Person:John Painter (17)

John Adam Painter
b.Abt 1760 PA
d.Bet 26 Feb 1812 and 7 Apr 1812 Columbiana Co., Ohio
m. Abt 1785
  1. Jacob Painter1784 - 1845
  2. James PainterAbt 1788 -
  3. Adam Painter1790 - 1845
  4. Anne PainterAbt 1791 - Aft 1840
  5. Elizabeth PainterAbt 1793 - Aft 1840
  6. Margaret Painter1796 - 1875
  7. Peter Simon Painter1798 - 1845
  8. David PainterAbt 1800 - 1841
  9. Catherine Painter1804 - 1896
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Adam Painter
Alt Name John Adam Bender
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1760 PA
Marriage Abt 1785 PAto Catharine _____
Residence[3] 1800 Bethel and Belfast, Bedford, Pennsylvania
Death[2] Bet 26 Feb 1812 and 7 Apr 1812 Columbiana Co., Ohio

Following German tradition John Adam Painter went by his middle name. Painter is the anglisized version of the the German name Bender and several of the early records refer to Adam as Johan Adam Bender. According to local histories John Adam Painter was born in Pennsylvania and supposedly served in the Revolutionary War. The first record I have found of him is in Belfast Twp., Bedford Co. (now Fulton Co.), PA. In 1794 he filed warrant #294 for 300 acres of land in Belfast Twp. The warrant indicates that the land is adjacent to land already owned by Adam Painter, but I haven't been able to locate a prior real estate transaction. Adam appears on the tax list for Belfast Twp. for $.45 in 1798. The 1800 census has Adam Painter listed with 4 males under 10, 2 males 10-15, and himself aged 26-44. 2 females under 10, 1 from 10-15 and one, probably Catharine, from 26-44. (this enumeration indicates 9 children, it shows 6 boys and 3 girls, while Adam's known children were 5 boys and 3 girls). In March 1801 a patent was granted to Adam for the land he filed in 1794, known as Montreal. On May 1, 1801 Adam sold 29 Acres of Montreal to Michael Sipes for $35. Catharine appeared that same day and acknowledged her consent to the transaction.

On 18 February 1803 Adam Painter, millwright, of West Beaver Township, Jefferson County, Ohio sold Montreal (290 acres) to John Noble, Innkeper for 300 pounds lawful money.

September 6, 1806, Adam bought the north half of Section 13, Township 9, Range 1, Springfield Twp, Columbiana County, OH, two miiles north of Petersburg for $640 from Samuel Musser. Samuel retaining the south half for his own home. On 6 March 1807, Adam sold the NW quarterof this property to John Welker for $300.

On March 6, 1809 Adam bought another lot in Springfield Township for $200

Adam died sometime in 1812 between the signing of his will on 26 Feb and the date of probate on 7 April. In addition to the land he bought from Samuel Musser he also left to his heirs a lot owned in Petersburg and two pieces of property in North Beaver Twp., Beaver Co., (now Lawrence Co.), PA.: 1) 200 acres of Donation land #1737, and 2) about 150 acres in the west part of lot #169.

The donation land #1737 was sold in 1825 by Adam's heirs" John and Anna Pitts, Jacob and Barbara Painter, Adam and Polly Painter, Daniel and Elizabeth Rudicill, John and Margaret Raub, Peter and Elizabeth Painter, David Painter and Catharine Painter. The lot in Petersburg (#6) was sold to Frederick Spaeth in 1829

Bedford Property On Feb 18 1803, Adam Painter, millwright of West Beaver Township, Jefferson Co., Ohio sold part of Montreal to John Noble. This piece appears to have been missurveyed at some point and may have been claimed by both parties.

On 6 Nov 1811, The court ordered that John Noble, guardian of Joseph Brown Noble, minor child of said John Noble, shall execute a deed to James Agnew, his heirs and assigns of one tract of land containing 541 acres in Belfast and Dublin Twps. On which the said John Noble resides, and also a tract in the name of Adam Painter situate in Belfast Twp. containing 300 acres to be put in trust for the said minor until said minor shall arrive at a proper age to release and discharge the same. And the court further orders and directs that on the said deed of trust being executed and recorded, the bond filed for faithful performance of said guardianship shall be cancelled and given up.

03 Aug 1818. Thomas R GETTYS Esq, Treasurer, came into Court and acknowledged his deeds to the following individuals: Deed to Jacob TRUAX, dated 15 Jun 1818, for 321 acres of unseated land in the name of Adam PAINTER situated in Belfast Twp sold for county tax ($.80 ) (for the years 1816 and 1817) due thereon. Consideration: $6.00. (Source: Treasurer Deeds, Common Pleas Docket 1, p. 97, Prothonotary and Clerks Office, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford County, PA)

Note: There are no Pianters in the tax lists for the Bedford County in 1785. A Jacob and George Bender appear on the tax list for Bedford Twp. in 1796. No Painters appear in the 1790 Census for Bedford County, though there is a Henry Penter.

Image Gallery
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  2. Columbiana Probate Records.

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