850 Clark, Indiana, United States
Other[7] Abt 1850 Clark, Indiana, United Statesfounding member of a Masonic Lodge
Death[2] 26 Feb 1864
Burial[2] New Washington, Clark, Indiana, United StatesAdams Cemetery
  1. Houston, Florence Amelia Wilson; Laura Anna Cowan Blaine; and Ella Dunn Mellette. Maxwell history and genealogy: including the allied families of Alexander, Allen, Bachiler, Batterton, Beveridge, Blaine, Brewster, Brown, Callender, Campbell, Carey, Clark, Cowan, Fox, Dinwiddie, Dunn, Eylar, Garretson, Gentry, Guthrie, Houston, Howard, Howe, Hughes, Hussey, Irvine, Johnson, Kimes, McCullough, Moore, Pemberton, Rosenmüller, Smith, Stapp, Teter, Tilford, Uzzell, Vawter, Ver Planck, Walker, Wiley, Wilson. (Indianapolis, Ind: Press of C.E. Pauley, Indianapolis Engraving Co., 1916), p. 383, Secondary quality.

    Birth date is from brother James' family bible

  2. 2.0 2.1 Find A Grave, Memorial# 31190320, Secondary quality.

    Birth: Jun. 11, 1775
    Death: Feb. 26, 1864
    Burial: Adams Cemetery, New Washington, Clark County, Indiana, USA

    [First wife Ann is also on gravestone inscription.]

  3. New Washington, Clark, Indiana, in United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule, HH 191, Fam 191, Primary quality.

    Tilford, John, 76, RE = $1200, b. VA
    , Mary, 61, b. MO

  4. The Territory of Indiana 1810-1816, in United States. Department of State, and Clarence Edwin Carter. The territorial papers of the United States. (Washington [District of Columbia]: Government Printing Office, 1934-1962), Volume VIII, p. 222, Secondary quality.

    signers inc. John Tilford . . . William Anderson . . . Robert Bowers . . . Jacob Storm, Daniel Bower, Adam Bower, . . . Charles Johnston, John Johnston, Bealy Johnston, John Reese, Joseph Reese, Bengiman Reese [all together], . .

  5. The Territory of Indiana 1810-1816, in United States. Department of State, and Clarence Edwin Carter. The territorial papers of the United States. (Washington [District of Columbia]: Government Printing Office, 1934-1962), Volume VIII, pp. 265-267, Secondary quality.

    Petition to Congress by Citizens of Clark and Jefferson Counties (7 July 1813)
    “. . . we your petitioners Conceive tht at the present period very considerable advantage would result to the Territory from a Liberal encouragment of Manufactures in general—That more especially in this part the citizens labour under great disadvantage for want of the following branches viz. Grist and Saw Mills, Fulling Mills, Carding Machines &c. that there is sets for all the above branches of Manufactures on fraction of the first Section in town one North of the base line Range eight east of the second Maredion on fraction of the thirty sixth section in town two North of the base line Range eight East of the second Maredion, & on a Lot of one hundred acres in the Illenois Grant the Property of William Provine Esquire, a dam on which Materially injures the above named Fractions & these being the only advantageous seats for improvement in the neighbourhood, Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Honorable body will take the same into consideration & if Consistent grant a pre-emption right at two dollars per acres (with indulgence to discharge the Amount in yearly payment of one hundred dollars each) to William Provine and Company, who will bind themselves to erect the above named Mills & Machines, & keep them in repair so long as Your Honorable Body shall think proper to grant indulgence for the payment thereof: and at the expiration of said term, on condition the said Provine and Company fulfill their obligation, to issue a general Patent for the same.”
    p. 266 – signed Wm Anderson . . . John Telford
    p. 267 – Benjamin Reese, Peter Storm, Jacob Storm [together], . . . James Arbuckell, Charles Johnson
    p. 267 – petition rejected

  6. United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 249, Primary quality.

    Tilford, John, 1 m 20-29, 1 m 60-69, 1 f 5-9, 1 f 10-14, 1 f 30-39, 1 f 60-70
    (neighbor Sarah Arbuckle)

  7. History of the Ohio Falls cities and their counties: with illustrations and biographical sketches. (Cleveland, Ohio: L.A. Williams & Co., 1882), Vol II, p. 419, Secondary quality.

    “Twenty five years ago” [~1857??? – or earlier?] – Masonic Lodge organized, with John and Dougan Fouts, Robert Tilford, and Barney Campbell among charter members