Person:John Peabody (15)

John Albert Peabody
m. ABT 1799
  1. Nancy Peabody
  2. Ellsa Peabody
  3. Betsy Peabody
  4. Sally Peabody
  5. Samuel PeabodyAbt 1800 - Abt 1858
  6. John Albert Peabody1804 - 1883
  7. Loammi Baldwin Peabody1810 - Abt 1885
m. 20 NOV 1828
  1. Laura A. Peabody1836 - 1860
  2. Sally Peabody1838 - 1842
  3. Adaline Peabody1840 - 1858
  4. Oliver Peabody1842 - 1861
  5. Susan Peabody1844 - 1860
  6. Betsy Ruth Peabody1847 - 1879
  7. Albert Peabody1849 - 1850
  8. John Albert Peabody1850 -
  9. Alvin Lincoln Peabody1852 -
  10. Stephen Wentworth Peabody1856 - 1909
Facts and Events
Name John Albert Peabody
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 1804 Shelburne, Coös, New Hampshire
Marriage 20 NOV 1828 Milan, Coös, New Hampshireto Ruth C. Wentworth
Census 15 OCT 1850 Carpenter, Milan, Coös, New Hampshirewith Ruth C. Wentworth
Census[2] 18 JUN 1860 Milan, Coös, New Hampshire
Census 16 JUL 1870 Milan, Coös, New Hampshirewith Ruth C. Wentworth
Census 07 JUN 1880 Milan, Coös, New Hampshirewith Ruth C. Wentworth
Occupation[1] Farmer
Death[1] 29 MAY 1883 Milan, Coös, New Hampshire
Burial? Peabody Cemetary, Milan, Coös, New Hampshire

Hi! I am descended from Caleb Fuller Bean through his first wife, Tirzah Lary. His daughter Emma Jane Bean was the second wife of John Albert Peabody, son of John Peabody who married Ruth Cole Wentworth (daughter of Stephen Wentworth and Esther Cole). John Albert Peabody and Emma Jane Bean were my great-grandparents. Betsey Peabody, Caleb's second wife is, of course, the sister of my great grandfather. I know very little of Betsey, who is buried in the Peabody family cemetery on Milan Hill. We know her death date and approximate birth date from her headstone. I was unable to find any record of her birth, marriage or death in the New Hampshire birth, marriage and death indices prior to 1900. At a guess, she married Caleb between 1865 (Tirzah Lary, his first wife, died 27 March 1865, she's buried off the East Milan road near the Chickwolneppy road) and 1869 (their oldest child, Charles Alvin Bean was born in December of 1969.) Are you familiar with the Peabody Genealogy writted by Selim Hobart Peabody, published in 1909? It takes the Peabody's back to Lt. Francis, who emigrated from England. Betsey Peabody is mentioned, as is my grandmother, but the birth and marriage dates are incorrect. Parents of John (m Ruth C Wentworth) SHP gives Oliver Peabody (b Mar 3 1770 in Boxford, MA, son of Jonathan Peabody and Mercy Kimball) as the father, no mother. Mrs R.P.Peabody, in her history of Shelburne, New Hampshire gives Susan Messer (daughter of Stephen Messer and Anna Barker) as the wife of Oliver Peabody. Mrs Peabody was married to a grandson of Amos Peabody, a brother of Oliver Peabody. Amos's wife was Nancy Messer, a sister of Susan Messer, so I imagine her information on that score would be quite reliable. No death date for Oliver is given, he is listed in the 1820 census, he appears in the Shelburne inventory in 1821, no mention of him after that, and Susan Peabody is listed in the Shelburne inventory in 1924, so I'm guessing he died between 1821 and 1824. Incidentally, if you get your hands on the S.H.Peabody genealogy, the wrong Amos is given in the main part of the book. The correct Amos appears at the very end as a possible duplicate/corrected record. Now, as far as the Wentworth's go: there is an extensive genealogy of the Wentworths called The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American written by John Wentworth,LLD. It consists of 3 huge volumes. Ruth C Wentworth is listed there, but her marriage to John Peabody is listed in the additions and corrections to volume 2. Her genealogy can be traced back to Elder William Wentworth, who appears three times in her family tree. You may or may not be aware that John Albert Peabody's first wife was also a Ruth Wentworth. The Beans also have an extensive genealogy, written by Bernie Bean, and titled The Life and Family of John Bean of Exeter and His Cousins. This takes the family down to my grandmother's generation in the first volume. There are additional volumes, equally as thick as the first. Hope this helps a little. You can email me if you wish.

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