Person:John Ross (8)

John Worth Ross
  1. Jane Ross1838 -
  2. James L. Ross1840 -
  3. Absalom Ross1842 -
  4. John Worth Ross1849 - 1916
  5. Alexander L. Ross1852 -
  6. Anguish L. Ross1854 -
m. 21 Dec 1869
  1. Jessie Lee Ross1870 - 1886
  2. Jennie Alabama Ross1872 - 1960
  3. Charley Boyd Ross1874 - 1937
  4. Connie Clayton Ross1880 - 1967
Facts and Events
Name John Worth Ross
Gender Male
Birth? 14 Feb 1849 Monroe, Georgia, United States
Marriage 21 Dec 1869 Silver Creek, Floyd, Georgia, United Statesto Laura Lavinia Hoss
Death? 15 Feb 1916 Armuchee, Floyd, Georgia, United States
Burial? East View Cemetery, Rome, Floyd, Georgia, United States

Image Gallery
  1.   Walton, Georgia, United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    14 Aug 1850.

    Free Inhabitants in This Divison No. 60 in the County of Monroe State of Georgia enumerated...on the fourteenth day of August 1850.

    Household 131, family 131.

    41-John Ross. Age 30. Male. Farmer, $5000 in real estate owned (ditto'd from an earlier entry). Born in Georgia.

    42-Martha Ross. Age 20. Female.

    (continued on the next sheet)

    1-Jane Ross. Age 12. Female.

    2-Absalim Ross. Age 8. Male.

    3-James Ross. Age 10. Male. Attended school: 2 months.

    4-John Ross. Age 2. Male.

  2.   1860 Census of Tallapoosa, Alabama, United States
    3 Sep 1860.

    Free Inhabitants in Beat No. 14 in the County of Tallapoosa, State of Alabama enumerated by me, on the 3 day of September 1860. J. Crittenden, Ass't Marshal. Post Office Dadeville.

    Dwelling 1040, family 953.

    33-John Ross. Age 45. Male. Farmer. Personal estate valued at $200. Born in Georgia.

    34-Martha [Ross]. Age 36. Female. Born in South Carolina.

    35-James L. [Ross]. Age 19. Male. Born in Georgia.

    36-John W. [Ross]. Age 11. Male. Born in [Georgia].

    37-Alexander L. [Ross]. Age 8. Male. Born in [Georgia].

    38-Anguish L. [Ross]. Age 6. Male. Born in Alabama.

  3.   Floyd, Georgia, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    8 Jun 1880.

    Inhabitants in Chulio District (962), in the County of Floyd, State of Georgia, enumerated by me on the Eighth day of June, 1880. James A. Clement. Page No. 19, Supervisor's District No. 1, Enumeration District No. 72.

    Dwelling 193, family 193.

    15-Hoss, Jacob. White. Male. Age 76. Married. Farmer. Born in Tennessee; parents born in Tennessee.

    16-[Hoss], Sarah V. White. Female. Age 73. Wife. Married. Keeping House. Born in Tennessee; parents born in Virginia.

    17-[Hoss], Sarah A. White. Female. Age 45. Daughter. Single. At Home. Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee.

    18-[Hoss], Mary E. White. Female. Age 39. Daughter. Single. At Home. Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee.

    19-Ross, John W. White. Male. Age 32. Son-in-law. Married. Farmer. Born in Georgia; parents born in Alabama.

    20-[Ross], Laura L. White. Female. Age 25. Daughter. Married. At Home. Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee.

    21-[Ross], Jesse Lee. White. Female. Age 9. Daughter. Single. Born in Georgia; father born in Georgia; mother born in Alabama.

    22-[Ross], Jennie A. White. Female. Age 7. Daughter. Single. Born in Georgia; father born in Georgia; mother born in Alabama.

    23-[Ross], Charles B. White. Male. Age 6. Son. Single. Born in Georgia; father born in Georgia; mother born in Alabama.

    24-[Ross], Connie C. White. Female. Age 1 month (born in April). Daughter. Single. Born in Georgia; father born in Georgia; mother born in Alabama.

    25-Collins, John C. White. Male. Age 24. Boarder. Single. Works on farm. Born in Georgia; parents born in Georgia.

  4.   Floyd, Georgia, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    15 Jun 1900.

    State Georgia, County Floyd, Supervisor's District No. 7, Enumeration District No. 125, Sheet No. 7B.

    Floyd Springs, District No. 949. Enumerated on the 15th day of June 1900.

    Dwelling 126, family 128.

    83-Ross, John W. Head. White. Male. February 1849. Age 51. Married (31 years). Born in Georgia; father born in Georgia; mother born in South Carolina. Grist miller. Can read and write. Rents farm (schedule 108).

    84-[Ross], Laura L. Wife. White. Female. April 1845. Age 55. Married (31 years). Four children born, three children still living. Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee. Can read and write.

    85-[Ross], Jennie A. Daughter. White. Female. July 1872. Age 27. Single. Born in Georgia; father born in Georgia; mother born in Tennessee. Can read and write.

  5.   Floyd, Georgia, United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    23 Apr 1910.

    State Georgia, County Floyd. Supervisor's District No. 7, Enumeration Distriction No. 74, Sheet No. 3B.

