Person:John Rogers (53)

Deacon John Rogers
b.est 1610
  • HDeacon John Rogersest 1610 - 1660/61
  • WJudith Unknownest 1615 -
  1. John Rogersabt 1638 - 1709/10
  2. Mary Rogersabt 1640 -
  3. Lydia Rogers1642 - bet 1704 and 1725
  4. Hannah Rogersabt 1644 - 1721
  5. Sarah Rogersest 1647 -
Facts and Events
Name Deacon John Rogers
Gender Male
Birth[2] est 1610
Marriage to Judith Unknown
Death[2][3] 11 Feb 1660/61 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation[2] linen weaver

See Rogers in Massachusetts for information about the three contemporary John Rogers of Massachusetts.



Researcher Brian Lewis (3 May 2005 email) indicates John Rogers as born in Moulsham, county Essex, England: "Parrish records for Moulsham show a John Rogers being son of John Rogers. Moulsham is part of Chelmsford now. See Banks Topographical Dictionary, p. 42, 49."

Savage and others have made many mistakes about him. He was NOT the son of Thomas Rogers, the Mayflower pilgrim. Nor did he marry Ann Churchman.

Life in New England

1643: Proprietor in Weymouth

Deacon, town officer

Linen weaver


His will (transcribed below) mentions wife Judith, who is also identified as mother of his son John Rogers. Additional children are mentioned; those mentioned by name include: daughter Mary Rane; son-in-law John Rane; daughter Liddia Whitte; son-in-law Joseph White; daughter Hannah Pratt; son-in-law Samuel Pratt; daughter Sarah unmarried.

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Will of Deacon John Rogers

(NEHGR 31:375)

8: 12: 1660.

Unto his beloued wife, Judith Rogers, his new end of his dwelling house, with one third part of ye Barne, and halfe his orchard and produce thereof, and halfe his pasture, adioyning to ye orchard, to be hers dureing her life. His will is, that his sonne, John Rogers, shall pay vnto his mother, Judith, 20 bushells of Corne, yearly, one third in wheate, one third peases, one third in Indian Corne. If his sonne, John, refuse or fayle in paymt of ye said Corne, then his mother shall haue halfe ye land to improue as long as she liues, viz. ye broke vpland.

Hee bequeaths vnto his wife, his feather bed, and all ye furniture thereunto belonging, with halfe of all his household goods, giueing hir power to bestow it on whom shee please; provided it be given to Deacon Rogers Children. Giues his wife, one Cow, and ye use of ye other Cow ye yeare Insueing, except his sonne, John, marry, then one Cow to be his. Hee giues one heifer to his wife, and halfe his swine and halfe his Goates and halfe his sheep. It is his will that his sonne, John Rogers, shall keep one Cow for his mother, and six Goates at winter, only, as long as shee liues. If John Rogers fayle in refuseing, then it is his will, that his wife, Judeth, shall have that part of his meadow adjoyning deacon Whitmans meadow, dureing her life. Hee Bequathes vnto his dau. Mary rane, his great lott which is 12 Acres, Bounded by Deacon Philips great lot, and further, giues her 40s.; vnto his dau., Liddia Whitte, six Acres of land lying on ye east necke, or 5 pounds., which he leaues to his executors discretion, either to giue her ye land or ye fiue pound, soe it be donne in one yeares time after his decease. He giues unto his dau. Hannah Pratt, 5 pounds, to be payd two yeeres after his decease.

He giues his dau. Sarah, 15 pounds.; ten pounds to be payde A moneth after her marriage, ye other 5 pounds, two yeares after marriage. In case shee marry not, shee is to haue 15 pounds; ten pounds at 18 yeares of age, and fiue pounds at 25 yeeres old. Vnto his sonne, John Rogers, the Remaynder of all his estate, as houseing, Cattle, lands, &c. [said John paying his sisters out of that part of the estate given to him.]

If his sonne, John, dy without wife or Childe, then his sonne in law, Joseph White, shall haue ye land Adjoyneing Thomas Dons house, provoided Joseph White pay out of it to his sonne in law, John Rane, 10 pounds. It is his will that his dau. Sarah haue ye Remaynder of his land, houseing, and orchard, in Case his sonne John dye as aboue expressed, viz. that which belong to his sonne John. And Sarah, shall pay to John Rane, 5 pounds; and to Samuell Pratt, 8 pounds; and to Joseph White, 4 pounds.

Further his will is, that William Richard, his Apprentice, shall serue ye Remaynder of his Apprentiship with his sonne, John, and that his sonne shall cause ye said William Richard shalbe taught his trade according to Indenture. It is his will that his wife, Judeth, and his sonne, John Rogers, shall be joynt Executors of this his last will; alsoe, that Thomas White & John Holebrooke be overseers, and alsoe Thomas Dier.

Signed in ye prsence of John Rogers

William Charde, Thomas Dyar,

who deposed 30 April 1661.

Inventory of the estate taken 20: 12: 1660, by John Holbrooke. Amt. 275 pounds. Mentions "one servant boy that is apprentice," 10 pounds. Judith Rogers and John Rogers deposed, before Court, that this paper Containes a true Inventory of ye estate of the late John Roggers, of Weimouth, to the best of his knowledge.

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