Person:John Rockhold (3)

b.BET 1709 AND 1717 Baltimore Co., MD
  1. Clarke ROCKHOLD
  2. John ROCKHOLDBET 1709 AND 1717 - 1786
m. ABT 1739
  1. Jacob ROCKHOLD1740 - 1827
  2. John ROCKHOLD1741/42 -
  3. Mary ROCKHOLD1744/45 -
  4. Charles ROCKHOLD1749 - 1844
  5. Thomas Tolbert ROCKWELL1756 - 1833
  6. Elizabeth ROCKHOLD1758 -
Facts and Events
Gender Male
Birth? BET 1709 AND 1717 Baltimore Co., MD
Marriage ABT 1739 to Elizabeth Elinor Talbot
Death? 1786


John, Elizabeth and Son Jacob and descendants from Jacob's Bible Record. The Bible is in the possession of the Vinton Co., OH Historical and Genealogical Society and has been published and found in PERSI.

John's will was probated in St. John's Parrish, Joppa, Baltimore County, Maryland. They had six children.

All of the children's birth dates from " St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers, 1696 - 1851 [book by Henry C. Peden]

Darren M. Rockhold posting 28 Feb 2001 Hello, Cousins!

Here is an opportunity for me to humbly offer a correction to a long-standing error that has been passed from site to site.

The John Rockhold mentioned here is *not* the same one who died in 1786. THAT John Rockhold was the SON of Clarke Rockhold, and GRANDSON of Thomas Rockhold and Sarah Clarke.

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  2.   John David Davis. Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records: 1727-1757, V. 2 p. 141.

    John and Elizabeth Elinor Rockhold, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, to Edmond Talbot, of same, 139 acres of 800 acres ... little falls of Gunpowder River. Signed John (x) Rockhold and Elizabeth Elinor Rockhold. Wit: George Buchanan and Aquila Paca.

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