    1688 Glenwood Militia District, Enumerated 21 April 1910.

    Dwelling 80, family 80.

    78-Ross, John W. Head. Male. White. Age 62. First marriage (40 years). Born in Georgia; parents born in Georgia. Farmer, general farm, working on own account. Can read and write. Own mortgaged farm, farm schedule 48(?).

    79-[Ross], Laura L. Wife. Female. White. Age 65. First marriage (40 years). Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee. Can read and write.

    80-[Ross], Jennie. Daughter. Female. White. Age 37. Single. Born in Georgia; father born in Alabama; mother born in Tennessee. Can read and write.

    81-Hoss, Sarah A. Sister-in-law. Female. White. Age 74. Single. Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee. Can read and write.

    82-Hoss, Mary E. Sister-in-law. Female. White. Age 67. Single. Born in Alabama; parents born in Tennessee. Can read and write.

  6.   An obituary from a Rome-area newspaper; the top corner of the clipping is torn.--KF-in-Georgia

    …County’s Sterling, Loved Citizens, Dies Suddenly at His Home Near Rome, Aged 67
           One of Floyd county’s sterling citizens passed away Tuesday morning when John W. Ross died suddenly from heart trouble at his home on the Summerville Pike, near Armuchee. The news of his death will cause sorrow to hundreds of friends throughout this community—friends who had learned to esteem and honor him as a high type of good neighbor, true friend and splendid citizen.
           The funeral will take place this afternoon at three o’clock from the Methodist church at Armuchee. The services will be conducted by the Rev. H. L. Byrd, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Frazer.
           Mr. Ross had celebrated his sixty-seventh birthday on February 14th, and was apparently in good health until the attack came which ended his life. He was born in South Georgia, but had removed to Floyd county early in life and had resided there half a century. For the past twenty years the family had lived on the Summerville Pike.
           Surviving members of the family are the widow, two daughters, Miss Jennie and Connie Ross and a son, Charles Ross. Seven grandchildren also survive him.
           His life-long friend, Hon. Seaborn Wright, speaking of him yesterday, said: “The good Lord never made a better, truer man than John Ross. I loved him as I had loved few men. I know I never had a better friend. He was a big-hearted plain, out-spoken man, with no touch of hypocrisy about him. In his make-up there was no sham. He was all genuine. I never knew him to come in contact with an intelligent, honest man that he did not win his admiration and regard.
           “Such men as Dr Wm H. Felton and Sam Jones1 had a profound respect and affection for him. The last time Sam Jones was over in Rome he and I spent the day at the home of John Ross. When we left Sam said to me, ‘I never spent a happier day. I love John Ross and his family. In all the days of my early trials and sorrow, John, his good wife, Aunt Bam and Bettie stood by me, believed in me, loved me, and it has helped to make me what I am.’
           “His stricken family will bear their grief easier, because they know hundreds will mourn with them for their loved one, and because, too, they know they will meet their husband, brother and father in a land where partings are unknown.”
           1Sam Jones was a nationally known evangelist who began his preaching career in Rome. His “early trials” possibly refers to times when the ex-drinker went off the wagon in spectacular public fashion. His later nationwide evangelical tours drew overflow crowds to hear his sermons on the evils of alcohol.--KF

  7.   This tribute was published in a Methodist church publication, 1916.--KF-in-Georgia

           John W. Ross was born in Monroe County, Georgia, near Barnesville February 14, 1849, and died February 15, 1916, at his late home in Floyd County, near Rome.
           He was of Scotch-Irish descent, therefore a very congenial and lovable man. Quick, indeed, to discern facts and good humor. Received only a moderate education in the schools, but supplemented the same by reading good books. He was a splendid mill-wright, and the people knew him as the mill-man.
           A leading churchman, truly helpful at quarterly conferences, and had entertained many of our greatest preachers. His home was headquarters for preachers: joined the M. E. Church, South, in 1879, few, if any, will be missed more than he.
           On December 21, 1869, he was married to Miss Laura L. Hoss. There were born unto them four children, three of whom yet live to mourn his departure. His good wife survives, also two brothers in Texas, and seven grand-children.
           God bless his memory and loved ones forever,
           A former pastor, G. L. Chastain.

  8.   This tribute appeared in a Rome-area newspaper.--KF-in-Georgia

           It is not the lot of every man to acquire wealth or fame, yet it is entirely within the power of any person to so conduct himself within his own particular sphere, that his influence will be felt.
           An illustration of this truth is found in the life of the late John Ross, of Floyd county, who just the other day passed to his reward. Mr. Ross was a quiet man, who lived a quiet life, most of it just within the confines of this county, a large part of it at the same country home. Yet such as the nature of the man that he wielded a potent influence upon all with whom he came in contact, and that influence was all for good. John Ross was of that sturdy dependable type of citizenship that has been the glory of America. There was good blood in his veins and he was true to its traditions. He did right because it was right. Therefore men said of him that his word was a good as his bond. Therefore men recognized him as a genuine, sincere, honest man, and sought his advice and friendship. Therefore he was a power in this community.
           There are many to miss him, and to mourn him, now that he is gone—but there were also many friends of the years gone by to await him and to welcome him upon the golden shore where souls that loved upon this earth meet again—and part no more.