Person:John Ramsey (25)

Capt. John Ramsey, of Beverley Manor
b.Abt. 1725
d.Bef. 15 April, 1783 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Abt. 1720
  1. Robert Ramsey, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAABT 1721 - Abt 1799
  2. Capt. John Ramsey, of Beverley ManorAbt 1725 - Bef 1783
  • HCapt. John Ramsey, of Beverley ManorAbt 1725 - Bef 1783
  • WMary Blackabt 1725 - 1786
m. Abt. 1743
  1. William RamseyBET 1743 AND 1744 - 1832
  2. James Ramsey1745 - Bef 1783
  3. John Ramsey1747 - 1790
  4. Mary Ramseyabt 1747 - 1817
  5. Alexander Ramsey1749 -
  6. Andrew Ramsey1751 - 1832
  7. Daniel RamseyBet 1752 - 1760 - Bef 1784
  8. George RamseyBet 1752 - 1760 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. John Ramsey, of Beverley Manor
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1725
Marriage Abt. 1743 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Black
Death? Bef. 15 April, 1783 Augusta County, Virginia

John Ramsey was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Different John Ramsey's in Early Augusta County

NOTE: There were TWO John Ramsey's that have been confused by some researchers studying early Augusta County, Virginia. This John Ramsey lived in Beverly Manor on S. River, and is known as "John Ramsey of Beverley Manor". He is most associated with land at the extreme eastern edge of Beverly Manor though he held several parcels at various times including one next to James Gillespy a little further to the west.

The OTHER John Ramsey, known as "John Ramsey of the Great Calf Pasture", (b. bet. 1708-1716, prob. Ireland, d. bet. 4 Aug. 1775 - Jan. 1776, Mecklenburg County, NC) was married to Margaret, the widow of Robert Crockett.

Will Extract of John Ramsey

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 284.--15th February, 1783. John Ramsey's will--To son, Andrew, tract between John Patrick and Jno. Black, also money lent to Andrew to pay Robt. Estham; to son, George, land in Cantuckey; to son, John, 1 French Crown, Patriotism (?); to son. Alexander, 1 French Crown, Patriotism (?); to son. William, 1 French Crown, Patriotism (?); to grandson, John Ramsey, 1 French Crown; to grandson, Alex. Ramsey (?), 1 French Crown; to granddaughter, Mary Ramsey; to grandson, John Steele; to wife, Marey; to son, Daniel, residuary legatee and devisee. Executors, wife Mary, Andrew Ramsey, and Andrew Steele. Teste: John Patrick, John, and Samuel Black. Proved, 15th April, 1783, by Patrick and Samuel Black. Executors qualify.
  • Page 378.--18th November, 1783. John Ramsey's estate appraised by John Black, Wm. Gillespy, Wm. Finley, Thos. Tourk.

Transcribed Will of John Ramsey

-first I will that my debts of funeral charges shall be paid and discharged
In the name of God amen I John Ramsey of Augusta County Colony of Virginia being sick of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory praise be therfore given to almighty God do make and ordain this my present last will and testament in manner of form following that is to say first and principally I commend my soul into the hands of almighty God hoping through the merits of death of passion of my saviour JesusChrist to have full and free pardon of forgiveness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named and as touching the disposition of all such temporal estate as it hath pleased almighty God to bestow upon me I give and dispose thereof as followeth:
- Item I give unto Andrew Ramsey my son one little survey of land betwixt John Patricks line of John Blacks in the south side of the river and also the money I lent said Andrew to pay Robert Estham of two cows and two calves and one feather bed and furniture to him and his forever
- Item I give unto my son George Ramsey three hundred pounds the one half cash and one half in n... and stock to be valued by two men and my property of land in Cantucky and three head of horses which is called his own to him and his heirs for ever.
I give unto my son John Ramsey one french crown
I give unto my son Alexander Ramsey one french crown
Item I give unto my son William Ramsey one french crown.
Item I give unto my grand son John Ramsey one french crown
Item I give unto my grand son Alexander Ramsey one french crown
Item I give unto my grand daughter Mary Ramsey twelve hundred pounds paper money which I lent to the Office if she dies before she becomes of age the same money to be paid to my grand son John Steele.
Item I give and bequeath to my loving wife Mary Ramsey the half of the land which I now possess and the half of the n.... and the half of the cattle and horses and the half of the houshold furniture of the mantion house hill her discease and likewise the half of the rest of the stock
Item I give and bequeath unto my son Daniel Ramsey the whole remains of my estate and the whole of my land which I now possess at his mothers discease to him and his heirs for ever and my loving Mary and Daniel Ramsey to pay each alike share of the debts and the lega? be paid out of the whole head..
Item My loving wife Mary Ramsey, Andrew Ramsey, Andrew Steele to be full and sole executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke disannul and make void all former wills of testaments by me hertofore made in witness wherof I the said John Ramsey to this my last will and testament do by my hand and seal in the year of our lord god this fifteenth day of February one thousand seven hundred and eighty three
John Ramsey
John Patrick
John Black
Samuel Black
At a court held for Augusta County April 15th 1783 the last will and testament of John Ramsey deced was proved by the oaths of John Patrick and Samuel Black two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of the executors therin named who made oath according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining a probat therof in due form they having complyed with the law

Records of John Ramsey in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 36.--1st May, 1790. John Ramsey, of District of Kentucky, to Andrew Steel and Andrew Ramsey, all his interest in estate of Daniel Ramsey, deceased, as heir-at-law to James Ramsey, and also devisee of Daniel Ramsey, deceased, viz., 323 acres willed to Daniel by John Ramsey, deceased, and conveyed to said John by Israel Christian, on South Branch of Shanandoah; 2 surveys to John Ramsey, deceased. Teste: Benjamin Stuart, James and John Ramsey. (Note:Daniel Ramsey was the son of John Ramsey).
  • Page 279.---22d September, 1791. Alexander, Andrew, William, and George Ramsey, Andrew Steele to John Ramsey.
  • Page 281.--77 acres and 98 acres patented to John Ramsey, deceased, and become property of John Ramsey, son to James Ramsey, heir-at-law to said deceased and conveyed to Andrew Steele and Andrew Ramsey by said heir-at-law. Teste: John, James and Andey Ramsey.

Information on John Ramsey

His will was written Feb. 15th, 1783 naming wife Mary children: Andrew (inherited land between John Patick & John Black), George (land in KY), John, Alex, Wm, dau. m Andrew Steel and Danial plus several grandsons. Andrew Ramsey & Andrew Steel are execs.

Teste: John Patrick, John Black and Samuel Black. The estate appraisal was returned Nov 18, 1783 by John Black, Wm Gillespy, Wm Finley and Thos. Turk.

On Sept. 1, 1783 Daniel wrote his will. It was proved June 1784 with Teste by: John Black, Martha Black and Samuel Black. Danial names his brothers and sons of his decd. brother James. Execs are brothers Andrew & John Ramsey and Andrew Steele.

Mary Ramsey wrote her will Dec 30, 1785. It was probated in Albemarle Co. Oct 17, 1786. She names her sons and her granddaughter by her deceased son James. Execs are son John Ramsey and Andrew Steele. Teste: Samuel Black, Alex Cummin, James Perthulls.

Above information was courtesy of Sue Liedtke in the following Rootsweb post: